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  1. I said nothing about why Barry was added in Meereen, and you're just repeating my point about why he was added as a POV.
  2. I think he will either die off-screen soon after Barristan II or in POV in Barry III. Banners get confused, no clear military hierarchy and him giving 2nd in command to a reckless amateur. Also I don't really see him doing anything much important in the story, keep in mind he was added as an afterthought-POV because GRRM needed someone on the inside of Meereen at the end of Dance
  3. Man the battle of Meereen has so many permutations, moving forces and possibilities it's super difficult to predict anything really. It's also true that all our POV's are on the west side of the battle, anything could happen on the east side, like Lhazareen joining out of nowhere for instance. All I'm really expecting is Dany to lose at least one of her dragons to either Victarion of Quentyn if he's still alive, thus starting a cold-war like standoff. And Barristan dies for sure.
  4. Could you elaborate? I've never heard of this, unless you're referring to the Dance samples that were changed in the final product.
  5. The vague number he gives means nothing when we consider that it has been ten years since the last book came out. He's returned to doing this for almost a year now; which makes me thing he didn't write anything from 2016-2020, when he didn't give any updates. We know virtually nothing about the progress of WINDS except for the 2013 interview where he said he was about a quarter of the way done. I just wish he'd be more clear about things and how far he is.
  6. I think he had about 80% done. But is unhappy with how it turned out and now he's constantly re-writing
  7. No, but you said the exact same thing as him.
  8. Did you get this from Preston Jacobs?
  9. Barristan wasn't there. The chapter we got gives us mutliple leads about the coup Skahaz is planning (referring to the descrepancies the Brazen Beasts suddenly show) and we learn that Gerris and archibald are up to something, which they don't communicate to Barristan in the Queen's Hand chapter. George R. R. Martin deciding to put in four Quentyn chapters in an already large story makes me think Quentyn still has a role to play in the future. I personally think the Quentyn story is an allegory about the young men sent off to die in Vietnam. Our author was an activist in the sixties and avoided the Vietnam draft by being a ''conscientious objector''.
  10. Our author wouldn't write five books portraying her as a good, amiable person just to have her snap and be evil. If he does do that, it would be in the same vein as building up Viserys as someone who has been made evil by all the begging he had to do, only for Barristan to say ''Yeah, he was just bad from the start lol''
  11. I posted about this in the first Winds of Winter July thread, most people believed that he came across a majour plot hole that required lots of rewriting.
  12. I share that feeling. I don't see what really could be changed from the sample chapters at this point. The chapter that we know of now are: alayne arianne I & II Tyrion I & II Barristan I & II Victarion Theon I Mercy and The Forsaken Really I don't see anything that would needed to be changed from the chapters of which we have a full transcript, except for Mors in the Theon chapter which I've written above ^ People say Mercy needs revising, but he'd been working on the Mercy chaptor for twelve years before publishing that one in 2014. I doubt he'd revisit that chapter for anything but fixing the mistakes in the text. On second thought, I do see him revisiting Mercy; in his blog post he wrote ''Some very old'', Mercy is the only chapter that we know of that wasn't taken from Dance to put in Winds, and he started working on it in 2002. The other thing I see him changing is in either Tyrion I, Barristan II or the latter part of the Victarion chapter, for these ones we've only gotten a fan summary. Really; him rewriting 10+ year old Battle of Fire chapters really seems quite bad. I know he doesn't write chronologically. But I really did not think he would still be working on fucking Mereen chapters in 2020.
  13. Something I would like to see changed from Theon I is Mors Umber going out of Stannis' camp to slow the Frey's down. It's an almost entirely useless plan that would barely slow the Frey's down. I had also suspected Mors of working with Hother and Manderly to betray Stannis, though the leaked asha chapter seems to have thrown a wrench in those plans.
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