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  1. Also, I made this meme in memory of such a blessed Comic Con. Is there anything the Ds can do right, I wonder? After all, if they actually did show up at Comic Con they'd be eviscerated unless they said something truly soul-changing.
  2. So D&D cowered behind their competent actors, feeding them lines blaming all the hate on a 'media led hate campaign' and that the 'real fans' still like GoT. What, the same media that pretended D&D's shit didn't stink? That media? Oh, of course, they obviously really wanted you to fail, it's not like Game of Thrones was a ratings juggernaut that every cynical businessman and their cynical businessmothers wanted to succeed.
  3. I find it so tragic that so many talented and skilled people, for a long portion of their lives, have serviced a set of talentless hacks.
  4. That's how Zack Snyder got a get-out-of-jail-free on Batman, ie, the dark vigilante who draws the line at murder, murdering his enemies. You know, by saying 'LOL, you idiots looking up to heroes idealistically, you're living in a dream world, I want everything to be dark and realistic, and for me, realistic = completely different to the source material. Fucking fantards, amirite?' And the audience clapped.
  5. The thing is, I don't think they will. I think, just like what they did with Season 5, they'll disappear into the aether claiming they're busy and leave the actors who actually did a semi-decent job to bear the brunt. That way fans look like shit for getting vitriolic at actors who evidently tried their best, D&D don't get to hear mean things, and they also get actors who give way more of a shit about their characters than them to give them a free explanation.
  6. Referring to the fiction-writing definition of character assassination, that is, suddenly turning all the redeemable traits about a character into lies and amping up their negative attributes to insane levels just to facilitate a plot outcome.
  7. I agree that plenty of stuff from S6 is evocative of what winds will offer, but I think S7 and S8 are really very bare-bones basic events only. There's no way that Jaime is going to say to Tyrion (who he's suddenly okay with) that he never really cared about the people of King's Landing.
  8. I actually doubt, aside from the raw results (ie: Jon kills Dany, his second love) that any of the books will remotely resemble the final seasons. Heck, gardeners like GRRM tend not to have very solid endings as it is, due to the relatively 'uncontrolled' plot.
  9. This here is basically what D&D wanted. Everyone to switch their brains off, enjoy the SFX, and watch actors' faces to feel without thinking. But also, they want to act like it's worthy of serious critical praise and analysis, so they kinda need honeypotters who are still loyal to the show, but also capable of overthinking until they're blue in the face to defend them.
  10. He also had a lovely evening with the Ironborn, accepting their surrender and convincing the Umbers to give him a fancy gift through his expressions of family love. Ramsay Sue is best Villain Sue.
  11. Also, 'let it be fear' wasn't even the excuse D&D came up with, that's something fans came up with because it makes infinitely more sense than D&D. D&D's (remember, the writers of this mess) hot take is that seeing the Red Keep made her decide to 'make it personal'. Whatever that means. Regardless of what it means, it doesn't mean 'make it personal enough that she specifically targets the Red Keep' because she attacks literally everything else first.
  12. Not only that, it actively punishes you for having paid attention and thought about the show. To quote Glidus: Another quote from this vid that's fitting is 'I'm guessing that's my fault for having paid attention'. Because... yeah, that's what D&D think, you're a dumb nerd for doing a better job than them.
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