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  1. MrJay

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    Took me two reads to notice you quoted me. Lol, I'm tired. I should have been clear, and I did notice this when I first wrote it. I just get fired of editing via cell. When I say field of fire 2.0, I mean the half baked way they set it up. I agree that it should and would happen. But the way it happened was the most ham fisted and forced way possible. But I'm fine with disagreement there. It's one of the weaker examples. My big boy examples I bolded. But really. The hound all but said "Clegane bowl confirmed! Get hyped!" (Air horns blare)
  2. MrJay

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    On my cell so this won't be as detailed as I like. Just gonna give the overview of my opinion. D&D are just not as good. I'm not insulting them to insult either. I've had enough if that. What I mean is they are not "authors", for lack of better words. They write, sure, but anyone can do that. Anyone can make a string if scenes with explosions and characters being all super awesome. Kids do that. However, an author does that and has it naked sense within the universe they created. I have listened to their interviews and it's clear they care not for the actual characters or story. What they care about is showing off their favorite actor and doing "fan service". I do not use this word lightly, but this is legitimate fan fiction. What we are seeing now are people thinking, "wouldn't it be cool if..." and then making it so. Its essentially what happens if you have someone watch the show for 4 seasons then tell them to make up what they want to see and then do it. Everything in between is just fluff designed to get to the next cool scene. Not even good fluff. When I watched season 7 (and some parts of the previous) I truly felt like the writers have been looking at our memes and discussions and picking things that people talked about. Davos and "fewer" Gendry and his rowing Jon and Dany hooking up. Aegon and Lyanna secret wedding. LF "trial" Feild of fire 2.0 Commando misson to the north The hound and "you know what's coming" (airhorns) Arya and Brienne fight The list goes on. It's all just spectacle and no substance.
  3. MrJay

    Casterly Rock Why?

    DOTHRAKI ON AN OPEN FIELD NED! Pardon me. Had a Bobby B moment. That's what I meant, so sorry for how I worded it. My point was that Casterly Rock is basically a castle on top of a mountain/cliff. When they described the battle I recall someone saying that they can bunker down and no amount of dragon spit is gonna melt "The Rock". So how did it fall the first time? Did their leaders just decide to face a dragon...on an open field ned!
  4. Real talk. Those kids should be ugly crying with snot and sobs while they just dump all the crap they have been through. Sansa: "Oh my god it was horrible! Joff beat me Arya is probably dead they killed daddy and showed me his head I was almost raped then I was raped so much by Ramsay and aunt Lysa tried to kill me and LF was my only friend and I think he wants to rape me or kill me and I'm so scared and I thought I was alone and mom and Robb is dead and I think I'm the reason dad died and OMG it was so horrible and I'm never leaving home ever again!" Jon: I Died. My god I died! Holy Hells man! I don't even know what I'm doing. I dad said he was gonna tell me about my mom then next thing he's dead, and Robb is a king now and...OMG dead people! I died! What is even happening? Where is Arya and Rickon? And in all honesty. None of them should really want to leave the North ever again. They should be trying every single option they have available (including inviting people to WF) before they set foot below the neck. Considering the last time their family did that everyone almost got waxed.
  5. This. My opinion is he is slightly above average. But only because he was actually trained at a castle. He has never outright bested anyone in show or in books and often has help.
  6. MrJay

    sansa, arya, and dany

    Bran was spying on them I bet
  7. MrJay

    Casterly Rock Why?

    A couple reasons I beleive. 1. Tyrion secretly helping his family. 2. Losing your "home base" is seen as a serious loss. But what I want to know is how caster ly rock fell to Aegon when they could have turtled like Dorne?
  8. MrJay

    sansa, arya, and dany

    One gripe. I wouldn't call Daeny and Daario love in the show. I barely consider her loving Jon. I see the former as a sort of diversion from ruling. Just sex and fun.
  9. Some people tell me that GoT had always been your generic cliche high fantasy, and that it was the show that fooled people into consuming fantasy. Who knew they were right? A long while ago (years) I put down fantasy books. So tired I was with the genre that it prompted me to start writing my own. I stopped briefly because people told me I HAD to give eregon a try (yes I was that desperate. Needless to say I began writing harder. Then I hear about this series called A Game of Thrones. I picked it up shortly after season 3, and I binge watched. I then purchased the books. This was it. This was the story I craved. Then something happened. I couldn't make it through book 4. No matter. I have the show. Sure some things have changed, but the heart if the story was the same. Heroes could actually die and you really feared for them. Then came the recent seasons. Waifenator 1000 became a meme. All good right? Every show stumbled at least once. Then came season 7. As if to spit in my face all season, episode 7 comes through and is so generic that I thought I was watching a Disney show. They even went as far as to add in several no name red shirts so you could kill people off without touching the main guys. The second I noticed those meat bags I knew they would die and all the main guys were safe. Then they did their epic stand, the night King decides to aim for the farthest dragon... And it's all just so dumb I can't even get into it. D&D don't care anymore (or did they ever) they know the general viewer will eat this up and the ones who pay close attention will watch just to see how it all ends. They win this round. Grats. But after this I will NEVER watch a thing they have a hand in writing. NEVER.
  10. MrJay

    Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

    (waves hand) there are no women and children. They never existed. Most likely yes. Which is bad...for them. I don't see them surviving long without their men there to defend them. I doubt the people of essos will be kind.
  11. MrJay

    What is the role of Gendry?

    Love interest for Arya. Let's face it, 6 episodes is not enough to be very creative. They could have Gendry, Daeny and Jon have a conflict over the throne. Toss on Tyrion having love for family (cause he is a loyal lannister and never bets against family) and you have a whole new can of worms that can easily fill a season or two. But I don't see it in them. Gendry will bow out of tye game and at best be new lord of storms end with Arya as his lady. I'm okay with that. Not my first choice, but I like the kid. He reminds me of a young Robert. So long as Arya doesn't run off with anyone and kick off a new rebellion, all will be well. I just want to point out. The fact that we see this coming a mile away is something that game of thrones is supposed to NOT be known for.