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  1. Gianna Dorenberg

    A season of Jons betrayal

    Nah, I would have much preferred another standard fantasy story. This wasn't even that. It was shitty and anything but satisfying. At least those standard fantasy stories are bittersweet at worst. This was a big pile of bitter.And it didn't even make a lick of sense.
  2. Gianna Dorenberg

    A season of Jons betrayal

    Jon should have killed Dany a LOOOOOOOONG time ago. Instead, he acted like a weak ass b***** all along. Just because she is the queen (she wasn't even chosen and Jon outranks her anyway so....) doesn't give her the right to demand someone not to tell their family who they really are. Especially if that someone is the heir to the iron throne. If anything, he is her king. That's between him and his family. He never betrayed her because he never went behind her back. That's what betrayal is. He was straight with Dany, told her what he was going to do and did it. If Dany had a problem with that, he would've ordered to execute Jon. But she didn't. So she can moan alll the wants, at the end of the day she knows she's wrong. Varys got killed because he went behind her back. That's betrayal. Dany just acted like an entitled little brat who wasn't even deserving of it anyway. Jon was. And Jons final line before he killed her ''You are my queen...now and always''. Almost made me throw up. Ugh. What a b****. Of course they F'd both of these characters up so badly. But based on what we got, it's sickening seeing the amount of Dany defenders. She is a mass murdering dictator, yet people still cheer her on. Disgusting really.
  3. Gianna Dorenberg

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    I came in this thread hoping for a fair critique of maybe the execution of how and why but instead I get one of the most shallow and childish critiques I've ever read. It's like watching that reaction of those dumb cosplay Dany girls crying that their fav mass murdering dictator got killed off. Maybe you should send a letter to GRRM and HBO asking them to pair your favorite mass murdering dictator with a character you'd be more OK with. Jesus christ.
  4. Gianna Dorenberg

    Daenerys should have supported Jon’s claim

    Oh my bad, I thought we were talking about ''How To Train Your Dragon''.
  5. Gianna Dorenberg

    Why Did the Show Turn on Jon?

    Your first paragraph makes little sense honestly. To parallel Jon ? Jon isn't like anyone else really. He isn't just ice like Arya or fire like Dany. He is both. So that parallel makes zero sense in this context. The Night King doesn't exist in the show just to be an opposite to Dany. Heck, Dany didn't even know of his existence till almost the last season. Neither did Arya. Jon was THE ONE that was the Night Kings opposite for almost the entire show. I repeat, FOR ALMOST THE ENTIRE SHOW. Not just the last season. Those 2 go waaaaaaaay back. Even Bran is more of an opposite to the NK than Dany. No matter how much people try to justify Arya killing the NK, it will never make sense. Greyworm would never allow it ? hahahahahaha. He has no say in this matter. Bran does. And Bran could have easily executed all the unsullied and Greyworm if he wanted to. I mean they willingly killed so many innocent people. Someone that speaks of punishment for crimes surely would be ok with that as well ? Unless they're a hypocrite. Greyworm isn't the heir to the iron throne. He has NO say in anything. I mean Arya could have executed him then and there. She could have easily wore his face and freed Jon. So many things could have happened that would have made more sense than pretending like Greyworm has a say in anything lol. FFS Tyrion, the one who was captured and was supposed to be killed, gets to chose the king lol, in front of Greyworm. I fucking HATE how they portrayed Jon this season. During the last episode, even after so many innocent people died in front of him by Dany, he was still sucking up like a little emo bitch (excuse my language). I wanted to throw my drink at the screen for the way they have portrayed him this season. Such a weak B****. Aggravating. I wanted him to go OFF on not just Dany but Greyworm and the rest as well. Even Tyrion showed more guts ffs. What stops Jon from hopping on Drogon and killing all of Danys armies really ? Drogon wouldn't have mind. Not like Jon would've been murdering innocent people. All of those soldiers are monsters for willingly enjoying and killing innocent children and women. Just thinking about the moments where Arya sneaks up on Jon and Jon says, she is our queen UGHHHH !!! Then when he talks with Tyrion and he defends Dany UGGGGGGGGHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then when he confronts Dany and cries like a little weak ass b1tch. UGGGGGHHHH !!!!!!
  6. Gianna Dorenberg

    Daenerys should have supported Jon’s claim

    You mean the dragons did all of the work. This part isn't directed to you btw just in general. I don't understand how people can defend her claim ''muh queen''. She is nothing without her dragons. Besides that, she is incredibly ignorant, incredibly entitled and would make for an awful ruler, zero knowledge about politics. Such a dangerous combo of bad traits. Even before they messed up the execution of her arc this season. Yet people were still cheering her to be worthy as the one to sit on the throne. Makes no sense.
  7. Gianna Dorenberg

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    Nah, i'm sorry. It's stupid. It's beyond stupid. It's just creating a nice scene without any regard for logic whatsoever. A dragon is just a monster that kills things, doesn't care a bit if it's an innocent child or an evil man. So to see him burn the throne was DUMB, DUMB, DUMB.
  8. Sorry if this is old news but I was browsing the news and read that GRRM actually is defending D&D. Really disappointed in GRRM as well if that's true.
  9. Gianna Dorenberg

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    Off topic but, why didn't Bran as the new king order the execution of the Unsullied ? They helped with the genocide of Kings Landing. They are guilty, and under the new ruler they should have been executed. How do they even, still, get a say in Jons sentence ? How ? He IS the heir to the iron throne. A lot of those really hurt my brain, didn't make a lick of sense. About Jons destiny...I'm just happy he had his little moment with Ghost. And I'm cool with him teaming up with his buddy Tormund. The whole sentenced to Nights Watch thing however, then ditching that, is grade A bs. Just dumb, dumb dumb.
  10. Gianna Dorenberg

    The Ending Was very conventional

    It's ironic that this was supposed to be more shocking and real in its ending compared to LOTR but it ended up being more cookie cutter lol. The evil ones died, the good ones almost all survived. Not only that, they get to live the perfect life, besides maybe Jon. So much for Brans tax policy eh.
  11. Gianna Dorenberg

    Arya the Explorer

    Time to change her name to Dora The Explorer.
  12. R+L=J. All the beautiful buildup, puzzling the pieces together and the satisfaction of that. All the importance of him being a Stark and a Targaryen, and all the epic directions they could have taken this. Instead, his Targaryen side was completely and utterly useless. It didn't even matter a tiny bit.A lot of TV shows would kill to have a foundation that strong, and D&D have completely shit on it, burned it down and pissed on it.
  13. They said the show had 3 big shocking WTF moments. We still had 1 to go and nothing in S8 was a WTF moment besides the horrible season. Was the last one the death of GOT ?
  14. So, they kill one of Dany's friends and she goes Hitler on every innocent child and woman. They kill Drogons mother, a fire breathing beast, and he does the most sensible thing of all the characters in this show and burns the throne and doesn't harm anyone else in that instance. The more you think about this show, the more IQ points you drop. And if you really love this season, congratulations, you never had any to lose anyway.
  15. Now our watch has ended. THANK GOD.