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    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    When he goes south, he will pass the Crossroads. I'm sure that there will be news about the tourney melee at the inn and all he has to do is take the eastern road and head to the Eyrie to participate. Jon having recently returned from the dead and with Ghost’s direwolf aspect now a part of him will be in a killing mood (JMO). In TWOIAF, they tell us that the northern men don’t like jousting and that the melee was more their sport. Hearing of one in the area…especially in the mood he probably will be in would be of interest to Jon. I don't know specifically how it will happen but I'm pretty confident that Jon will end up in the Eyrie. Also although D&D have changed a lot in the story the last couple of years to the detriment of the show, I think what they got right is the fact that Jon and Sansa will be the first of the Stark kids to reunite and that the Knights of the Vale. I also think that it will happen in the Eyrie because in my opinion, the Knights of the Vale and the Mountains of the Morn are very important to the story. And I still say the timing lines up. Think of Alayne's last chapter in AFFC when Myranda told her that Ned Stark's bastard son was now Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Sansa thinks about how it would be sweet to see Jon again and then as she's continues down the mountain, a strong wind hits them. She thinks of this wind as a "howling ghost wind as big as a mountain." I think that's the moment when Jon died over at the Wall. For us the reader, it didn't happen until ADWD but because we know from Martin that this book ran concurrently with the story in AFFC, we can extrapolate if the two books were combined into one as originally intended, Sansa Eyrie chapter and Jon death chapter would align. Also, the Alayne preview chapter would have to take place at least 2-3 weeks after her descent from the Eyrie as they would have to give the contestants time to arrive for the tourney. Plus, her and Myranda seem to have become comfortable in each other’s presence and that couldn’t have happened overnight. As such, there would have to be a slight passage of time from Alayne’s last chapter in AFFC. And if we assume that the “howling ghost wind” reference was a tip to Jon’s murder, then time has passed for him and his leaving the Wall and arriving at the Crossroads around the time of the tourney would match up. Every important event of the past that plays into the current story is happening again in some manner and so, it only makes sense that the Tourney of Harrenhal would repeat as well. In fact, GRRM maybe giving us two tourneys for the price of one as it could be argued that it’s the Tourney of Ashford Meadows playing out again as well. I wouldn’t be at all surprise if there is a puppet show about Florian and Jonquil and we finally get to heart that song that Sansa knows about them.
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    Why did GRRM make Griffin POV character instead of Rhaegar's son Aegon?

    I think that Connington is a POV character because of the two, he's more important to the story. Aegon is is probably a Blackfyre mummer and so is not directly descended from Rheghar. Jon, however, has Greyscale and as such will likely have a major impact on the story. I also think that the history of his House during the Age of Heroes could be important to the back story. The legend of Winged Knight of House Arryn fighting and killing a Griffin seems to indicate that the two families are descended from dragon lords, which I think could be of importance.
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    Asshai By the Shadow

    I don't think that Dany is going to literally visit Asshai as there is no time if Martin wants to keep it to two books. However, I think that she may visit via a glass candle provided by Marwyn. I'm not a Tolkien expert but it seems to me that Asshai represents one of the two lamps of the world (another salute to original master by Martin) with the other lamp being the Eyrie. Asshai is in the shadow of the Mountains of the Morn while the Eyrie is on top of the Giant's Lance in the Mountains of Moon. Here, Martin gives us that sun moon parallel again. The same catastrophic event that caused the long night threw Asshai into darkness. However, while the Eyrie and rest of Planetos recovered from the dark times, some major magical force has kept Asshai in perpetual darkness and one of the symbolic lamps was broken. Maybe the glass candles that are known to come from Asshai are pieces of said lamp. However, I don’t think that all hope is lost as there is still a sliver of light in Asshai. This has probably all been speculated upon and discussed before but I think that Asshai is the entryway to the kingdom of death. It’s the sister city to Stygai also know the city of corpses, which is only reached by going through Asshai. But even if that wasn’t the case, Martin tells you what Asshai represents by giving it the name “Asshai by the Shadow.” Where can you find one of the earliest uses of the word “shadow” in literature/mythology? I’ll tell you, the 23rd Psalm. “Yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” As shown in the paintings in ASOIAF, Asshai is literally located in the valley below the Shadow Mountains. And as I’m sure GRRM approved all of the illustrations in the book, I have to assume that the symbolism is deliberate. I’m also of the opinion that Martin played off the line from the 23rd Psalm to tip to the fact that Dany is the Goddess of Death. Yes, you read that correctly. I think that Dany is the Death Goddess. And I don’t mean that she is evil as death is simply the other side of the coin to life…a theme that is prevalent throughout ASOIAF. I simply mean that Dany is the force of nature that is death. It’s what Quaithe meant when she told Dany, “remember who you are; your dragons know, do you?” The dragons represent death and Dany is the dragon that gave birth to death. She even dreams of being a dragon with wings bursting out of her back and she took to flight. In this same dream, she runs from an icy breath that is chasing her and she knows that if she looks back, it will mean death. Remember how I said that GRRM’s use of the 23rd Psalm was a tip to Dany being the goddess of death? Well I think the Asshai shadow reference is also to help us recognize another biblical reference when we see it—and that’s Dany’s red door. Most fans think that the red door represents sanctuary and happiness for Dany—and it does. However, I don’t think that’s the real metaphor George is going for. Like with his use of “shadow,” think of the earliest references to a red door in literature. If you’re still wondering, I’ll tell you. It’s the red door from the story of Exodus and Moses leading the Israelites out of slavery. As told in the story, the Lord inflicted 10 plagues on the Egyptians he attempted to make them let his people go. The first nine did not work. It was only after the tenth plague that the Egyptians freed the children of Israel. And what was the 10th plague? It was the killing of the first-born child of the Egyptians by the Angel of Death. But the Israelites had to be protected from this plague and so they were instructed to sacrifice a spring lamb and use it’s blood to mark the doorposts of their homes. This mark would allow the angel of death to know to pass over the first-born of the houses with the red mark of the lamb’s blood. And this was the first red door in literature. Think of Dany and her search for her red door. She tries and tries to remember its location but cannot. She chases it in her dreams but it usually disappears before she can reach it. She is always on the outside or the wrong side of the door. Now who like Dany is always on the outside of the red door in the Exodus story? Who is barred from entry? Why, it’s the angel of death! The one time Dany does reach her door (in the same dream I referenced above), she opens the door and sees an armored figure who she believes is her brother Rheghar. However, when she opens his helm, it is her face looking back at her; her heated face breathing fire and death. So as you can see, the only thing waiting for Dany behind her door of sanctuary is death. And that may indeed turn out to be the sanctuary that she’s been looking for all along. This could be what Quaithe means when she tells her “to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow.” In some manner, I think that Dany will have to visit the realm of the dead. And it very likely could be that final death that will help her “touch the light” and bring the dawn. Oh, and if the story has a death goddess then it must also have its opposite. And I’ll tell you who I think that is and why in another post.
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    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    I think that Sandor will probably show up in the story again but not in Vale. I think that part of Sandor's role in the story is to represent what Jon will be like when he returns. GRRM even gave him a name that ties into Jon. Wolf Hound anyone! As the Hound told Sansa, he enjoys killing. Jon before he is killed does not. However, there is a scene in ADWD where he thinks to himself, "food even taste better in Ghost," or words to that affect. I think that when he returns with the wolf now literally a part of him, killing will taste better as well. Just like Sandor.
  5. Stormy4400

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    But per Martin, the events in AFFC and ADWD are concurrent. Even if Jon's body is put into the icy cells as Bran's vision seems to indicate, there won't be a long period of time between when he dies and when he returns for a couple of reason. First, the Night Watch would never keep his body for a long period of time as their practice is to burn bodies right away...generally the next morning. Second, if Jon is left in Ghost for too long a period of time, he will take on too much of the traits of the direwolf and Jon still has to be the controlling personality to lead the fight for the dawn. At the most, I would think that his body remains in the crypts about two days. This means that if he leaves the wall and heads south after he returns as I suspect will be the case, he will be passing the Eyrie right about the time of the Tourney.
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    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    Hi everyone, Well, this is my first post on the forums. Like most everyone, I come to Westeros.org when I need to do some research on a subject or character from ASOIAF. I've been lurking on the forums but as it had been years since I first read the books, beginning with the publication of the first 20 years ago, I never felt comfortable posting. However, during the last year, I've been re-reading the books and have felt comfortable enough to start posting my comments online. As I mentioned, I've been lurking and reading the various threads and decided to make my first post in this one because as I was reading it, I thought that I would run across a particular analysis and as I didn't, I started to wonder if I was crazy...and maybe I am and it led to me deciding to de-lurk and ask a question. There were also a lot of pages to the thread and as I skip a few, it's possible that I missed what I expected to see, and in that case, apologies. The question I wanted to ask is does anyone else see the probability that GRRM is using the search for SR's Winged Knight Kingsguard as a reenactment of The Tourney of Harrenhal? Everything seems to be in place for it. You have Lyanna, the lady wolf in the form of Sansa; her betroth, Robert in the form of Harry (even down to him replicating Robert in the fathering of bastard children); the event is taking place in the Vale of Arryn where Robert was fostered and where he had his first bastard, Mya; you have a short in stature hedge knight in Ser Shadrich (although he is of a different moral character than Howland); And, I suspect that eventually, Brienne will end up in the Vale and will be representative of the "non" laughing knight. The only person missing is the Rheghar stand-in, which I believe will be Jon as it was hinted at in Sansa's last chapter in AFFC as she descended from the Eyrie and the wind was described as howling fiercely. "It sounds like a wolf, thought Sansa. A ghost wolf as big as mountains." To me, this hints at one of two things. The first option is that Ghost would be in the Eyrie and where there's Ghost, Jon is not far behind. Or the second possibility is that Ghost dies when Jon is brought back and it's symbolic Jon the ghost that Sansa is sensing in the mountains. Either way, I think that it's a safe bet that when Jon leaves the Wall as he no doubt will, he will head south passing the Eyrie and will probably participate in the Tourney after he recognizes Sansa. At some point both Jon and Sansa will have to go back to Winterfell but as the story left off, Stannis will be the one to take back Winterfell or at least attempt to do so. Since Winterfell is not currently an option for him, it makes sense that he would head south and end up at the Eyrie...especially as it's obvious that the Knights of the Vale and House Arryn have a major role to play in the endgame. So what does everyone think? Do you think this scenario as I outline could play out.