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  1. Like a lot of other people have said, it was probably because Aerys provided him with a laundry list of requirements that no one could ever have hoped to meet. I like the notion that him coming back with a fool is a metaphor for the expedition itself. i.e. "Only a fool would want to marry into the Westerosi royal family".
  2. I suspect Cersei would have killed poor Margaery long before that point. Tommen is about the same age (if not a little younger) than Bran. If by some miracle Cersei were to retain power in the six or seven years it takes for Tommen to be up to even attempting to father children on his wife, she probably would want to discredit Margaery as soon as possible. Kill her, if she could. After all, Cersei really does become redundant the moment Marg starts delivering babies for her husband.
  3. Pretty much everything you said, I agree. My main point is that any impact Jon's age would have had are past issues that don't seem to have come up at any point. As you say, I had always imagined it would have been easier for Cat to process his presence if he had clearly been older than Robb. The fact she never did and, again as you say, Ned never profited off the notion that Jon was older indicates that Jon very likely was a visibly younger child that Robb. I wouldn't trust that rumour as a means of working out Jon's possible age because by the time these stories and rumours got around I imagine both Jon and Robb would have already been born and old enough that people could not tell a difference, if there was ever much to big with. True, Jon being there upset her because he represented a betrayal that she was forced to look at everyday. Besides, she always seemed more concerned about Jon growing up to get married and have true born children to contest with her potential grandchildren. The taint of bastardy doesn't outlast the bastard provided they marry and Jon is in a very good place to found his own house. She as good as thinks about how relieved she is that Jon is leaving for the Wall essentially because it means he will never have children, and is then upset at the idea on Robb naming Jon heir in his will because it is purposely to disinherit Sansa (and Arya through her being M;PD) and create that very risk for any child Robb may have in the future.
  4. I honestly don't think we can fairly guess which of the two boys was born first simply because we can't even really on the chapters in the book mentioning the characters' ages seeing as, from my understanding the chapters aren't chronological necessarily. Jon and Robb both turned fifteen in AGoT but we have never had another birthday officially mentioned for Jon thereafter. Obviously, he's turned sixteen now but he hasn't thought about it or remarked on it. Together with the fact that Robb and Jon's stories do not overlap at any point but are, in fact, very removed from one another we cannot stick either's events on a concrete timeline to determine which of them is older. Besides, it doesn't really matter. I have personally always seen Jon as being slightly younger than Robb but it makes no difference really; who cares if Jon is older? It changes nothing.
  5. Faera


    As always I am late to the party and typing up on something less practical than a computer (I hope you are proud, @Curled Finger! ). So, now that I have finished thinking too much about this except I decided to shared some thoughts. Firstly, Alysanne's "rainbow tour" of the North: Secondly, Silverwing...
  6. Faera

    Did Moat Cailin Have a Full-Time Garrison Pre-Conquest?

    The short answer is we don't know. There isn't really enough mentioned about the history of Moat Cailin for us to ascertain whether it was at any point at the time of the Conquest garrisoned at all times. There is mention that one strategy suggested to Torrhen Stark was that he fall back to Moat Cailin and make a final stand there, which wouldn't have been terribly effective considering the Targaryens had dragons that could just fly overhead. Earlier mentions of it refer simply to it being a strategic stronghold that was once controlled by the crannogmen, which they would man with other northern allies prior to them being conquered by Rickard the Laughing Wolf; it was a united North that then repelled the Andals from Moat Cailin. Bottom line is that we still don't know. However, given that during the reign of the Starks we know they were using Moat Cailin, which was utilised by the Marsh Kings and their crannogmen to repel any would-be invaders earlier than that, I would argue it is likely Moat Cailin was actively garrisoned during the years the North was an independent state. This probably all but ended when the Targaryens united the kingdoms, if not before. It depends on how frequently they needed to police the border. Ultimately, House Reed and their crannogmen do a fairly good job and keeping people out through guerrilla tactics and wars of attrition so it's probably been rare they had to get an entire posse into Moat Cailin. The lack of security on the border seems to be a recent development, hundreds of years rather than the thousands the North were using Moat Cailin. Perhaps the Dance of the Dragons might have been the last time the Starks had to actively pad out security but I'm only speculating. It might not have been necessary since party factions between the Blacks and Greens probably would have only been limited to minor skirmishes.
  7. Faera

    Can anyone PROVE that Varys is a eunuch?

    Aha, I see no reason to believe that Varys is a woman. Perhaps but that simply plays into the idea that Varys and Illyrio have both come up with cover stories. I really cannot think of a single moment where I thought for a brief moment where the idea occurred to me that Varys might either still be in tact or a woman.
  8. Faera

    Can anyone PROVE that Varys is a eunuch?

    I suppose there isn't any physical proof because we've never had any passage where another male character, say, caught a glimpse of him in a public bath and can confirm that he is in fact a eunuch. The reason I don't think he's lying about that is because the matter with which his parts were burned is clearly a horrific and painful memory of his backstory, how he was forced to sell what parts of him remained before he realised he could sell secrets and the mystery of the ritual the sorcerer performed using his manhood... Plus, I really don't see any narrative merit for it being revealed later down the line that Varys does, in fact, still have his penis.
  9. Hidden or secret identities are a big thing in this series and as much as I personally hate it, I think the following could be possible, from most to least likely. Jon Snow = Lyanna and Rhaegar's son, not Ned and Wylla's. Alleras "The Sphinx" = Sarella Sand The Gravedigger = Sandor Clegane Robert Strong = The Mountain, or at least the body of the Mountain and the head of someone else. Pate = Jaqen Richard Lonmouth = "Lem" Lemoncloak Young Griff = A Blackfyre pretender, Sera and Illyrio's son. The Hooded Man = Harwin Quaithe = Probably Sheira Seastar Ser Shadwich "The Mad Mouse" = Nobody in particular but the idea of him being a secret crannogman spy is cool. Septa Lemore = I actually like the idea of her being Tyene's mother or Malora Hightower "The Mad Maid". (I guess Ashara is possible too though I *hate* the Ashara theory because the lack of mention of her eyes would be horribly cheap to me.) Ser Bronn of the Blackwater = The last living son of House Reyne would be fun. Dario Naharis = At a massive stretch he could be Euron Greyjoy eventhoughIpersonallyreallyreallydontthinkheis. Some of these I'll concede are almost certainly true, others I think are just cute little theories that we fans came up with because we were bored and looking for the next WTF moment.
  10. Faera

    Why No Lord of the Causeway?

    Several reasons, I imagine. It is such a great strategic point for the North that it makes better sense to be kept a neutral fort rather than gifting it to one family. It is in the middle of marshy terrain that most people cannot navigate. It also cannot yield any produce or graze any animals. No income for any lord, no tax revenue for the Starks. No House could hope to repair it because they won't have any money! A toll would be a bad idea too because it runs the risk of annoying the other families both North and South if one family is pocketing any travellers coming by land, like House Frey do, not least because... Moat Cailin is in the Neck, the territory of the crannogmen. To put a non-crannogman as lord there, no matter who they are, runs the risk of upsetting the balance of power. It would be seen as an affront to House Reed, a principle house, de facto "gatekeepers" of the North and rulers of the Neck. Even if House Stark asked Howland Reed to give Moat Cailin to one of his own vassals, they are more likely to use it as it is now rather than set-up shop there full-time. Culturally, even in the days of the Marsh King, it seems Moat Cailin was used as a frontier for wars with the kingdoms in the south and not a permanent base of operations. Ultimately, Moat Cailin simply isn't a viable permanent residence for any lordship. It's not habitable for any long period of time and without income there is no means of any family fixing it up. There's no land to reap profit from, so, no means for a traditional lord to support themselves and a crannogman is unlikely to ever want to live there permanently.
  11. Faera

    Who was Tywin's heir?

    One of of the reasons Tywin was so keen to get Jaime released from the Kingsguard was because he never truly stopped thinking of him as his one, true heir. In reality, it is Tyrion as the eldest male non-affiliated with any order that prevents him from inheriting land but he made it clear that he didn't want him to be Lord of the Rock. Cersei is technically third in line because she is his daughter but he clearly doesn't have all that strong an opinion of her - and rightly so, seeing as she is a mitigating disaster. Ultimately the literal Lady of Casterly Rock as it stands now is Cersei because Jaime is still in the Kingsguard and Tyrion is on the run from the King's Justice. After her, it's Myrcella because Tommen, as King, can't inherit. Not without upset, anyway.
  12. Of all the families Ned could send Arya to, the Mormonts would be low on the list precisely because of their culture and non-traditional female roles, never mind Jorah's disgrace. It sends the wrong message to his other vassals. This is not a behaviour Ned would have wanted to encourage once Arya grew up. Teaching her to defend herself is a far-cry from condoning her as some sort of warrior. If Ned were to foster either Arya or Sansa with anyone, it would likely have been as part of a marriage deal. To send a son to be fostered elsewhere is to leave them in the care of is to hand them over pretty much until they reach the age of majority. With a girl, you are pretty much handing her over for an arranged marriage. Even if Ned were to arrange for them to simply gave a position under the wing of a Great House, likely under the wing of a Lady in her own right, without the notion of marriage on the mind Ned simply doesn't seem to have had much interest in fostering his children elsewhere. The fact that he did not foster Robb or even Jon (who Cat wanted him to send away) suggests that Ned didn't want to do it or had no clear intentions of doing it.
  13. Faera

    Did Renly plan to make Stannis his heir?

    No, I doubt it. The bottom line is that making Stannis is heir is a slap to the face that Stannis would not accept. He sees himself as the rightful heir (which he is technically) and probably thinks Renly should be grateful to be considered his heir. Moreover, Renly's own biggest supporters, the Tyrells, would likely insist he father children on Margaery. After all, there's no reason why Renly wouldn't have tried to have a child with Margaery in order to secure his own blood line - and I think there is an indication is that he was trying - there's nothing to suggest that he was infertile or Margaery is either.
  14. Faera

    Minor Characters And Their Endings

    Her best bet is if Tyrion's paternal instinct gets the better of him and he convinced Daenerys to prove Penny with a safe place to retire, or a brand new pig and doggie to continue her show with. Killing her would just be yet another thing for Tyrion to get guilty and depressed about. While I don't think Val herself will kill her, since she seems more concerned with keeping herself and Monster away from Shireen, she reflects the Free Folk's attitude to children with grey scale. If there is a fresh case of greyscale or an out break Grey Death at Wall, and if Jon is injured or "Ghosting" and this unable to keep them in line, the wildlings might panic and (wrongfully) blame Shireen even though it's more likely one of them brought it in themselves. No idea but I get the feeling she'll be fine. The most exciting thing that will happen to her and baby Aemon is if they end up in the boat to Meereen with Marwyn. Still, I think they'll have probably kicked her off the boat before leaving and it'll just be Maester Aemon's body that goes. Given that I'm pretty certain he is being wrongly set up by Skahaz for trying to poison Dany (and I'm not even sure the target was Dany), he is probably going to be killed by the Shavepates/Brazen Beasts, causing the pitfighters and moderates who actually prefer Hizdahr to turn on Barristan. Basically, his death will signal the complete balls up that Barristan has made of Dany's rule. Dead. Dead. Dead... That one will be lucky to outlive the first Melisandre chapter of TWoW. I foresee the rest of the NW, Queen's Guard and wildlings not hanging around with this one. At best, he'll be locked in the ice cells before Jon inevitably chops his head off himself. Otherwise that is a very dead little Pomegranate.
  15. Faera

    Dark Sister

    Probably. I was tired and on my phone at the time. Agreed. I really just don't see him leaving without it either. Weird...