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  1. JesseKerkhof

    The reveal of Jon's parentage

    It is also speculated that Rhaegar's Harp is in Lyanna's tomb, so if you put 2 and 2 together....
  2. JesseKerkhof

    The Most Disappointing ending.

    Damn, you're right.
  3. JesseKerkhof

    The Most Disappointing ending.

    The only main asoiaf book that will come after The Winds of Winter is A Dream of Spring.
  4. JesseKerkhof

    The Most Disappointing ending.

    So, I had a weid thought cross my mind, I was under the influence and I was thinking about the planet that Westeros, Ulthos, Sothoryos, and Essos were on. My thought was that the planet on wich Westeros etc. was based, was actually in our universe. And that the story would end with humans travelling to it and defeating the Others with modern day weapons, yeah, pretty disappointing. So, what are your thoughts, what would be the most disappointing endind for A Song of Ice and Fire?
  5. JesseKerkhof

    Bran's ADWD vision's in the Wiki

    So, in ADWD, when Bran is tripping balls and such, when he gets the vision of his father, he technically appears in the chapter doesn't he? So, my problem is, in the wiki, it states that Eddard only gets mentioned in ADWD, while in this Bran chapter, he clearly appears. I'm not sure if the wiki is wrong or I'm wrong. (Most probably the latter.) Feel free to elaborate/ prove me wrong!
  6. JesseKerkhof

    What if Aegon didn't conquer Westeros?

    My guess is that someone else conquers it, keep in mind The Ironborn have already conquered all of the Iron Islands and the Riverlands and stuff like that. I doubt there will still be 7 kings after 300 years.