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  1. Gendry doesn't have the education or temperament to rule the Stormlands. He'd be as bad as Tytos Lannister was in the Westerlands, be taken advantage of for his naivety, and whoever sits on the Iron Throne would have to send armies to clean up his messes the way Aegon V had to for Tytos. I'm sure there are trueborn fifth cousins a few times removed somewhere to take Storm's End. The Tyrells were also a big family over the centuries. There has to be a few minor ones to reclaim Highgarden. Same with the Martells. Remember that big book Ned learned the truth about Cersei's kids in. That thing doesn't exist for nothing. It's there to keep inheritances straight in case of catastrophe.
  2. aeverett

    [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    Yeah. I see the same although I think to make the point that he's completely committed to her and not Cersei, Jamie will die in Brienne's arms. My hope is that she has a little lion cub in the oven by then, so it's not a total loss for her.
  3. aeverett

    What is the role of Gendry?

    From a political POV, legitimizing Gendry would be a VERY dumb move. Anyone who doesn't like House Targaryen could use the Baratheon claim to the Iron Throne to mount a rebellion somewhere down the line, even if Gendry refutes he has any right to it. Dany is far too politically savy to do that, unless, as I suspect, she marries Gendry to unify the only two remaining, legitimate claims. She may love Jon Snow, but if he doesn't survive, as a queen she'll need a consort, and I believe she and Gendry would get along, even if there was no love there. If GoT is based on the War of the Roses, that would be how things go. Henry Tudor's claim was weak; Elizabeth of York's was much stronger, but she was a woman. They started the Tudor dynasty, and England didn't have another civil war for centuries. It was a political move, but they grew to love each other, much the same way that Ned and Catelyn Stark fell in love.