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    Season 8 Predictions?

    Okay, I have a few predictions: - I feel like Jaime and Brienne will have some sort of scene, whether it be them confessing their feelings or simply a friendly reunion. - Gendry + Arya reunion. - Jon + Arya reunion. - Sansa and Arya meet Daenerys, probably being a bit iffy at first. - Jaime comes to Winterfell, most likely with Bronn as he has no interest in staying in King's Landing, and then a reunion with Bran. I don't think Bran will care much about what happened in the past, perhaps he'll even thank him as he allowed him to become the three-eyed raven. - Bran will have some sort of crazy role in the ending. - Euron will do something crazy before dying. - Theon will rescue Yara, who may have lost her tongue, before probably dying himself. - A huge battle in Winterfell. - Many character deaths; I think that Daenerys will, Jorah (sadly), The Hound, The Mountain or both, Grey Worm, Cersei, Theon, Melisandre, Euron and Varys. There would also be a few more, I just can't think of who. - We'll finally find out what was said to Varys when he was castrated. - Melisandre will die, by either sacrificing herself to the greater cause or maybe by Arya? - Davos will either become a Father or somewhat of a Fatherly figure to Arya & Sansa (please). - The Night King will probably die. - Cersei will miscarriage. - Dany is pregnant. - The Iron Throne will be destroyed, possibly by the NK or even herself, becoming the Mad Queen. - Sansa will either stay widowed, marry Tyrion or maaaaybe Theon. I'd prefer she stayed single though, after all of her tough experiences. - Nymeria comes back, although this is a big maybe due to the lack of wolves last season-- it has a bigger chance than last season, because they have a larger budget now. That's all, for now.