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  1. Which will rob the disgruntled viewers of the pleasure of a “get them, get them, they’re right there! Get! Them!” moment. Hackle and Jeckle wouldn’t even grant them that.
  2. I certainly hope so because otherwise all he did barely deserves a fatherly “roll your eyes at me again and I’ll clout you on the ear so hard they’ll roll back into your head for good” as Dunk would put it.
  3. Tallyho then! I could take a wild guess who warged into the one saying “you’ll always be muh queen” just before sinking his fangs into Benioff’s arse.
  4. Well if David starts explaining S8, I hope Dan will have the decency to tell him “Uncle Edmure, please!”
  5. Actually, now that you mention it, I think it was, kinda. Didn’t strike me then but there was a black flag with the three headed red dragon hanging on the wall I think.
  6. Every time the unsullied slammed their spears into the ground I expected to hear someone sing “auf der heide blüht ein kleines blümelein...”. No, not subtle at all. Well as long as it made sense creatively.
  7. :)))) “Pomade Jesus really looked like he was sleeping in class and got called on fam. Jon gonna be asking to borrow someone’s notes after this meeting is over.” I guess the fear of loosing those gorgeous locks is the reason why he’s ducking Viserion. He could end up bald but otherwise he shouldn’t be afraid of fire being a Targaryen and all, unlike Viserys and that Martell dude who wanted to see if dragons like him, I can’t remember his name, let’s call him prince Toast..
  8. Well, as they say, there’s still hope: Varys is good at solving puzzles. Maybe he’ll pull his hands out of his sleeves, gathers all the pieces of the NK, throws them in a Ravensburger box and gets on with it. And if he makes a mistake, we’ll end up with a Night Queen. First of her name.
  9. Because they couldn’t resist squeezing the story of David & Goliath in there. Couldn’t they give Bran something to do? Something minor, even, like going cross eyed for a second to distract the NK, given his ability to do things with his eyes? Perhaps that would have lessened Arya’s heroism to much.
  10. Are you still hoping for more books? I think if GRRM doesn’t meet his Annie Wilkes there’s not much chance of that happening. I hope the cast enjoyed shooting all those scenes with so many of them together. Beats the crap out of talking to a melon on a stick in front of a green background.
  11. Aa, I see. Thanks! So, practically they could have left the last part out since neither the Sun’s son, Quentyn, nor Griff appear on the tv show.
  12. Quaithe of the Shadow said: They’re all mummers on the show but who the hell has a dragon? And where is that little shadowbinder at?
  13. Most likely. Banks must be the same same in this world or the next.
  14. At some point, Cersei and Tycho discuss the slave business going south because of Dany. Really? Weren’t the braavosi supposed to be descendants of escaped slaves? Is it greed or mass senility?
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