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    Why is LF trying to kill Sweetrobin?

    Yeh thats true, he is definitely taking a gamble by trying to remove him. But after all, we can see that Sweetrobin actually hates his stepfather, so perhaps LF doesnt believe he can control this kid who is so prone to outbreaks. He does say to Sansa that he wants to take Winterfell and have control over the Vale, if we can actually trust what he confides to her. The Vale would likely rally behind an heir, even if his claim seems fairly unobvious, who can produce an heir and maintain a somewhat stable environment in the kingdom. We also don't have any perspective regarding what other Vale houses could be plotting, for instance, many must want to remove LF and aren't convinced about how Lysa Arryn died. Harold Hardying may even be strongly under the influence of other houses already who mean to take advantage of placing Hardying as heir to then themselves exerce dominance over the Vale. It makes me thing LF hasn't revealed his full plan. Some theories floating around are about whether or not Sweetrobin is actually Littlefingers son and not Jon Arryns. If Lysa knew this it could explain why she is attatched to him in such a sick and intimate way, the way she used to feed him at her breast at his age. Maybe LF sees his childhood self in this small, weak and pathetic child. Its something I thought about anyway.
  2. Aegon Baratheon

    What is the role of Gendry?

    There is no point bringing him back if he wont become a Lord atleast and rule the long forgotten Stormlands region. I would hope that this woulf occur next season to rally what remains of the Stormlords to Daenerys force. It annoys me how at this moment were just supposed to consent to this kingdom being firmly in Cerseis grasp. I dont think it would take much to turn them. A legitimised Gendry could help accomplish a lot. Though lets be honest, a legitimised Gendry should put in peril Jon and Danys claims as it gives the late Stannis (on the show only) a very close trueborn relative and heir. People might say but sure he doesnt want the iron throne..neither does jon, and if the show forces the feeling that he does want it, they will abandon his character for good.
  3. Aegon Baratheon

    Which houses have the most Baratheon Blood?

    if/when Stannis and Shireen fall, who would have the best claim to the throne if were considering baratheon blood? At this point its hard to say which houses have baratheon blood, but considering baratheon/durrandon blood is strong, descendants with this blood should be noticable. A wiki of ice and fire claims that the Storm Lords Bolling and Wensington may be baratheon descendants/claimants considering how they all have baratheon or durrandon stags on their heraldry. Otherwise, Corwen Baratheons daughter Elyanna may have married into house lannister, her descendants may have been tytos, tywin and jaime...but take that for what its worth.