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    I like the idea of getting a husky/german shepherd mix. The eyes of a husky are so gorgeous and I love the loyalty of a GS (not that huskies are disloyal). I've seen a few dogs with this mix and I love them straight away!
  2. OnceABolton

    Is the Universe infinite, a hypersphere, or something else?

    I know it's slightly off topic, but how can anyone seriously think that the Earth is flat nowadays? There is a surprising number of people holding on to this belief. I mean... it's literally the easiest thing to see a picture of the Earth from space: it's very round.
  3. OnceABolton

    What's it like where you live?

    I lived in South Africa for a while and it was great. It's super different to both the US and the UK and there were loads of pros and cons. Pros: - Amazing weather all year round. - A unique perspective on culture and a chance to learn about recent history. - Super cheap living costs. - Some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet. - The food is incredible. Cons: - Very limited infrastructure, especially internet. For example, I was reading about how to distrubute goods on an online store but there's absolutely no way that would fly in SA, more people just don't have access to the net. - The crime was pretty intense and you have to be watchful pretty much all the time. - There's a vast amount of poverty and it can be harrd to see if you're not used to it.
  4. I definitely thinks he wins against the Freys!
  5. OnceABolton

    Who is the Prosperous Shipowner?

    It definitely is not the Hound, that's for sure.
  6. OnceABolton

    Support for Rhaegar's Ghost

    I think there were still a large number of lords loyal to the Targareyens so it makes sense to use Dany's brother's memory as a rallying call.
  7. OnceABolton

    A Note on Population

    I mean that's more or less the same size as Europe at the time (in general), but keep in mind that it is fantasy and not a direct allegory of Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries.
  8. OnceABolton

    What If Cersei and Jaime Had Different Fathers?

    I think it's pretty unlikely. Especially since both Lannister twins look alike as well as the fact that Cersei has that prophecy to consider - which, as I'm sure everyone is awware of, will end with Jaime killing her.
  9. OnceABolton

    Twenty-One Years... Wow

    It's definitely a book that's aged spectacularly well!
  10. OnceABolton

    Sad News: Roy Dotrice Passed Away

    Ah he'll be missed for sure. Not only as a pyromancer but as one of the best narrators I've ever heard. RIP Roy.
  11. OnceABolton

    How did they know Rhaego was The Stallion Who Mounts The World?

    It was just a prophecy that they thought Dani and her child would fulfill. I believe it was the Dosh Khaleen who first proclaimed that Rhaego would be the Stalion the Mounts the World
  12. OnceABolton

    Jaime Lannister, a hypocrite and criminal?

    I think it's too early to judge Jaime completely. He's obviously don't some messed up things, but his redemption arc isn't over. There's still two more books in which his full redemption will unfold.
  13. OnceABolton

    Why didn't Arya add Jaime to her list?

    I think most of those on her list were those who were involved with the execution of her father. I don't think Jamie was part of that in any way.
  14. OnceABolton


    I'm not sure they have much of a point to be honest - I think they're just that, meainingless riddles.
  15. OnceABolton

    Who is the dumbest POV character?

    Quentyn Martell for sure. He tried to tame three dragons and got himself killed. I mean, I don't think it gets much more stupid than that.