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    What is the role of Gendry?

    Some people keep saying that, but I do not think so, it would be the same as watching the "The White Queen" or "The White Princess" again, but with dragons, magic, zombies ... So despite that ASoIaF is inspired, among other things, in "The Wars of the Roses" and "The Lord of the Rings ", I do not think that GRRM and HBO want to repeat the same endings of them, because this would remove some of the story's originality and mystery. So, it could take some political things from "The Wars of the Roses" and some other things from other stories but its ending will not be the same in any way. I particularity think that the show and the books will transcend the "The Wars of the Roses" stage (the show almost did), because of the new common enemy of all human realms, taking end with Cersei's and Euron's final acts. And finally, after "The Great War", they will bring us a completely new world . Everything that has happened or will happen in ASoIaF books and on Game of Thrones TV series is for a reason and I'm sure it will surprise us very much. Everything they have suffered will not be in vain. but still the end will be bittersweet ...