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  1. MrJay

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    Took me two reads to notice you quoted me. Lol, I'm tired. I should have been clear, and I did notice this when I first wrote it. I just get fired of editing via cell. When I say field of fire 2.0, I mean the half baked way they set it up. I agree that it should and would happen. But the way it happened was the most ham fisted and forced way possible. But I'm fine with disagreement there. It's one of the weaker examples. My big boy examples I bolded. But really. The hound all but said "Clegane bowl confirmed! Get hyped!" (Air horns blare)
  2. MrJay

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    On my cell so this won't be as detailed as I like. Just gonna give the overview of my opinion. D&D are just not as good. I'm not insulting them to insult either. I've had enough if that. What I mean is they are not "authors", for lack of better words. They write, sure, but anyone can do that. Anyone can make a string if scenes with explosions and characters being all super awesome. Kids do that. However, an author does that and has it naked sense within the universe they created. I have listened to their interviews and it's clear they care not for the actual characters or story. What they care about is showing off their favorite actor and doing "fan service". I do not use this word lightly, but this is legitimate fan fiction. What we are seeing now are people thinking, "wouldn't it be cool if..." and then making it so. Its essentially what happens if you have someone watch the show for 4 seasons then tell them to make up what they want to see and then do it. Everything in between is just fluff designed to get to the next cool scene. Not even good fluff. When I watched season 7 (and some parts of the previous) I truly felt like the writers have been looking at our memes and discussions and picking things that people talked about. Davos and "fewer" Gendry and his rowing Jon and Dany hooking up. Aegon and Lyanna secret wedding. LF "trial" Feild of fire 2.0 Commando misson to the north The hound and "you know what's coming" (airhorns) Arya and Brienne fight The list goes on. It's all just spectacle and no substance.
  3. Her plans didn't change though. She is just buying more soldiers. The only thing that changes her plans is that meeting when decides to backstab Jon and Co. Jaime tried to tell her they would be stomped even without dragons and she specifically points out that it doesn't matter. So the battle really had no purpose except to be a cool battle. Which is fine I guess. Not every battle in real life results in a decisive change.
  4. Yes and no. There are always issues when adapting works. I think most of us get that. And yes some nitpicks are just that, gripes that are just poking at the inherent flaws apparent in any adaptation. However, the reason you see so many with this show (and this season especially) is because we have seen how good it can be. There were always flaws with the shows logic, but these were minimal and and the rest of the show made up for them easily. Think of it like going from gourmet meals prepared by a renowned chef to eating at Applebee's. I like Applebee's. Nothing wrong with it. But I also didn't get get used to top quality meals. Someone used to such meals is gonna have a lot to say about what some chain restaurant serves. Before it was the odd steak cooked well done vs medium. We overlooked that cause the rest of the meal was good. Now our orders are getting messed up and we are sitting there for nearly a half hour waiting for a refill. So of course people are gonna start finding all the things wrong now. They are unhappy. Unhappy people do that. In my opinion, the biggest flaw of the show is getting people used to top quality content. If they had never done that, followed Martin's writing as best as they could, then only the people who care about flashy lights and cool one liners would be watching, and they would be happy with all that. Unfortunately, a lot of folks who watch for the tight plots and foreshadowing also watch this show. So take all that away and start giving them Michael Bay levels of entertainment and of course they are gonna get upset. When I go watch transformers (when I used to watch it) , I don't nitpick. I know what it's gonna be. Just loosely strung together cliches and the odd sexy girl bending over in between robot fights. Then splash in some slow motion and Walbergs signature fast talk and you got a film. But if transformers reeled me in with espionage, backstory and deep flawed characters, I'd be pretty pissed to see everyone become generic action heros and slow mo explosion dodgers. Maybe it's just me. I could be wrong. I just think that all of these gripes come from a place of feeling led on. So now no quarter is given and every flaw will be pointed out mercilessly.
  5. MrJay

    Season 8 Predictions?

    From our perspective. Yes. From theirs. Not so much. Few have seen the others. And so much bloodshed has already happened cause of funny business with heirs and such. So I say they should be very concerned with who will carry on the Stark names. They plan on surviving so this is a part of it. It's like the question of whether or not your king should be on the front lines. Sure, a war takes precedent over whether he has kids or not, but God's help you of he dies before having a kid. Brans reproduction capabilities is just as important as this upcoming war. Not saying the war is not serious. Just saying that the matter of having an heir is far more serious than seem to understand. It's up there. It's way up there.
  6. MrJay

    Season 8 Predictions?

    Allow me to disagree. But understand that it's just symantics. "Fanservice" is dumb. It's the dude walking in on a sexy girl mid shower kind of dumb. Like Sandor walking up to his brother and saying he is coming, or Gendry commenting on his rowing etc. What you want Is an epic display of skill and heroism. That's fine and I support that. It would be a breath of fresh air to see a heroic figure do something that puts people at awe. The issue (as Broseph above said) is whether it's done right. Which I don't think these guys are capable of. It will come off cheesy and groan inducing as well as be done in a way so improbable that it will breed more criticism that will bitter your enjoyment of the scene if heard long enough. I hope you get this, and for the sake of both our sanity I hope it's done well. I don't wanna see Daeny do an upside down one hand grab and launch Jon on her dragon like Legolas on that horse.
  7. MrJay

    Casterly Rock Why?

    DOTHRAKI ON AN OPEN FIELD NED! Pardon me. Had a Bobby B moment. That's what I meant, so sorry for how I worded it. My point was that Casterly Rock is basically a castle on top of a mountain/cliff. When they described the battle I recall someone saying that they can bunker down and no amount of dragon spit is gonna melt "The Rock". So how did it fall the first time? Did their leaders just decide to face a dragon...on an open field ned!
  8. Real talk. Those kids should be ugly crying with snot and sobs while they just dump all the crap they have been through. Sansa: "Oh my god it was horrible! Joff beat me Arya is probably dead they killed daddy and showed me his head I was almost raped then I was raped so much by Ramsay and aunt Lysa tried to kill me and LF was my only friend and I think he wants to rape me or kill me and I'm so scared and I thought I was alone and mom and Robb is dead and I think I'm the reason dad died and OMG it was so horrible and I'm never leaving home ever again!" Jon: I Died. My god I died! Holy Hells man! I don't even know what I'm doing. I dad said he was gonna tell me about my mom then next thing he's dead, and Robb is a king now and...OMG dead people! I died! What is even happening? Where is Arya and Rickon? And in all honesty. None of them should really want to leave the North ever again. They should be trying every single option they have available (including inviting people to WF) before they set foot below the neck. Considering the last time their family did that everyone almost got waxed.
  9. This. My opinion is he is slightly above average. But only because he was actually trained at a castle. He has never outright bested anyone in show or in books and often has help.
  10. MrJay

    sansa, arya, and dany

    Bran was spying on them I bet
  11. MrJay

    Casterly Rock Why?

    A couple reasons I beleive. 1. Tyrion secretly helping his family. 2. Losing your "home base" is seen as a serious loss. But what I want to know is how caster ly rock fell to Aegon when they could have turtled like Dorne?
  12. Rude much? And after reading your OP again, I can see why no one is on topic according to you. I don't expect that to change. This thread won't last long.
  13. I doubt it. I know little of Elia, but I doubt that any princess would 1. Step down from being future queen. 2. Jeopardize her children's claim to the throne (and their life) and 3. Allow herself and her family to deal with the shame of being set aside for another. I don't know. Some others have thought up some interesting reasons, but I don't see it as a good idea regardless. The Martells rule Dorne. Let that sink in. No matter what Allies Rhaegar has in Dorne, the Martells rule it. Setting aside a Dornish bride like that would be a huge insult to the ruling family, as well as a sort of nose snubbing to the Dornish people as a whole. Hide in plain site? The only explanation I can think of is that he went to the last place anyone would look. What are we talking about again?
  14. I get it. Fans have gotten very good at rationalizing everything they see. However, The woman literally made a bee line along the road and burned gods knows how many supply wagons. Maybe she didn't burn them all, but by the looks of it she sure was trying. Which is still dumb.
  15. MrJay

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    Thanks a bunch. I should have known it would be some kind of big deal. Wonder if anyone has ever been killed for shipping the wrong fictional couple?