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  1. Esviir

    When Did You Start Re-Reading?

    Well after my first read through I abandoned ASOIAF, and I flitted through a lot of other obsessions before I returned to do a reread 4 years later. I'm ashamed to say that I skim-read a lot of AFFC and ADWD the first time (and I never actually finished the latter because I found it so boring). Now that I'm rereading it there's an incredible amount of new things I'm picking up on that I'd never noticed the first time, and I'm enjoying the later books far more! Lately I've gotten into a nice routine listening to the audiobooks, when I'm out and about or doing art I just stick one on, and it helps me to concentrate!
  2. Esviir

    Ranking minor POV characters?

    Potentially unpopular opinions incoming... 1. Aeron Greyjoy- surprisingly fun to read, I find him an unpleasant fanatic but interesting, with a lot of insight into the Iron Islands, and he has the advantage of being the POV of the Kingsmoot, my favourite chapter in AFFC 2. Asha Greyjoy- just an all around fun character I've liked since COK, with a good sense of humour and less questionable morals than the rest of her family 3. Jon Connington- I skipped through a lot of the Essos plot lines on my first read through, but I'm actually really enjoying Jon Connigton's story this time round, I find his insights into the Golden Company interesting 4. Barristan Selmy- I like Barristan's style, so far he's a solid ally on Daenerys' side and I like his interactions with her. Also I feel like one of the minority who is genuinely interested in the politics and characters in Meereen 5. Victarion Greyjoy- I'm mostly neutral about Victorian, but I do find him blindly accepting Euron's gifts and terrible speech-making slightly entertaining 6. Quentyn Martell- I'm totally neutral about Quentyn, I couldn't care about him either way, his chapters are pretty 'meh' for me 7. Arianne Martell- I dislike Arianne, I find her petulant rebellion against Doran by crowning Myrcella queen to be idiotic to the extreme, and her protest that she never intended anyone to be hurt to be laughable. I find almost all the major players in Dorne to be infuriatingly war hungry and stupid, she's only a slight improvement over the Sand Snakes 8. Arys Oakheart- Only slightly lower than Arianne because he's boring as well as unlikeable 9. Melisandre- A character I genuinely despise. She burns innocent people alive, and I was infuriated to find out in her POV chapter that she's also a charlatan who doesn't even bother to interpret her visions properly before acting on them. I know it's weird that I enjoy Aeron but not her, I don't know how to explain it. I don't care if she ressurects Jon Snow, I have no tolerance for her, and I hope she dies with all her beliefs scattered to the wind 10. Areo Hotah- I'm torn, I like hearing more from Doran Martell, but Areo Hotah is without a doubt the most boring POV in the entire series for me. I couldn't care less if he's dutiful or likes his axe- A POV character should at least have their own opinions on things happening around them, and Areo Hotah never gave me that impression. It's obvious that he is literally just a pair of eyes so that we know what Doran is up to and nothing else, and to me that is the greatest crime a POV character can commit.
  3. Esviir

    Which minor character's death hit you the most?

    -Yoren and Ser Cortney Penrose who both went out like badasses, but failed to protect the children they'd sworn to keep safe -Small Paul, who just wanted a bird of his own -Nimble Dick, the best tour guide in Westeros -Cleos Frey, who didn't seem like a terrible person, died ingloriously and isn't really missed by anyone -Beric, who was probably quite happy to be gone for good -Cressen, who loved Stannis like a son but died for nothing -Luwin, who was loyal to the end -Dalla, who'll never get to name her son -Aemon, 'Egg, I dreamed that I was old' broke my heart in two -Masha Heddle, who ran an inn and was murdered for it. Tyrion blaming her for his capture still makes me angry, as if she owed him anything -Kyra, who went through so much and deserved better than to end up as just a name for one of Ramsay's dogs -Lysa Arryn, who was manipulated all her life and died horribly -Lady Tanda, who doesn't seem to have been anything but a friendly old lady, and Falyse, who I genuinely hope is dead by now for her sake -Elia, Rhaenys and Aegon, who were brutally murdered simply for the crime of being Rhaegar's wife and children (and no, I don't believe Aegon is real, but that's a topic for another thread) -Poor poor Lady Hornwood who never deserved any of the horrific things that happened to her
  4. -What was the catalyst for the Others resurfacing and what do they want? -What is in the crypts of Winterfell? -Who was the original Azor Ahai?
  5. Esviir

    Minor characters/plots you care in asoiaf

    The characters I want to see more of (if they can count as minor characters): -Brynden and Edmure Tully -Roslin and Olyvar Frey -Jeyne Westerling -Ned Dayne -Taena Merryweather -Septon Meribald, The Elder Brother, and Dog -Willas and Garlan Tyrell -Aurane Waters and all the ships he stole -Wylla Manderly -Salladhor Saan -Alayaya and Chataya -Shireen and Patchface -Rolland Storm, The Bastard of Nightsong -Tyrek Lannister -Mya Stone and Lothor Brune -Sweetrobin -Hizdhar zo Loraq and The Green Grace -Xaro Xhoan Daxos and Quaithe -Sarella Sand -Tormund Giantsbane -Qyburn -Daario Naharis Questions I want to see answered (depending on whether they'll turn out to be minor or major plot points): -Where is Tyrek Lannister? -Who is the heir to Rosby and will this be significant? -Is Taena Merryweather an informant for a major player? -Where is Aurane Waters and the ships he stole? -Why did Littlefinger want Robert's tapestries so much? -Did Salladhor Saan betray Davos to Melisandre? -Will Edmure's child be a girl or a boy? -Will Ned's bones ever reach Winterfell? -Why do the Frey's hate the crannogmen so much? -What did Rhaegar read that convinced him he was Azor Ahai and what made him change his mind later? -Where is the sword Dawn?
  6. Esviir

    Least favourite POV character per book

    My least favourite POV's have shifted dramatically since my first read through, but I'm leaving out all of the Prologue and Epilogue POV's because none of those characters were alive long enough to outstay their welcome. WORST POV'S PER BOOK- GAME OF THRONES- -Ned; his political blunders were absolutely painful to read, so much so that his death actually lost some impact. -Arya; her precociousness really got on my nerves during my second reading, and the interesting things which happen around her later are all that saves her from being on this list for the other books. CLASH OF KINGS- -Tyrion; A lot of people see this book as Tyrion's highest point, and I agree- but does he have to be so obnoxious while he's at the top? His internal monologue was so relentlessly cynical and self congratulatory it made my toes curl. In Game of Thrones his ego is a little more restrained, here it's unleashed in all it's terrible glory. Luckily the political and military tactics he's a part of are what kept me invested. STORM OF SWORDS- -Tyrion, again; having not been very impressed with his overly cynical thought processes in the last book my dislike of him was dialled up to 11 when this book removed all of his political manoeuvring and left him to stew in his bitterly self-righteous juices. And increased the number of excruciating scenes with Shae. Fortunately they didn't last past this book. -Sam; I was immediately put off his POV in his very first chapter. There's only so many "Mother have mercy"'s I can take. It was a horrible slog to listen to with the audiobook, and I've been put off him ever since. FEAST FOR CROWS- -Arianne, Areo Hotah and Arys Oakheart. Basically any POV character in Dorne. The Dornish's naivety, blind lust for vengeance and stupid decision making was frustrating to read. Doran is the only saving grace. -Brienne's first couple of chapters where she's travelling alone were quite tedious. They felt very repetitive and I didn't feel like she had anything new or interesting to say or do. Luckily she became much more enjoyable once she started travelling with other characters and some of her later chapters became contenders for best in the series for me. I found her much more interesting when she had other characters to bounce off. -Sam, again; I should feel empathy for Sam's cowardice, but the way he's written just makes all my potential sympathy evaporate. Most of his chapters were story-slowing bores, but the highlights of him punching Daeron and Maester Aemon's scenes got me through. DANCE WITH DRAGONS- I'm only just beginning my second reread and I can't remember any of the POV's for the life of me so this one needs to be appended
  7. Esviir

    Disliking Tyrion Lannister

    Hi I'm late to the party but I'm so glad I'm not alone in not liking Tyrion! It's funny, the first time I read the series I loved Tyrion a lot- but I think I must have been viewing him with seriously rose-tinted glasses, because reading through the second time he was far more spiteful and irritating than I remembered. I was fairly neutral towards him in Game Of Thrones, but he really started to grate on my nerves during Clash Of Kings and by the time I got to Storm of Swords reading his chapters had become a chore and I really started to get frustrated with his constant self delusion and need to be loved. Ironically I actually like reading his Dance With Dragons chapters far more than a lot of other people seem to because he's embraced his dark side rather than (in my opinion) unconvincingly pretending to be decent.
  8. Esviir


    Hey, I'm Lizzie, I'm British and a freelance illustrator. It's nice to finally be here! One of my best friends recommended ASOIAF to me 5 years ago - she lost interest in the books but I've been sucked into the yawning abyss and haven't looked back since. During my first time reading I skipped through a lot of important information and I'm trying to rectify that by listening to the audiobooks. And I listened through every excruciating second of Roy Dotrice's sex scenes with only mild regret, because I still got to experience the series all over again! I have some gripes with the writing, but all of that is made up by GRRM's intensely atmospheric descriptions, excellent character writing and incredible world building. I can't express how happy I am to be part of a fandom which produces such top notch theories and analysis, and I'm excited to see what's in store for us in The Winds of Winter!