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  1. Craster was born to a Wildling woman and a man of the Night's Watch. His mother presented him to the Watch but they refused to take him in. He grew to manhood on the north side of the wall and built his own keep. He took his daughters for wives and had children with them. He was known to offer his baby sons to the White Walkers. But still, he had always maintained good relations with the Night's Watch. What is more remarkable are the White Walkers for allowing him to live at all. The relationship between the Night's Watch, Craster, and the White Walkers is not simple. It's not a simple "the friend of my enemy is also my enemy." Craster was a friend to both. You could say he was trading with the NW and the WW. The thirteenth Lord Commander, a man from House Stark, met a pale woman and fell in love. He took her for his wife and they ruled the Wall for thirteen years. This man must have had the power to control minds because the Crows accepted this arrangement. It was found that he was "sacrificing" his children to the White Walkers. His name was removed from history to protect the Stark reputation. The Wildlings are a promiscuous people. Babies were made all the time. It is assumed that many of these babies were unwanted and they were left in the woods to die. The Lord's right to the first night also resulted in many unwanted babies that were left to die in the woods. Craster's sons were special though. The White Walkers allowed Craster, might have even protected him, to live in his keep. All Craster did in return was to give them his sons. His sons were more acceptable to the White Walkers and we have to ask why. Why was baby Craster turned away at the wall? Probably because his presence would create an awkward situation for a noble family who was particularly prickly about their honor. Craster's father was a Stark. Just like the thirteenth lord commander was a Stark. The boys he was offering to the White Walkers carried the blood line of the 13th commander. Craster is of noble blood. The Starks were the Kings In The North. Craster has king's blood. The Starks of Winterfell also practiced human sacrifice, but of a different kind. The Starks killed their victims and used the blood to provide nutrition for the Weirwood. Craster gave his sons to the White Walkers and they were assimilated to the Others. I am saying this. The North have no problem with human sacrifice. They left bastards and accidental babies to the elements to die. So why did they all of a sudden have a problem with the 13th commander doing the same? Because he was not. He was not murdering the children. He was offering them to the White Walkers. He was increasing their numbers and making them powerful. His blood carried the skinchanging genes that the White Walkers depend on to control their wights. The Lord Commanders who followed learned that this bought them peace with the White Walkers. The Free Cities gave gifts to the Dothraki to buy their safety. The Night's Watch, Craster, were doing the same things. Some truths are very uncomfortable. The Lord Commanders must have kept this secret from the other Crows. Bloodraven comes to the wall and expected to fight wildlings. All of this must have been a shock to him. Why did Brandon build the wall? I would guess because the Starks were reluctant to continue giving their sons. But the flow of babies cannot be completely stopped. The non-Stark babies were used as food for the wights. The ones with the Stark genes, like Craster's, were assimilated to the White Walkers. The White Walkers are placated as long as there is a Craster or a Stark provider. Craster's death during the mutiny at his keep stopped the flow. Trouble is coming.
  2. They are related by blood. Craster and the Starks. The Starks got the strange, long face and short tempers. Craster got the good looks in the family
  3. The plot had a very good chance of succeeding. Much better chances than Robb Stark ever becoming king of anything besides Winterfell's chamber potty. Viserys had a lot going for him. He was the King of the Seven Kingdoms. His identity is known. He will be backed by a formidable army and financed by Mopatis. He will end up marrying Arrianne and thus have the support of Dorne. The Riverlands and the Crownlands will support him. The Reach would have.
  4. Jon dies and the scene where his body grows cold will play. The Wildlings will ride to war to get Mance.
  5. Three great men and the sellsword. A king, a rich man, and a priest. Who does the sellsword obey? Varys believes power resides where people believe it does. The answer is not so simple because each person is different. A devoutly religious person would obey the priest. Repercussions from the Gods would compel the man to obey the spokesperson for the Gods. A poor atheists would do as the rich man commands to earn himself a reward. Most would do as their king commands. The Dothraki and the Free Folk follow strength. Their people are raw and it is down to the essentials. Who can lead the khalasar and maintain order and discipline. Anarchy benefits no one. We have a European Union which limits independence but enables peaceful coexistence. Two world wars and people are willing to sacrifice some independence for stable relations. In the same idea, the Dothraki and the Wildlings are willing to submit to an authority to avoid anarchy. Robb was always on thin ice because he was declared a king before the rebellion was successful. Bad moves on his part upset Lord Walder and the Karstarks enough to turn their backs on him. His base of power was shaky from the beginning. Jon had authority at the Wall but the people he led turned against him after he admitted to treason. Hold on power can be fragile. The fool can easily lose his authority. Robb believed his followers will continue to obey, regardless of what decisions he made. They turned against him when he made decisions which harmed them. Jon did a lot of things which harmed the Night's Watch. Bowen Marsh killed him to prevent him doing further harm to them. Mance Rayder knew what he needed to do to earn the Wildlings. He proved himself the strongest. He remarkably earned their love because they were willing to follow Jon's foolish plan to attack Ramsay Bolton. They were not doing this for Arya Stark. She meant nothing to them. They were going to follow Snow to rescue Mance. Snow ofcourse was going to rescue his sister. Aegon, the paper dragon, will be successful in tricking the people into believing he is Aegon Targaryen. Those who follow him will continue to accept his authority for as long as they believe he is the real son of Rhaegar. Daenerys will expose the lie and will most likely topple Aegon from power. The slaves soldiers of Astapor obeyed their masters because they have been conditioned to do so. Disobedience had been removed through years of training. But none of that mattered the moment Daenerys toppled their masters. The answer to the question at the beginning depends on the person being ordered. Bring this up to the scale of Westeros and the answer is obvious. We have seen it. The War Of The 5 Kings. We will see the same dynamics continue in the future. The loyalties of the people will be divided.
  6. George misdirects and asks us to read between the lines. Take the Starks as our example. Ned and Cat are introduced and seem like good people. The beginning povs are largely coming from them. But we are not to conclude that all the Starks are good. As a matter of fact, many have proven to be rather despicable and reprehensible. Here, I refer to Jon, Arya, and Robb who are awful people. Bran is a rather okay kid for now. Sansa is disgusting in her selfishnes. Rickon is an unknown. Families have good people as well as bad.
  7. Ilyrio is a Blackfyre and Varys is a Targaryen bastard. They are extensions of the Targaryen family. They want to put the family back on the throne. They follow the Targaryen succession and that is why they were helping King Viserys III. He was already the king of Westeros because he had been coronated on Dragonstone.
  8. Jon Snow planning to attack House Bolton. He corrupted the purpose of the sacred order of the night's watch.
  9. Ghost indeed has plot armor because he is Jon's afterlife. Jon will die from the assassination. There will be three direwolves living when Daenerys Targaryen and her three dragons arrive. Symmetry. Rickon is not important so my guess is his wolf will be the next to die.
  10. Pretty much the way Robert described. He's not a guy who frightens easy and the fact that he was scared should tell us something. The ruling class will be too terrified to leave the safety of their castles until all the rats have been eaten, hunger becomes too unbearable and then they will open their gates and the Dothraki screamers will kill those who still refuse to bend the knee. It's not a lot because there will be very, very few people who will be that stubborn.
  11. Jaime does not represent knightly honor or any kind of honor. I don't think Martin is implying that Jaime has better morals. Jaime is one of the villains in the pages. So he did something good for Brienne. It means nothing. He is not repudiation of honor and chivalry.
  12. One that comes to mind is the baptism by drowning. The victim supposedly dies and brought back to life.
  13. Daenerys Targaryen = Aegon the Conqueror Lyanna Stark = Shiera Seastar Asha = Nymeria
  14. The hypothetical strayed from the source material in such a way as to make it a different story. A very different story. The Khalasar under Drogo, with the help of Barristan, could surround King's Landing and starve the people out. I believe that is how that game will have played. The townsfolk would give up the city. Sansa is not important enough for Prince Rheago. Margery Tyrell is another story though. The age gap is quite large but it can be managed. It's not about love. I also think Daenerys will work her way to the throne regardless of her status as Khaleesi. She is clever. It will be many years before Rhaego is secure. The boy may prefer Essos to Westeros.
  15. The Targaryen family hold the most prestige and are held in the highest esteem over any other family. Aerys was arrogant. He spurned the best match for his son, Cersei. Now, was it due to simple arrogance or something deeper. The Lannisters do not have the qualities needed to resurrect the dragons. In my opinion it is this rather than arrogance that kept Aerys from picking anybody but a Martell. While the dragon genetics are severely diluted in the Martells, as they say, it is better than nothing.
  16. Preston Jacobs (Youtube commentator on all things related to the books) believes it was Strong Belwas who was the intended target of the locusts.
  17. The assassination prevented a sitting Lord Commander from leading a Wildling attack on the Warden of the North. It washes away the guilt on the Night's Watch for the heinous crime that is about to happen when the Wildings attack the people of Westeros. The deterioration of the Order of the Night's Watch began when Lord Commander Jon Snow sent Mance Rayder to carry his sister away from her husband. This illegal move was the beginning of the end for the ancient Order because it is corruption from the top. Perhaps the corruption began before when Jon gave preferential treatment to Mance Rayder and gave the criminal something akin to a pardon. The Wall will Fall because the men of the watch did not stay true to their vows. And the corruption all began with the Order's lord commander.
  18. The gender is ambiguous and we believe it is because it comes from ancient Valyrian. But the meaning also works if the murderer is Arya Stark wearing the face of a dead Tommen. A girl with the face of a boy.
  19. The song is about a non-Dornish who was messing with the daughter of the Dornishman. In this case, it is probably that the Dornish in the song is a Martell. The song is an old one and would predate any of the romances of the living characters, Mance included. The edited song has a similar story. A non-Northman messed with the daughter of a Northman. This is what Bael did to the daughter of Winterfell. He seduced and made love to her. Furthermore, he got her pregnant. mance/Abel was being silly in his sly manner. He is the outsider who slept with a daughter of Winterfell, Lyanna Stark. I would further suggest that he is the father of Jon Snow. Val is blonde and fair. Physical features that are not known in the Starks. The Starks are known for their unusually elongated faces. The horse like face shape we've been told of in Game of T. Blonde is not common in the north. It is not usual. I agree there is something unusual about her parents. I am doubtful she is a Stark though. If there is an importance to the mystery, the possible source of the blonde hair is Brynden Rivers. BR had plenty of time to sleep with a Free Folk during his service at the wall and father children. One of these social interactions resulted in Val's grandmother.
  20. The Dothraki are dangerous customers. Magister Illyrio Mopatis is not foolish enough to misrepresent the agreement if it were not as he said. It is very possible to deliver the 7K, tied with a pretty bow, to King Viserys.
  21. It is possible for low-born in Essos and Westeros to rise high enough to grow rich and comfortable. Social mobility is closed but it does not mean they are not allowed to become rich. A skilled armorer and weaponsmith can grow rich from their trade. Skills are rewarded for those who possess them. Put yourself in place of a low-born young fellow. How would you prosper?
  22. Dany is the main protagonist in ASOIAF. If we look at the times when she chose to go into battle, it is to protect or to liberate people. So it is very safe to assume that when she makes her decision to go to Westeros, it will be because the people will be calling for help.
  23. Dangerous man in Dorne implies a threat to the ruling house Martell. Darkstar has a claim to the high seat and he has the proof to make that claim strong. A claim of direct descent from Nymeria and proof would be enough to rally some houses to his cause.
  24. Renly would have been mediocre. He is a political beast who will spend the first decade of his reign handing out favors to pacify the great houses.
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