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  1. I guess the previous 3ER lived long because he was half-tree/half-man. Bran isn't. Sansa's justification for independance was weak indeed, she could just have said : Torrhen bent the knee 300 years ago because of dragons, last one is gone, so we go back to previous state.
  2. Because when Bran dies, next king woudn't probably be a Stark, but North would remain independant no matter what.
  3. 9 for me, a good finale for this show. My only problem is that if i had to rate the entire season, it will be far less than each individual episode. (except 4th which i didn't like). It was too rushed, so important twists like Dany "madness" and Jaime's arc were not explained enough. (at all ?). Introduicing the unknown people who choosed the new king would have been cool too. Last i feel sad for shippers, because Sam and Gilly apart, all surviving characters are alone when the story ends.
  4. So, Jon knows nothing, and now he does nothing. And if you are friend with a Stark kid and he or she thanks you, you're about to die. Mad queen happened, i'm not really surprised, 2 or 3 more episodes would have been better to make that more believable. The only thing that's really bother me so far is the conclusion of Jaime's arc. I don't buy it.
  5. 4 for me, I liked the 3 first episodes, but not this one. + : The beginning (specially the Starks pin for Theon), Sandor's scenes with the sisters, fiercest "Dracarys" ever by Missandei, Lord Gendry - : Too many teleportations once again, dragons unable to fly high enough to spot an ennemy fleet, Cersei not wiping the small Dany troop at the end, no one wondering how a young women was able to kill the NK, Jaime leaving (whatever he really wants ro do), Bronn scene; lack of subtility showing Dany is changing.
  6. Who will use Heartsbane in the fight against WW ? Sam will certainly not, and it would be a waste to leave the only 2-handed valyrian sword (Longclaw, Oathkeeper are bastard swords) in its sheath. Jorah could be the best choice, or maybe Sandor. Anyone else ?
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