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    New Prequel Casting Announced

    I have a strange feeling, but I am hyped. I would like to see how this will work. It could go either way. I’m curious about black characters and I’m kind of satisfied because two Harry Potter guys are in it.
  2. Blooddragon

    [SPOILERS] Family trees and successions

    Has anyone made some trees?
  3. Blooddragon

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    What happened to Rhaella?
  4. Blooddragon

    Time comparison (Mostly for the North) Updated.

    Who said she's gonna be blonde in the show? We still know nothing.
  5. Blooddragon


    Well, before posting anything, I checked the wiki. It was stated that Aegon, their firstborn, was born between 50 and 59 AC, so anything could be possible.
  6. Blooddragon


    I feel like the new Daeanerys was introduced to be a daughter of Lord Stark. Just saying.
  7. I enjoyed reading this a lot and I'm about to put some thought into it.
  8. Blooddragon

    GRRM WoW Twist

    What if Mance and Mel met before? I don't believe that this is the twist, but it is a nice thing to consider. What I do believe is that the twist has to do something with Stannis and probably includes Mel and Mance.
  9. Blooddragon

    Rhaella Targaryen -> Alicent Hightower?

    We alredy discussed this recently
  10. Blooddragon

    Dark Sister

    Well, he only confirmed that Bloodraven took Dark Sister to the Wall, which was obvious before. We still do not know where Dark Sister is at the moment. It could still be at the Wall, it could be back at King's Landing or Dragonstone and he could've brought it with him beyond the Wall, which everyone always assumed and is most likely.
  11. Blooddragon

    Fire and Blood Vol 1, the second round

    I read your post regarding this theory and I really enjoyed reading them. Dyanna Dayne is definitely a child born as a product of a Hightower-Dayne marriage. There is no doubt about that for me. Even Hightower-Arryn marriage would be quite possible. However, conisering Lord Alyn's fame and success, it would be quite possible that he made Velaryon-Arryn match. Post-Dance period is one of those that we do not know a lot of, so I am definitely looking forward to this.
  12. Blooddragon

    Fire and Blood Vol 1, the second round

    You are most likely right about everything. I always thought that there is something we do not know about Otto's family. Certainly, we do not know a lot of things, but I feel there is something, which could've been a Targaryen ancestry even if it's not very likely considering the facts you've stated. I've read novellas once and the fact that the Hightowers were thirsty for a Targaryan marriage was stuck in my head. First with Ceryse and later with Alicent, Martyn and Otto both did everything to marry their daughters into House Targaryen and I had the impression Martyn also wanted to befriend young Rhaella and possibly marry her into his house. Ceryse was 10 years older than Meagor, which doen't happen often in Westeros. However, I am anticipating to see if the three ladies marriend and to whom, considering that Jaehaerys could've benefit with making alliances through marriage in early years of his reign and to see Queen Alyssa's opinion on gilrs' marriages. -------- We are getting information on many new members of the Small Council and the Kingsguard and many new members of various houses which is very exciting.
  13. Blooddragon

    Fire and Blood Vol 1, the second round

    I would like to know what happened to Rhaena and her daughters in their later lives. I always wondered if they married and if those claimants at the Great Council were their descenders. Is it possible that they married but that their marriages were not stated in the family tree? I could always see Rhaella being the grandmother to Queen Alicent and thus the reason Viserys married her. Plus, It would be satisfying if Rhaena married her Farman lad after all she's been through.
  14. Blooddragon

    What will Florents do when Shireen is roasted?

    They will be the ones who burn her
  15. Blooddragon

    Awful translations from aSoIaF

    Sebian translation must be the worst. I was so mad when I noticed that they didn't realize that Blood and Cheese are two persons. I hated whole Crna Vatra situation. The sword is called Crna Vatra and Daemon is sometimes refered to as Demon Crna Vatra, I asume they ocasionaly used the Blackfyre name as nickname and sometimes as the last name, but it was still dumb to call someone in one chapter Demon Crna Vatra and in another Demon Blekfajer. Everything about this translation is horrible. Gnezdo Sokolovo (The Eyrie) is so annoying, I can't even express how much... Livacka Stena (Casterly Rock), Brzorecje (Riverrun), Kraljeva Luka (King's Landing) and Hrid (Pyke) are not that bad in Serbian. They are everything but right, though. And what Zimovrel (Winterfell) is even supposed to mean? Is it something like the place where Winter starts, because it shouldn't be? That is worst translation ever.
  16. Blooddragon

    FIRE AND BLOOD Volume 1

    I actually can't wait
  17. Blooddragon

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    I was always a big fan of the theory that Rhaena married the man she loved, that young Farman, which brings us to the possibility that one of Rhaena's daughters could've married a Lannister Lord, passing Targaryen blood to modern day Lannisters. That could show us how many people in Westeros, actually, do have Targaryen blood, even if it is from 200 years before. I hope we get to know more about later lives of these three and, of course, who nine claimants were in Fire and Blood.
  18. Blooddragon

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    I would be glad if someone told me their opinion on this. Thanks.
  19. Blooddragon

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    Do you think that Rhaella Targaryen (daughter of Aegon) could've been mother of Otto Hightower? When we last heard of her she was at the Hightower and was saved by Lord Hightower. I believe that she could've married one of his heirs out of gratitude or maybe simply they fell in love and that was the reason why the Lord saved her. That also can explain why Ser Otto was a hand to Jaehaerys I and why his daughter married Viserys I.
  20. Blooddragon

    Dissecting Names

    I never thought about about this, but YES! Gor in Gregor's, same as in mine, comes from Slavic word gora which means mountain. It stands for someone who is big and strong. Also, it is first part of words for bitter, burn and proud in some Slavic languages I will do some research to see if I could find anything about name Sandor. It probably is from old Slavic, because I remember some similarities with old Slavic names I read in literature EDIT: All Slavic names I found that have dor are from Byzantine or Latin, so I don't know. Also, san means dream
  21. Blooddragon

    Dissecting Names

    I guess he will rule as Lord of Winterfell