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  1. This is my first post here and I want to salute you all! This is a conversation between Maester Marwyn and Sam Tarly from A Feast of Crows, the last Samwell POV: “Marwyn give him a smile, grim with the juice of the reddish leaves draining his teeth. - Who do you think killed all the dragons last time? The ungroomed dragonslayers armed with swords?... In the world that is built by the Citadel there is no place for the wizards, prophecies or glass candles and even less for the dragons. Ask yourself why Aemon Targaryen was allowed to dispel his life on the Wall, when it would have been right to be raised to the rank of Arhimaester. Because of his blood! They could not trust him....” I know it's not the best translation, I don't have the English version, sorry. I think that the maesters were the ones who lied especially Grand Maester Pycelle. If House Stark would have found out about the marriage, Brandon Hothead Stark would not have gone at King's Landing yelling after Rhaegar. I think that Rickard Stark would have been delighted that his daughter could have become queen.