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  1. Why on earth would Cersei want to send her son to manage some barren island who happens to be a Targ Loyalist stronghold? Considering his arrogance and his ineptness then rest assured that the dragonislanders would have him killed by the end of the month. So the answer to OP’s question is….she loved her son What I do find fascinating is why she didn’t push Robert to incorporate the crownlands with the Stormlands. As a Baratheon king, Robert had the rightful claim over both and so would Joffrey once Robert dies. Such scenario would have kept Stannis happy as he would end up better off to Renly, it would have provided the crownlands with a decent army and it would have provided the stormlands with a decent economy.
  2. Robert sat on a mountain of debt. A big chunk of it happened to be owned by Cersei's father. If Robert decided to get rid of Cersei then many will be wondering if this was some sort of excuse to provoke Tywin into rebellion to then strip him away from his land and title. That would be quite convenient for the crown as it would automatically annul its debt with that particular house.That’s food for thought for any rich house in Westeros. Will they be the next ones to end up victims of this devious trick? The Tyrells happen to be the second richest house in Westeros. The reach has been allied with the Lannisters before and has a mutual interest in making sure that the king doesn’t shy away from his obligation. Same thing can be said about the Iron Bank whose got endless funds. Considering that the beggar king is busy selling his sister to some Dothraki warlord in exchange of a 40k army then he might be an option to make sure that someone stable sits on the IT. The Lannisters can’t win against Robert’s joint army. However the scenario will change if Viserys returns to Westeros with 40k Dothraki screamers, the GC + he can rely on Lannister, Tyrell and possibly Greyjoy (who are pissed off with Robert/Ned) and Frey support. The beggar king will probably forgive the Tywin’s KL ‘incident’ if that means adding an extra 30k-40k army to his lot. Renly’s plan was to ensure the Reach’s allegiance which in turn would strip Tywin from a potentially powerful ally. As the queen maker his influence over Robert and the Tyrells would have grown exponentially. Since Sansa had been disgraced by this incident (ie she nearly married a bastard), he would have probably offer to marrying her himself which will further increase his influence over the Starks, the Tullys, the Arryns and court. That immense influence will probably be enough to convince his old brother to handle CR to Robert’s new brother in law Loras Tyrell which will further increase the Tyrell gratitude towards Renly and the young stag’s influence over the queen. In few words Renly would end up the second most powerful person in Westeros.
  3. Tommen would of course have to accept the Lannister surname. However, he would be a Baratheon at heart and Joffrey's brother
  4. Darken

    How easy kill Dragon ?

    a- Send faceless men to kill the dragonriders b- use wargs to try and control dragons might work too
  5. Darken

    What if Robert hadn't died?

    Robert is described by Ned as someone whose got quite a temper. However, there’s very little to back that up. a- Robert kept his cool when Rhaegar crowned Lyanna at Harrenhal b- He kept his cool when Lyanna was kidnapped c- He kept his cool when his supposed future brother in law and future father in law were killed d- He kept his cool up until Aerys gave him no choice but to rebel e- He forgiven most of his enemies (including Barristan the Bold who probably butchered quite a long list of rebels before being taken down) f- He forgiven Balon who rebelled g- He kept his cool when Joffrey got attacked by Ned’s direwolf h- He kept his cool when Gregor Clegane got feral and first assaulted Loras and then clashed swords with the hound So if he survived the boar attack then I can’t see him going berserk against Cersei a- Because Ned’s proof is weak. Cersei is blonde so there was a good chance that her children would inherit her traits b- The Starks and the Lannisters were in some sort of cold war. Ned never really forgiven the kinslayer’s action, his wife has just kidnapped Tyrion and the Starks has been firing all sort of accusations against the Lannisters (including trying to kill Bran) c- By accepting the Starks POV, Robert would have to admit that his wife and his bodyguard have been taking him for a ride for years without him even noticing. That must be pretty tough for a warrior king to admit. It would also mean that he’ll probably have to go to war with the very house who had lent him so much money throughout the years which will sound a horrible thing to do (is Robert doing it to get away from his financial commitments?). Not to forget that he will probably have to go tough against innocents whom he believed to be his own children. The best Ned could achieve was a trial. If that happened then the Lannisters would opt for a trial by combat which would put Ned against either Jamie or the Mountain. That means that Ned would probably lose.
  6. I don't think he would have achieved. Which means Margaery would probably marry Renly.
  7. Darken

    Why are the Essosi so militarily incompetent?

    In the real world the Dothraki doesn't really make sense. They would if they were expert mounted archers who used hit and run tactics but not the way GRRM potrays them. However as said in a previous post, this is not the real world. If it was then swords would have given way to armour piercing weapons such as maces and warhammers.
  8. Robert never wanted to the king and politics gave him headaches. However in my opinion he was a decent king a- He survived Cersei for many many years. That’s quite significant considering that whoever had contact with Cersei ended up badly. Jamie lost his inheritance, Robert ended up being cuckolded, a decision that lead to the war of 5 kings and her irrational hatred towards Tyrion lead to the loss of two of the most brilliant minds the Lannisters had at its disposal. By the end of the books the relationship between Tyrell and Lannister had been strained, the Faith Militants are on the loose, Lancel had lost his mind while Joffrey and Kevan had lost their lives. Kudos for Bob for being able to contain this force of nature for such a long period of time. b- He left a huge amount of debt behind but the man had a plan. With Tywin stripped from his heir, the old lion had little choice but to appoint Tommen BARATHEON as his heir. Surely he couldn’t let Lancel become Lord of CR. Meanwhile Stannis held Dragonstone, Renly held the Stormlands and was set to marry Margaery Tyrell and Joffrey was soon going to marry Sansa who was Ned’s daughter, Hoster’s granddaughter and Sweet Robin’s cousin. In 1 generation the Baratheons became the ruling family, with one of their brethren set to rule CR and whose family was married off to the majority of all powerful families in Westeros. Bob’s two biggest mistakes were a- Not to micromanage Cersei. b- To bring Ned to KL. The guy might have been a loyal friend and decent general but he had absolutely no idea of how politics work
  9. Darken

    Why are the Essosi so militarily incompetent?

    A- GRRM’s world is similar to the real world but it’s still a fantasy. That explains the high use of swords in a world were full plate armour is quite in vogue. In the medieval world, swords were mostly used as a sidearm in exchange to war piercing weapons such as maces and warhammers. Alternatively flexible weapons that gave the user plenty of reach (ex harberds and poleaxes) were used. In such circumstances we can say that the advantage between heavy infantry and light infantry (ex the Dothraki or the Unsullied) isn’t that huge. B- The GRRM’s world is hugely set in an early medieval mindset. Sure the highborn would have top of the range armour but their army will be mostly made up of poorly trained and poorly motivated peasants who are dragged into their liege lords wars. These people stand no chance against professional armies such as the GC, the Dothraki or the Unsullied. C- Full Plate armour doesn’t turn a knight into superman. Heavy cavalry/infantry is often slow and easy target to armour piercing arrows + fighting with full plate armour in very hot conditions is an absolute nightmare. The English just love to mention the battle of Agincourt where the French crème were ripped into pieces mostly thanks to the Brits longbowmen. There again, the same result could be achieved by less trained soldiers (ex Battle of the Golden Spurs). D- The likes of Ned, Robert, Tywin and co are decent generals but they are nowhere near to true tactician masters such as the likes of Charlemagne or Genghis Khan. The former might win wars against an enemy that pretty much fight their own way. I can’t see Ned going toe to toe against a huge army which fight so differently to his own style. E- Essos (and particularly Braavos) are extremely wealthy and fiercely independent. They can raise an enormous fleet which would smash the Westerosi fleet at sea and disrupt supply lines between Essos and Westeros. They are quite versed in the art of bribery which means that soon enough 1-2 LPs will be offered the iron throne or wealth beyond measure in exchange of them betraying the invading the king. Huge armies can be raised and the faceless men will make a massacre of any invading sovereign. F- Essos is well versed in the art of magic. From the red priests and priestesses who can resurrect people and use shadows to assassin people right to the citizens of Asshai, you wouldn’t want to cross that path.
  10. Darken

    Why the Others Must Not Be Merely Evil

    What's evil about the others? a- They resurrect people who are killed by others b- they work as a unit. No backstabbing, no hatred, no lust for power, no torture. c- they can keep to their side of the bargain (ex Craster) Sure they are fighting the living. There again we don't know who started the war in the first place. Also note that they have mostly stayed at the northern side of the wall up until their friend Craster was killed by a 'Southerner' In my opinion the Others are the unconventional peace keepers . Their agression forces enemies to set aside their quabbles and fight them (first men and the children of the forest and potentially Starks, Targs and Lannisters). If the latter don't come to an agreement.....well they deserve to be erased from the first of the earth.
  11. Darken

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Perfect Day - Louis Reed Id like to teach the world to sing Ain't heavy he's my brother - the Hollies
  12. Darken

    "I never thought he'd hurt them"

    I find Tywin’s and Aery’s interaction during Robert’s rebellion fascinating. After years of humiliation you would expect the lion to get his son out of KL and then march alongside Robert to get rid of the mad king. His 30k troops would have upset the balance of war and turned an unlucky victory into a homerun. Instead Tywin stayed neutral, holed in CR surrounded by his men. What benefits does such stance had? If Aerys won then he would remember Tywin’s inaction. If Robert won then the stag would certainly not keep Tywin in his good books unless the lion does something crazy to justify his position. So why did he acted that way? Same thing can be said about the mad king. He goes into great extent to threaten the Martells with Elia but he shy away from doing the same with his old hand. Why is the case? Unlike the lions, the Martell has a vested interest to see Aerys win the war. Elia was Rhaegar’s queen and Aegon was his heir. Yet Aerys, ended up throwing the book to them while cuddling the Lannisters. The man who was terrified of blades kept Jamie at his side and when Tywin marched to KL he opened the gates. That doesn’t make sense right? Which really makes me wonder, whether Tywin was working with Aerys after all. Here is my take. Rhaegar’s army was 40k strong. Robert’s army was slightly smaller but far more experienced in battle. Once the two forces met in battle, its only fair to think that the two armies would suffer heavy casualties. The rebels were playing at home which means that the battle of the trident might not be the end of it all and that they would have probably find refuge inside one of the Riverlands castles. That means that Rhaegar’s army would have to siege and storm the castle + send men to close the Vale and the Northern borders just in case Ned/Jon try to escape. Tywin’s army during KL sacking was around 12k strong but we all know that the Lannisters could raise more than that. If Tywin wanted he could march a 20k-30k army + 4k Frey men to battlefield. That could easily take Rhaegar by surprise, destroying him completely. The crown prince would be brought to KL in chains as a traitor (ie Harrenhal and all) alongside the Starks, the Arryns and the Baratheons. What a glorious day that would be especially since it would be followed by marriage between the restored Hand of the King’s daughter and Aerys new heir, Viserys Targeryan. That would explain why Aerys was so eager to allow Tywin in despite the lion stayed neutral throughout the entire war. Of course that never happened. Rhaegar lost at the Trident. Robert was quick in turning enemies into friends + the Greyjoys joined in before Tywin was able to raise an army big enough to destroy him. That sealed the Targeryan fate right? Hmm not really. Prior to the sacking of KL Lyanna was still alive and favourite to marry the new King. From Jamie, Tywin probably knew that Lyanna was not in KL and was probably surrounded by Rhaegar’s men. Not to forget that there was still Targeryans roaming around, 3 of which female (Danny, Rhaella and Rhaenys). The fact that Robert had a policy of forgiving his enemies + all his remaining enemies (bar Aerys) were women and children had complicated things. Especially since killing them would equal to kinslaying. Rhaella was in fact Robert’s first cousin. Considering that the Baratheon has quite a history of marrying their defeated enemies daughters only to inherit their title as rightful heirs was well known. That means that Cersei was possible 4th in the line in becoming queen. What could Tywin possibly do to scare the Targeryan off into exile + push the Targ loyalists guarding Lyanna to take their revenge on her?
  13. Darken

    "I never thought he'd hurt them"

    Jamie is the most ‘family man’ out of all the Lannisters. He builds a good relationship with Tyrion even though its not quite the most popular thing to do in CR. He renounces to his claim to CR dismay because Cersei wanted him to do so. He then breaks his vows to defend his father which earned him the title of Kinslayer. He ends up having a long term relationship with his own sister despite the fact that it could get him killed and after Tyrion’s trial he frees the imp Such blind loyalty towards them is often taken for granted. For example Tyrion was absolutely certain that Jamie would march to the Vale to defend his cause even though a trial by combat puts Jamie’s life on the line. Same thing, with Tywin who never even tried to defend his honour even though Jamie killed Aerys to defend him Unfortunately the Lannisters are so self centered and divided that its almost impossible to help one without hindering the other. By renouncing to his claim to CR he hurt the Lannister’s dynasty a great deal, same thing can be said when he released Tyrion from certain death. In my opinion the boy needs to finally become a man and start doing what is right rather then what his family asks from him.
  14. Darken

    What was Mance's original plan?

    The NW can't be negotiated with. They are the freefolk's enemies after all. However, the Starks aren't that bad. In the past Starks and Freefolk had fought side by side so its possible to negotiate something with them. Mance should have known that Ned is a honourable man who would do his very best to save innocent lives. All Mance needed was proof. He should have taken a zombie at the right side of the wall and to Winterfell. Once Ned acknowledges the threat then I can see him putting pressure on both Robert and the NW to allow the freefolk access to the South.
  15. Darken

    Who will be accused for Kevan's and Pycelle's death?

    The Tyrells wouldn't care less, they weren't their men. The Lannisters on the other hand will blame the Tyrells. Cersei will probably try to lure Tarly to turn against the Tyrells in exchange for the LP of the Reach.