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  1. Gave it a 6. Missandei/Grey Worm was a yawnfest. The Jorah exile lacked emotional impact and felt like Dany being cruel. Shoulda kept in the stuff about him thinking of her as a chick he fancies instead of his queen. The Theon/Bolton stuff was good. Wish we'd see more of Roose this season, he's always a delight. Arya scene was weird. I get what they were aiming for but it did not work for me. Sansa had already revealed her identity by that point, no? The guard didn't think to mention it? They didn't think it was wise to capture her, being Arya Stark and all? Shit writing. Sansa stuff was surprisingly good. I think I prefer her being more overtly manipulative than she is in the books. I take Littlefinger not having a plan with a grain of salt now, they've already wrecked any subtlety he has in the books. The Wall stuff was so-so and seemed to be there to a) remind people about the wildling threat and b) add a bit of extra drama with the whole Gilly thing to give Sam something to do next week. I wish they had spent more time on the duel, and opted for a different pre-duel scene than the Tyrion/Jaime thing. We've already seen plenty of those two together this season. How about Oberyn/Jaime? Would have been cool. Or Cersei visiting Tyrion. The duel itself was fine, I just wish they'd spent longer on it or had a different scene before it instead. Exactly. Why else would they have the shot of the guy wiping down the spear tip? He was obviously coating in poison. Do people expect Oberyn to say "BY THE WAY I POISONED YOU" or something?
  2. 6/10, decent ep with nothing oustanding. Best parts were the Tyrion scenes. Mountain scene, eh. Why was he killing random peasants? Why weren't they just running away? Brienne stuff was pretty good. Bit of forced drama at The Wall, felt like they should have saved it for the next ep or left it out completely. Dany scenes were better than expected. Arya/Hound scenes were disappointingly weak this episode, and I usually enjoy them. That bloke took way too long to die, and the scene vs Rorge and Biter was dumb. The Vale scenes I just find funny. I will say the outside bit was very pretty, though. Dragonstone scene was only good for two reasons. Generally, the ep was way too spread out. They've done a good job at cutting down the multiple stories per ep this season, but took their eye off the ball here.
  3. Gave it an 8. The Stannis and Ramsay scenes were alright. Hizdahr's already completely different to the books and more likeable than Daario, it will be interesting to see how that develops. All the KL scenes were great. The second half of the trial was immensely good. Was this the first ever episode with no children of Ned Stark?
  4. Gave it a 7. Everything was pretty good. I was hoping we'd catch up with the Boltons and/or Yara this ep.
  5. That was a really good episode. First off, the Craster's Keep storyline. They're inserting an original subplot that's actually good? Well played. I certainly did not expect them to capture Bran and co. Dirk was ridiculously entertaining, Locke at the Wall is intriguing, Kit's acting has gone up a couple of notches this season. Right now the stuff at the Wall is more interesting than KL. Speaking of KL, still some good stuff there. Jaime's storyline played out as expected and was solid quality. QOT admitting to her role in Joff's murder was badass. Margarery sneaking into Tommen's room... lucky kid is all I can say. Dany's slave rebellion and crucifiction of the masters could have been a bit more brutal, it felt like they wanted to show how ruthless she can be but at the same time were too scared of turning people against her. Littlefinger scene was alright. His accent continues to make me chuckle. Looking forward to comical antics at The Eyrie next episode. That final scene. Holy shit. I-is that book canon? I kind of have to think so, otherwise why even include it if it doesn't turn out to be important? ETA: Gave it a 9.
  6. Gave it a 7. The Dragonstone scenes felt rushed. Jaime rape scene set his redemption arc back about 2 seasons, well done. Littlefinger's acting is worse than ever, it's hilarious though. I hated how they didn't explain the conspiracy properly like in the books, Unsullied are going to be so confused. The rest was pretty solid, but the ending was a bit of an anti-climax, I thought we were going to see the slaves start killing the masters. It's like they just ran out of time.
  7. Gave it a 10. The Wedding was hella fun, I don't think I've seen that many named characters in a single place on TV before. Led to some nice little interactions, and they played the whodunnit angle well. Marg, Cersei and Tyrion were all great but Joffrey stole the show. A masterful performance. The Dreadfort and Dragonstone scenes were so dark and sinister but in different ways. I worry for that Myranda chick, she'll be hound meat soon too, I'm sure. Either that or they'll make her FakeArya. The Bran scene wasn't much of anything, but whatever. I'm not expecting much there until they reach Bloodraven or Coldhands.
  8. I gave it an 8 on the arbitrary number scale. Pros: First and last scenes Joffrey Joffrey statue Hot ass Ellaria Sand The wildling/Wall scenes were actually really good Cons: Too much relationship drama All the Dany scenes were cringeworthy up until the crucified slave girl Too much Sansa A little exposition heavy
  9. Gave it a 9. Best parts were the Arya scene, Robbwind, Roose Bolton & Walder Frey, the Lannister Team Meeting, and Davos's performance. The parts at and around the Wall were good. Really enjoyed seeing some "old" characters like Balon and Yara, Pyp, Maester Aemon. I'm still not sure about how they're portraying Stannis in the show. They seem to still not have a proper grasp on his character, and I don't think it's an intentional difference from the books. Dany scene was alright, bit of an abrupt way to end it. I did expect Stoneheart but understand their reasons to not include her. All in all it was there to set up next season and did a good job of that, can't wait to see where Yara's arc and Jaime's early arrival in KL go.
  10. Gave it an 8 out of 10. Tyrion was great. His wedding was fun, Sansa was pretty good even. Sam stuff was pretty good. Daario... eh. Underwhelming. Dragonstone was pretty decent, although I could have done without the leech dick.
  11. Gave it a 7. Best parts were Ramsay, Jaime, Dany and naked Talisa. Arya scene was just there to progress the plot and wasn't much of anything for those who have read the book. Jon/Ygritte scenes are just to make later events more upsetting. Tywin/Joff was all set-up for episode 10. Bran scene was boring as always. Mel/Gendry scene was okay for what it was, looking forward to them getting back to Dragonstone. Blackfish continues to be an asshole.
  12. Gave it a 5/10 (ie. average). While not a bad episode it was the weakest of the season so far. There were some really good parts - any scenes involving Lannisters or Boltons, plus Mel and the BwB, as well as LF/Varys and Ros's horrific death scene. Worst parts: Bran scene, Sam scene and the super cheesey final scene.
  13. Decent episode, I gave it a 6. Full of lots of "good" scenes with lots of nice detail, but nothing outstanding. Best parts of the ep were Dragonstone, Jaime's monologue, Roose fucking with Jaime and of course Tywin as always.
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