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  1. Oh I almost forgot we now have 4 of the major castles in Westeros unmanned, SE, CR, HG and DS. Why is Sandra wearing black did she join the watch? Dany is going mad because the plot demands it, they could try to make it subtle. but I guess nuance is for eight graders and their themes
  2. Fuck you D&D!!! "Im no longer Gendry Rivers" this line is the biggest fuck you to the fans they've ever written, an error so simple it couldĀ“ve been solved in post production by having the actor dub the line, but they dont fucking care. This show has no heart, there is no passion in its making its a shitshow for people who watch it while glued to their phones to hashtag shit on social media. Jon doesnt even pet ghost goodbye, just fuck off with tormund, you are good boy ghost you deserve so much better. Sam: "hey Jon remember when you were LC and sent me to the Citadel to be maester and help the Watch? Yeah I instaed forsaken my vows fucked this girl and I'm gonna be a daddy" Bronn waltz into WF says we wants Highgarden, Jaime almost gets an arrow to the head for bringing logic into this show. nope some idiot sellsword will get a kingdom. Arya does not expect to come back, why? Is Cercei really scarier than the NK? Davos still not a Lord. More time was devoted to build the pyres than to prepare defenses. More open sea sneak attacks...( Ships Ned, in an open field, hiding behind a rock). You have aerial scouting and you miss an entire fleet? How did Euron the right time to take position Dany could've stayed a lot more time in the North, would he hid behind that rock for 3 months if need be? Do westeros have the best shipwrights in the entire world Dany's fleet has been destroyed 3 times during Cercei pregnancy yet more boats seem to pop out whenever the plot requires. Battle tactics do not exist in this show why bother showing battle planning scenes. What did Dany do to Sandra? She really hates her with a burning passion with no apparent reason. Well guess Jaime is still Cercei's bitch.
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    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Here we go again... When Dany was bitching to Jaime about her father someone should have screamed "YOUR FATHER WAS A CUNT!" bonus points if the screamer was the Professor 3EC. The 3EC is the memory of the world, guess 8000 years ago there were no books, beware Oldtown the NK is coming for the maesters. Who is the fat guy spewing nonsense at the war council and eager to fight WW, not Sam Tarly. On the same note WHY DID YOU GIVE HEARTSBANE, THE LAST REMAINING HEIRLOOM OF YOUR HOUSE WHICH YOU STOLE TO JORAH MORMONT?? You met him once, you owe him nothing (in fact he owes you for saving his life) It made way more sense for Jaime and Brienne to give their swords back to the Starks and Jon give Longclaw back to the Mormonts LORD Davos' Winterfell soup kitchen. The showrunners have no clue what to do with Davos and Varys so they just hang around waiting to be killed. Missandei and Greyworm, who the hell cares. We have no time for fAegon nor Arienne but oh boy did we had time for this weird ass romance. Jenny song, why? what does a sad love song has to do with whats going on, I guess they had to rip off Pipin song. You're a wizard Brienne, somehow you had a chance to save both Stark girls, Sansa even twice, managed to fail everytime but I guess they are safe now, so good enough. ( Scene was actually decently acted though) Arya sex scene, confused how old is Arya anyways if we go by Gilly's baby timeline she is a minor, but I guess some characters age faster. Aside from that, I'd buy a romance between those two but the show has no time to build characters they are rushing to the end and what people care about is seeing the good guys win over the baddies and the shippings they made in their heads become reality. Characters keep telling me other characters traits though the show shows me none, last time Tyrion was smart in the show was at the Blackwater. Honestly this episode felt like a bad TWD parody. Crackpot time: Jon name is Aegon because fAegon will marry Dany in the books. Tune in next week when everyone will kill skeletons ( not wights cuz they left the show in S3) by stabbing them anywhere, legs, arms, chest anything will do. Edit: Theon found LF's lost jetpack and managed to get to WF faster than the NK