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  1. Jekse

    Are you the Forum Owner?

    1. Jekse


      thanks for the quick reply ! 

  2. Jekse

    what happened to margaery?

    Might be a better idea to use the ''Small Questions'' thread next time
  3. Jekse

    POV number of chapters prediction.

    Do you have a source to confirm?
  4. Jekse

    POV number of chapters prediction.

    To be honest I don't think Bran is going to get a POV in TWoW, if he does, not more than one or two chapters, it would simply reveal too much
  5. What make's you think that? Joffrey knighted a lot of people after the Battle of the Blackwater. @The Sunland Lord Thank you
  6. That is what I meant, thanks for pointing it out, I edited it.
  7. On the Wiki; ''Any knight can make a knight. However, kings can make knights as well, even if they were never knighted themselves. On the other hand, Lord cannot dub someone a knight if they have not previously been knighted themselves'' This means Ned/Eddard isn't allowed to knight someone.
  8. Jekse

    Small Questions v. 10105

    What's the difference between the Book of Swords parts, are the stories connected? Or Can you read the two parts seperately?