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  1. Jesus, the first few pages are such a cringefest. Hard to read. Just glad it's over now. Another poor episode but whatever. Wasn't expecting much. The only good part is the Ghost scene, I bet they put that in last minute because of the F up from episode 4 lol.
  2. Lol that ship has sailed a long time ago. I think many people stopped rooting or caring for any of these characters.
  3. Haha that's what I said about episode 3. And here we are .
  4. It really was. At first when the slow mo started and the camera was focused in on Arya's face I thought , maybe, maybe she had a fatal wound on her stomach area ? Not that it would've stopped her, but I assumed since this scene was the end of the episode, that there was something coming up, a cliffhanger, a big reveal or moment but nope. It really was a pointless scene. Like you said, trying to be artistic without any clear direction or substance. It was all just professor X sending Wolverine a magical uber. I'm sure Wolvie would have made it home without that magical uber. Nothing can stop this Wolvie.
  5. It's hard to feel immersed or entertained when 1 episode you see Dragons being incredibly underpowered and worthless and the next episode you see them incredibly overpowered and invincible. Can someone explain the ending of this episode ? Besides Bran sending a magical horse. Why did we get a 5 minute Arya slow mo scene that didn't really mean anything besides show the aftermath and her fear ? Wouldn't that have been way more impactful if it was Jon who was looking at the dead children and women in the aftermath to build up for whatever they're trying to do with the Targs next episode ? Yeah Jon had seen innocent die around him but it was fairly brief, a 5 min slow mo at the end from his perspective would have nailed the severity of their clash, much more. But whatever.
  6. Want a summary ? Don't think you'll get a better summary than this. ''Dragon burning things'' - The Episode. Seriously, what a boring and predictable episode. So many deaths, didn't care about a single one (well maybe Sandor a bit). Thought Arya died a couple times, but nope. Them Superpowers yo. WTF has Jon done really all season ? Except give that moronic look and be a submissive ''B''. Grow a spine Jon, ffs. Embarrassing King. Take some damn notes from Aragorn. I think this episode is worse than The Long Night....they pulled off the impossible. No decent fight, just the entire episode a CGI dragon burning things without running out of gas apparently, non stop for the entirity of the episode. The Dany going mad queen is sooooo forced and was so predictable from episode 4. All the leaks for this episode came true as well. Battle of the Bastards is still my fav battle episode, proper battles. This wasn't even a battle, just a girl on a dragon who won it all by herself. Just like episode 3.
  7. Late to the party...or more like funeral. I was expecting an awful episode, kept expectations very very low, wanted to like it. I really did. I can't rate it higher than 3/10. I really can't. - D&D not even giving 1 decent moment between Jon and Ghost. F those 2. That was the only part where I truly raged. - I always felt that Dany had a dark side to her, even if she is inherently a good person. Her change though, NOT EARNED. Too sudden, too out of character. If you want the transition to mad queen Dany, you can't just do that in 1 episode after 8 seasons of build up. It didn't feel earned to me. Dany isn't Cersei....never has been. She would make a bad ruler yeah, she is ignorant yeah. She is childlike almost in how she thinks and acts. BUT....she was never cunning, plotting. That's not her. When she was plotting right after they burned the bodies and she was fake smiling, setting up Gendry as lord, I just laughed at the absurd nature of how they have ruined Dany as a character. It's hard for me to believe that when she has never shown those qualities. - So Jon is not ok with incest. Called it. But the way Dany has behaved, and even Jon in that scene was so cringe. It's like two teenage kids begging haha. They simply could have copy pasted Aragorn-Eowyn scene. Would have been a million times better. When Jon started kissing Dany I was like ''oh ok guess he IS ok with incest, then a minute later he stops and suddenly ISN'T ok with incest lol). Such a cliche thing in movies haha. Either don't kiss her in the first place if you aren't ok, or go all the way. - I liked the Jamie scene, He summed up the awful things he did for her and that HE is finally, hateful just like her, towards her. Indicating that HE is the one going to kill her. One way or the other. - I laughed when they were burning the bodies lol. Sorry. I didn't feel it was earned. Jons speech, I thought was bad. - I really hated when they were all joyful and laughing and drinking, after they burned so many dead. And with another great war still lurking. I don't mind if they were happy, somewhat. But acting like they are on their prom lol. I wanted the dialogue to have some more weight to it. I liked the Hound scene most, it felt real. The Sansa moment with him was nice as well. Everything else felt so....out of place and again....not sincere. - Cutting off when Bran was about to tell Sansa and Arya Jons secret ? REALLY ? REALLY ? We didn't even see the aftermath of that from their perspective. Only Sansa, Sophie Turner, did a great job selling that secret. But she was supposed to keep it a secret, promised, and told the first person she met. WTF ??? And Arya is such a disappointment of a chracter. Robotic, boring, cliche. - When Rhaegal was shot down lol, so unrealistic. First they shoot him 3 times and all shots were perfect hits. You know how impossible it is to hit a flailing target sidways in the head from that distance, on sea, from that big of a crossbow ? But they hit all their shots. AND THEN...when Drogon was storming towards all the ships in a straight line and they all shot like a dozen of those arrows, all of them missed Drogon lol. Come on, at least be consistent with the impossible. - The Euron Cersei scenes were awful, as always. I really can't stand Cersei. Not as a villain but as a character. Missed opportunity there. Lena Headey is a terrific actress. Shame. - So...Cersei wants to kill Tyrion and Jamie, hires someone to kill them for him. Then Tyrion walks up to Cersei at KL and she decides to let him live ? WHAT ? I mean come on show...at least be consistent with your characters. Also...I'm fairly certain Cersei isn't pregnant. They gave that away, so obvious. - My biggest issue though...is when D&D write a scene and a character, they think in the moment. They don't seem to think ''ok how would current Jamie, Jon, Dany, Sansa behave in this scene ? Would the dialogue be in character ?''. So incoherent and a main reason why I do not care about any character really. I feel detached from every character I have loved. It's the result of awful and inconsistent writing. -
  8. As someone who never had a pet in his life....I feel the same. F D&D. Seriously. They're intentionally trying to piss off the fans. The worst part is that they keep teasing us by showing Ghost all of a sudden a few times then cutting away, totally disregarding him. At least don't let us get our hopes up. I hate D&D soooooo much. I don't give a rats ass about Sam, the coward. I wanted that moment with Ghost :(. Jon and Ghost have such a great connection and D&D have done such a wonderful job of ruining that, as they did with many other things as well.
  9. There's no comparison there as there's no NK in the books and it's unfinished anyway. I was talking about the movie version vs the show version. My point was, Sauron is The Night King and Saruman is Cersei in this context. It's like killing off Sauron first in ROTK and then focusing on Saruman. In this comparison, Cersei is Sauron and The Night King is Saruman. Or killing off Thanos in Avengers 1 and turns out Loki is the final villain in Endgame. None of those are really bad villains (though Cersei sits at the bottom of that list with the NK being a close 2nd, can't believe I would have ever thought I'd say this about a GOT villain). Less than 5% for GOT yeah, but it was less than 33% for LOTR in the context of Night King being Sauron (if Sauron had been killed off at the start). But that didn't happen did it. He was killed at the end of the entire saga with less than 15 min remaining out of 10+ hours which equates to less than 2.5% (with no villain left). Not that the numbers mean anything. I mean I can make an unfair comparison by saying ''Only 15 mins were left to the LOTR saga after the biggest threat had been eliminated and in GOT there is still 3+ hours left after the same''.My point was mostly about killing off years and years of buildup of the greatest thread to mankind ever (turns out what could have been one of the greatest villains ever is just one of the most cliche, awful, silly villains ever), and focusing the rest of 3+ hours on a lesser one that doesn't even compare. And in such a way that it's hard for anyone to believe Cersei can even be a threat considering how powerful Arya really is. Logic dictates, if Arya can kill the greatest threat to mankind ever, with such ease, you expect she could do the same to a alcohol queen and his pirate friend with ease as well. If they don't follow this obvious route, then it's another dumb plothole. But whatever, people will always keep defending the undefendable. I understand that people can passionately love things. But I wish fanboyism wasn't a thing.
  10. So much this. I understand opinions and all. If you enjoyed this episode, fair play. I've watched some awful shows and movies that I enjoyed but I still admit they're not good. And i'm not a particularly smart individual. But to give it a perfect score ?When the glaring faults of the episode are so obvious and impossible to defend. If anyone can defend Mauler's criticism of the episode, I'll pay you 1000 bucks right now. You simply can't because it's inexcusable. It's just objectively not great. Kind of like most Michael Bay movies, if not all. I have a nephew who loves Michael Bays Transformers movies, and it's made A LOT of money. I think he has horrible taste but at least he has the excuse of being a child. There's a lot of grown ups who like those type of movies, just nonsensical, cgi crapfest that has big action set pieces with no substance or a coherent storyline. You might like them and I can respect that but please don't say it's great. It really is not. Your baby comparison is on point. I feel like critics and reviewers of TV shows are less critical than movie critics. If this episode had released as a movie, it would sit on 35% rotten tomatoes max. So average of 4/10 max. Probably even lower. This is pretty much Xmen Origins Wolverine levels of bad (guess who wrote that one lol)
  11. Reducing the Night King to a subplot is like killing off Sauron and the evil hordes of Mordor halfway through the Lord of the Rings and devoting the other half to district elections in the Shire.
  12. Honestly, were the visuals really that good ? As someone who loves ''every frame a painting'', I thought the visuals and directing was a bit...disappointing. Darkness aside, there were way too many shaky cuts that took you out of it just as you were being immersed. Then we have the blizzard scene and that was where the shaky, cut style totally made you go ''I have no clue what's going on here''. Which is never a good thing. The only gorgeous visual point was when the dragons went above the clouds. The director had done some great stuff with Hardhome AND ESPECIALLY Battle of the Bastards. But I feel like trying to be the ''longest battle'' in tv and movie history kind of made them sacrifice a lot more in terms of directing. Battle of the Bastards was exceptional because the direction was on point, one long shot after the other, with a wide and steady view. It was exceptional. The Long Night is the exact opposite in every way. The worst part about the directing, was the constant shaky cuts bar none. It's like spinning your head around constantly trying to read a letter. The darkness made things even worse. Ironic that they always referred to Helms Deep but never once sat down and watched what it was that made Helms Deep really so good.
  13. Don't bother. IMDB is garbage when it comes to ratings. Plus GOT on FB has been deleting a lot of negative comments and criticism. I wouldn't hold it against them if they had anything to do with that as well.It's clear that there is a damage control going on with this episode.
  14. I think when he screamed at the dragon, that was Kitt Harrington just screaming out his frustration, at how the show has destroyed his character.
  15. Amazingly well done. And impossible to argue.
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