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  1. https://ew.com/tv/2019/05/17/george-r-r-martin-fire-and-blood-game-of-thrones-final-season/ What do you guys think of that article. Personally, I think its expertly showed that all the decisions made this year, with Dany, the conflict over the throne with Jon and his parentage, the reason why Scorpions worked on her other dragons but has yet to work on Drogon, is obviously based around GRRM's own writing and nothing else. The book they use for this is Fire & Blood pt. 1, the Reign and fall of The Targaryens. What about you guys, do you agree, that this article explained the decisions being made this final season and it all being based on Georges knowledge and writing, or are they reaching to defend this season?
  2. Dude are you serious? The show has made it clear over and over again that the North is like that towards ALL outsiders, hell Jon even says that to Daenaerys when their riding through the streets going toward Winterfell. Its not just her....So thats some what of a moot point, the Northerners not being trustworthy of Outsiders isnt a reflection of Daenaenarys being a barbarian or feeling shes barbaric based on what shes done. Thats just how the North is, untrusting of outsiders. In the case of Sansa and some of the other liege lords who were around when Rickard went to Kings Landing, they dont dislike Dany because shes barbaric. They arent fond of her strictly because of who her father is, and fearing she'd be going down the same path.
  3. Its funny because some people seem to be thinking abut modern times only. In a medieval world, which ASOIAF is also based on, an attack on your allies or "liege lords" is an attack on you. People should know this by now, but think some strictly avoid it for the sake of arguing.
  4. Thats Cersei and the Tarlys. Its clear why they refer to Daenerys as being barbaric, and thats because of her house name, and Daenaerys actually becoming a threat. Cersei & The Tarlys aren't good examples of Dany being barbaric, and thats all you hear it from. And Cersei can't say a damn thing. She burned innocents alive, along with her enemies of the faith and Margaery Tyrell, in the Great Sept atop Aegons hill, using wildfire, if you think Daenaerys is barbaric based off the words of her enemies like Cersei, then what does that make Cersei? Surely she's a lot more barbaric than Daenaerys has yet to show.
  5. Yes, AFTER HE DID IT TO HIS OWN DAUGHTER. Not because they thought burning wasnt a clean death, he lost majority of his army for the fact that he did it to his daughter. Not because he was doing it period, but because he did it to his daughter. I think that was always quite clear.
  6. Not that I recall. After he torched Harrenhal and killed Harren and his sons, pretty much all the riverlords, except those who plead loyalty to Argilac, gave Aegon an oath of fealty, which means they bent the knee to Aegon, essentially.
  7. I was about to say that too, how is a hanging a clean death for anyone?
  8. But Stannis did it all the time, and certain Westerosi houses were still willing to back him..Whats the difference?
  9. Yea, thats not what I was getting at at all, but nice assumption. House Tarly still exists through Sam. One would have to assume his mother is still alive, and she'd be the lady of the household. But again, with Sam being among the male line, the House still exists through him...And I personally wouldnt show much care, toward an individual who would care less if I died or not, especially if it's my own father..The thing is, Sam grew up in a world where war, treachery, and all things like it play a dominant role, Daenaerys told him she offered for them to keep their lives by bending the knee, its not like she just killed the two out of spite. It was a war, they lost and refused to become liege lords to a Targaryen queen. Whether its the novels or the show, we know that happens almost after every war, the Houses who fought for the losing side, in the end would switch over. Sam is aware of all of this, he knows when it comes to war there is a winner and a loser, and the losers in most cases in Westeros become casualties of said war. That's simply just how it goes, one would have to think someone growing up in the midst of all that, would perhaps be more understanding to the way his world is. Thats all I'm saying, in a world like the Seven Kingdoms, its simply a bit unrealistic to expect your no-good (towards you) father, and brother to be spared after refusing to bend the knee to the victorious.
  10. LOL! @ Jon having sexual relationship with his aunt the wholetime. And can someone explain to me, why Sam got upset and most likely wont look at Daenaerys in a courteous manner, because she burned his father and brother to ashe? Like, his dad definitely showed no love to Sam and banished him from his own home. His brother was a bit more tolerable but his brother had this undying sense of loyalty toward his father, that he simply went along with every decision his father would make. And Sam knows Daenaerys is a queen and cant accept anything less than her enemies bending the knee. He's fully aware Daenaerys offered his father and brother a chance to live, but they both flat out refused it, What else was she supposed to, as a queen. Sparing enemies in that world is not an option. Sam should be fully aware of this, still he was about to cry and complained to Jon like ""youre a king, would you have spared him?" I swear sometimes I sincerely depise Sams character.
  11. Why does Arya go down the stairs and out through the sewers when shes under the Red Keep, when Varys and Illyrio walk past, when its quite obvious she's thin and flat-chested enough to squeeze through the bars? I know thats how it is in the books, but it kinda kills the Immersion as far as the show goes. And was it ever said by George RR or Weiss & Benioff , why they changed it from Jon & Ghost finding the dragonglass and the nights watch cloak it came with, to Grenn, Edd & Sam?
  12. Saw Ser Jorah in that Resident Evil movie for the five minutes I watched it, up until he gets his hand cut off by the main character chick.
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