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  1. Dany seems to want a simple life, rather than to actually be queen. She goes as far as to think that she would give up her crown if Daario asked her to. The house with the red door and a simple life is what will make her happy.
  2. Ultimately, after the war, there's reconciliation. Rhaegar might have had a lot do to heal the fractures caused during the war. The thing is, Robert seems to be the only person in story so far who has a visceral hatred of him. Stannis doesn't mention Rhaegar at all, but when Davos takes him to task about choosing sides in the rebellion, Stannis tells him that it was a difficult choice, but in the end he chose his brother over his king. If Rhaegar had won on the Trident, then Tywin would have marched to secure King's Landing instead of sacking it. I'm assuming a council would have been called and included the rebel lords. At that point, what's left to do? I don't think lopping heads off is a great solution when we know that even Rhaegar was looking to make changes. Even Joffrey (and by that I mean Tywin) didn't chop off the heads of the lords who backed Stannis at the Blackwater so long as they swore fealty to Joffrey.
  3. I think the "it's too obvious" statement is tagged to a theory when people don't like it. I think it's mostly that, and a little bit of boredom. There was nothing obvious about RLJ. By the time I finished reading Ned's last chapter, I was certain Jon was half-Targaryen, but that's because I went back and re-read Ned's POVs while I was still reading the book. My friends did not even pick up on it, my husband years later picked up on Lyanna being the mother, but had no clue who the father was. I was genuinely confused when I saw the outlandish theories about Jon's parentage. He's Mance and Lyanna's, Brandon and Lyanna's, Ned and Lyanna's. But I've come to realize that this has a lot to do with those who hate Jon and hate the idea that he is Rhaegar's son.
  4. That's what is sounds like to me. And they seem to use the skins in a sort of blood magic ritual to glamor the wearer.
  5. I haven't personally looked into it, but I think there should be repeats because all 5 prologues are connected to the same things. AGoT introduced the Others. ACoK introduced Stannis who is supposed to be the Chosen One. ASoS was the attack on the FotFM as a mini-Battle for the Dawn with Sam's subsequent retelling of what happened there, including the AA imagery we got. AFfC re-introduces the idea of the dragon has three heads and a reminder to the group of Acolytes that Dany is still around. ADwD is directly tied to Jon and Bran. Thematically, I think the prologues are about the same thing.
  6. I just realized that Bran's interaction with Jon through Ghost in ACoK was likely a very huge foreshadowing of Bran's interaction with Jon while he's in Ghost in TWoW. Bran will be a "tree" when that happens since he'll be sitting in a weirwood. I always thought that Jojen's conclusion about Bran being the chained winged wolf was wrong, and that it's supposed to be Jon instead. Jon wargs Ghost for the first time following his interaction with Bran. In a super weird way, it's like there's a power surge between Bran and Jon, probably aided by whatever is in the crypts. They tap into their powers together at about the same time, making the magic flow both ways.
  7. Because building means a lord has to borrow money from the the bank or from some other lord or levy more taxes from their smallfolk. And it takes years to build something. We don't know that. The Rains of Castamere was pulled out of the repertoire for the Red Wedding and was played about a 100 times at Joffrey's wedding because Tywin was there. I wouldn't call it a hit as much as a threat disguised as a song. The Bear and the Maiden Fair seems to be a big hit. Jenny's Song seems to be a hit seeing as Catelyn stuck flowers in her hair and pretended to be Jenny and Robb knew the song. It may not be a top 50 on Westeros's Billboard, but Lord Renly's Ride is a very recent song.
  8. Harrenhal. The Eyrie and the Gates of the Moon. Sunspear, maybe. Definitely the Water Gardens. I think any castle that belongs to a family of Andal descent may have been built after the Andals invaded. The castles belonging to the Houses Vance since they would descend from Armistead Vance would be other castles that might have been built after the Andals came to Westeros.
  9. Sure. I can see Tycho finding Jeyne work at the Iron Bank or some other place where they speak the Common Tongue.
  10. There's the political unrest that will likely follow the death of the Sealord. I can see her story being expanded that way in Braavos before she leaves for Westeros. And I'm pretty sure she will return there. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up at the palace of the Sealord at some point. I think she will end up intersecting with Justin Massey when he lands in Braavos with Tycho. I think this is how she will find out what happened to Jon. I think Justin could recognize her or figure out her identity. He's been around Jon and he was Robert's squire at one time, so he might have known or seen Lyanna in passing.
  11. The guys of the NW who found Alys cut the horse loose and took her in for questioning. So it doesn't seem like the horse even made it to CB.
  12. The ice is just starting to form, so it's not frozen solid or anything like that. "I saw water. Deep and blue and still, with a thin coat of ice just forming on it. It seemed to go on forever." (Mel I, ADwD 31)
  13. That's a good point. Marsh doesn't, that's true. But someone like Left Hand Lew who is a steward is a person that Jon had enough trust in that he is part of Sam's escort to Eastwatch, that he guards his door. He is with Marsh when Jon reads the PL and leaves the Shieldhall with him and the other stewards. Mully is another steward that Jon uses a lot and seems to trust. That's the steward Ghost tried to bite. Mully is used to help bring Janos Slynt to heel, he is there when the eyeless heads of the 3 ranges are found impaled, he escorts Val north of the Wall when she leaves to find Tormund (which means he might have been the one to tell Marsh about it). He is not part of the Great Ranging, but he is there to help defend CB against the wildling attack. He is one of those named as congratulating Jon when he is named LC. If he is one of the conspirators, then I think he fits the description given by Mel.
  14. I'm assuming she'll be wearing the same clothes that she escaped Winterfell in. She is wearing furs when she arrives at the crofter's village. I think there is a metaphorical meaning to it. I always took crumbling and blowing away to mean that the girl was going to die and be burned. But like I said, it's the location of Karhold in relation to Castle Black and Long Lake that's the snag that Alys is the girl on the dying horse. Otherwise, I'm not really bogged down by it. Nothing. They're just not in it. The vision didn't seem to be long as far as I understand and she says that she hasn't been able to find the girl again. The vision that Mel seems to have the most contest for and the better handle on is Jon's stabbing, but I think that it's because it's a recurring vision that she is able to gauge it properly.
  15. Robert's crown is not described in the text as far as I remember.
  16. Jeyne would be wearing grey, but we don't know what Alys was wearing when she was found. When Jon met her, she was wearing a black cloak from the NW. I'm not sure that Mel saw the girl's face. Her description of the girl in her own thoughts is that she saw "a girl as grey as ash, and even as I watched, she crumbled and blew away." It's hard to tell how she came to the conclusion that the girl was fleeing her marriage. That said, the Lyanna option and a vision from the past would be neat. The beats of Jon's origin story, and R+L is being replayed in his current story. Yes, she is. And while Jeyne Poole would probably be hopeless at navigating the wild, the black brothers won't. These guys went from CB to Deepwood to Winterfell and managed to find the crofter's village in a snow storm and I'm assuming without a map.
  17. I'm satisfied with the grey girl being Alys, but I think Jeyne might fit the bill a lot more. The geography coming from Karhold doesn't correspond to what Melisandre described to Mance. Karhold is nowhere near Long Lake, but where Jeyne Poole would be coming up from the crofter's village, she would have to come near it to reach Castle Black. I think Mel is more right about this one than she is wrong. But again, I have no problem with the whole issue being resolved and Alys being the grey girl.
  18. I don't think Arya and Gendry have all that much in common and I think it's a moot point in any case. How many years are going to pass in story before it comes to a close? A year? Two years at the most, unless GRRM decides on a time jump? Arya is currently 11.
  19. Faking Quentyn's death serves no purpose to the story, imo. His mission was always doomed to fail. Doran didn't really give him all that much chance to succeed, imo. He left Dorne and his sister knew about it because he's not that good at hiding or at covering his tracks. Half his companions died. He became Frog and remained Frog. He never became the prince from the fairytales. He went in pursuit of something he did not even want for himself, which makes the way his life ended even more tragic. Adventure is not all that it's cracked out to be and Quentyn's hero's journey ended the way it started. It stank from start to end.
  20. Meris is almost 6 feet tall. Quentyn is short-legged (and stocky). There are too many physical differences between them for Meris to be mistaken for Quentyn.
  21. Mel is a fanatic, there's no doubt. I think she is more a case of trying to fit the visions to the prophecy and she tries to get ahead of the visions which causes more problems than it solves. For instance, I don't think she was wrong about the grey girl fleeing her marriage bed. I think it might have been Jeyne Poole she was referring to rather than Alys Karstark. The geography coming from Karhold to Castle Black does not fit what she told Mance when she described what she saw. I'm very curious to know what her vision was that she assumed it was Stannis and has been holding firm on it to the extent that she doesn't seem to understand what she's seeing in the flames. I feel a bit more sympathy toward her than I initially did. As far as AA goes, if R'hllor has its human champion, then I think the Great Other should have its own champion as well because balance has to be struck. That's going to be Euron.
  22. Aegon will probably sit the Iron Throne, but I think he'll end up heading north eventually. As hard as I try, I don't see him and Dany fighting against one another or him ending up with one of the dragons. I think that's Euron's story and that's where Dany's fight will be. Euron wants her dragons. Euron wants to become king.
  23. Cersei was being Cersei. She didn't think the issue with the Iron Bank was her problem. She sent Noho Dimitis back to Gyles Rosby, even though he'd already spoken to him 6 times. She was disrespectful to her creditors because she thinks she can. She doesn't weigh the consequences of anything she does. She could have used Lannister gold to pay the debt owed to the Faith, but she chose to rearm the Faith Militants instead, and she was so proud of herself too. "Seven save His Grace. Long may he reign." The High Septon made a steeple of his hands and raised his eyes to heaven. "Let the wicked tremble!" Do you hear that, Lord Stannis? Cersei could not help but smile. Even her lord father could have done no better. At a stroke, she had rid King's Landing of the plague of sparrows, secured Tommen's blessing, and lessened the crown's debts by close to a million dragons. Her heart was soaring as she allowed the High Septon to escort her back to the Hall of Lamps. (Cersei VI, AFfC 28) This is our Cersei. Everything she does is tied to her pride. And I'm not sure that this matter with debts is even done with yet. While the crown owes the most money to the Lannisters, Littlefinger also borrowed from the Tyrells with whom things are not so hot right now and several Tyroshi trading cartels. It's funny how Doran has ties with the Archon of Tyrosh and just sent one of Arianne's co-conspirators to serve in Tyrosh for a period of 2 years.
  24. It could definitely have something to do with her being a lefty, but she's also a 9 year old girl. Myrcella is a year younger and according to Arya, her stitched were crooked too. Honestly, the whole thing was stupid. Septa Mordane was not the most patient woman, and I'm not sure what her expectations of a 9 year old were.
  25. Jaime, probably. We get in his head and we have a much better understanding of him. Tyrion, I find is a balancing act. There are times when I think he deserves all the respect in the world. There are times when he should be throttled. What he did to Shae and Tysha, Illyrio's bedslave, the prostitute at Selhorys was reprehensible. The friendship he struck with Jon at the Wall and his honesty, his worry about Young Griff after he heard Benerro's preaching back in Volantis were sweet. Tyrion turns really really bad and nasty the moment he feels unwanted or slighted. And he doesn't really use the advice he gave Jon about never forgetting what he is and to make it his strength. Cersei's chapters are the ones are enjoyed the most out of siblings, though. Mainly because it was like watching a car wreck happening in slow motion. Her chapters are a good cackling opportunity. She is certifiable. The three are fucked up to various degrees.
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