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  1. I thought it would be inevitable D&D would pull out to avoid a bloodbath. Truth is though they will have to appear in public one day and when they do, there will be fans... waiting. Honestly, I could believe it is scheduling but it all seems too perfect for them to have pulled out at the 11th hour like this. Even if it is all perfectly innocent the wider fanbase will think they did it to escape the wrath or awkward questions. They'll probably get a lot of questions from people asking, "How does it feel that D&D opted to use you bless'd folks as human meat shields while they continue to hide in their bunker? "PS: You guys deserved better than the writing of S7 and 8."
  2. To me, the idea of someone like Bran being chosen as king at a Great Council isn't in itself a bad idea. The problem for me is that he did nothing to really earn the throne nor did the nobility have any reason to choose him over anyone else. At best, had Sansa not randomly decided "not to play", you could argue the North, Vale and Trident would choose him through nepotism... but the Reach, Dorne and Westerlands really have no reason to pick him at all. Had the Long Night actually affected the whole of Westeros and Bran had been instrumental in organising the plan to defeat the White Walkers thanks to his powers and, y'know, he was S6 Bran rather than that plank of wood they replaced him with... I can certainly see him being picked. But none of that happened so yes - it's stupid. Skynet Bran is the only Bran in the show. I hope to God that was just D&D's lazy means of getting Jon's heritage out there without Howland Reed's help and that Bran will remain Bran in the books. I can't imagine anything worse than what the show did to him.
  3. I reckon Arianne would probably do it off her own back even! Either way, in regards to "who will marry Aegon?" I'm pretty sure she will have that one in the bag. He'll take one look at her and it'll probably be a done deal. Not just because she's attractive either; their marriage would sure up the Dornish alliance and thus Aegon's credibility as Rhaegar and Elia's son. There are simply too many reasons for Aegon to pick Arianne as his queen over "three times married to men from the houses that murdered his mother and sister (and real!personna)" Margaery or "girl from disgraced house in the kingdom no one outside said kingdom cares about" Sansa. That doesn't mean I don't expect the Tyrells or LF to try and put them forward... but I reckon Aegon and Arianne will have already quickly married by the time they have a chance to react to his arrival. I kind of agree. Personally, I feel all this gearing up for him to marry Sansa/Alayne and become LP of the Vale of Arryn will just be one almighty damp squib. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he breaks his neck in the tourney while Sweetrobin just keeps on living even with LF trying to poison him. Heck, total tinfoil but imagine if someone slipped some sweetsleep into Harry's wine or something in a parallel to Robert and he dies in some freak accident due to his senses being dulled or something.
  4. It isn't really all that important because most of the other kingdoms won't notice the North is gone. Moreover the fact that Bran himself is a Stark and northerner makes Sansa's declaration of independance all the more laughable. Presumably going forward yes. The difference will be that any new laws Bran might pass in the south won't be put into effect in the north and vice versa. See the above - and I don't see that law, of all laws, being brought back. Besides, Ramsay was born even with the law against First Night. It was banned during the reign of King Jaeherys I and Queen Alysanne after all yet Roose did it and claims other lords do it too on the sly. So.... yeah. Tyrion pretty much made it clear that wouldn't be the case. The Wall seems to remain their own thing, likely independant from either Sansa or Bran's kingdoms. Just a glorified penal colony they both supply crooks to. Um, why? Bran's the one whose reproductive organs are up the pictures, not Sansa's. She gets married, has children and they take the Stark name. It is a bit silly. Frankly, I don't see an independant North lasting much further past Sansa's lifetime simply because she seems to be the only thing holding that clap-trap together. Even if she does have children (and yes, those children would undoubtedly be Starks since I don't see Sansa EVER agreeing to taking a spouse's name when she's clearly the more important person in the match), those children could be useless rulers, weak or cruel. Given how changable and unreliable the Northern lords were shown to be in the show-verse I feel Sansa's got a tough job ahead of her and she better train her successor properly because they are going to be dealing with an uphill battle that will take the next century or so to recover from. I don't *really* see the South wanting to retake the North though, as you say (and as I indicated above), no one will really miss them and they don't really provide much to the rest of the kingdoms aside from levies... and even then they were always the last ones to turn up to wars most of the time because it took so long for them to raise their banners and march to where the fight is at. Heck, if I were Bran with the resources of the south I'd cut the crap and tell Tyrion to maintain a standing army because feudalism is sooooo last century. Pragmatically, a loose union between all the kingdoms of Westeros makes more sense then one going off on their own to potentially cause trouble later with questions like "where is the border?"
  5. Daario? Daario... Daario... [gets handed some notes by underling] Oh, right. Dany's squeeze from seasons 4 to 6. Right. Now that you mention it... we thought it would have been pretty cool to... to do that Daario = Euron theory. Unfortunately, we only saw that reddit post after we wrote season 6. Q. Just what was the point in changing Jeyne Westerling into Talisa Maegyr given that the former is the daughter of a low-ranking bannerman of the Lannisters (whose patriarch is famed for killing disobedient vassals in brutal manners) political nobody while the latter's death arguably would have had more far-reaching political implications given she's a Volantine noble?
  6. Pretty much and then she could have then pardoned Jon for leaving the NW and made him her warden given that he's the military one of the two of them. Then, in the old days of thrones, Bran's appearance would have all the lords umming and ahhing because suddenly someone ahead of her in the succession has shown up alive.
  7. I agree to an extent. While I have endless issues with the lack of build up towards it due to how rushed the story was and how poorly executed Bran's transformation was, ultimately he is a better choice to rule than anyone simply on the basis that he is capable of seeing the bigger picture. He seemed perfectly happy to allow those on his council to govern the day-to-day rulings, only checking to make sure they have turned up and are doing their jobs properly - and they know he can still oversee them even when he's not in the room so he will catch them before they try to pull any politic intrigues. Yes, perhaps it does have a sense of "Big Brother is Watching" but... he's not really. Bran only seems to concern himself with the big players. In the end, he is the closest thing to the "philosopher king" Westeros can get. The point of the Dragon Pit council was to try and select someone among them to rule and, admittedly a little too easily, they agreed that someone who has that level of overseeing ability and impartiality was the best choice. This wasn't a perfect way to implement Bran as the King but I do see the logic and feel it is sound enough.
  8. I'm not sure either. Like others here though I imagine it would have been someone like Cersei or Melisandre who she might have originally been auditioning for. The pilot was an infamous failure when it was shown to the industry experts so D&D had to completely reshoot most of it, which took an extra year. That's why in some of the footage that was reused the Stark kids especially look noticeably younger. It is entirely likely that Tamzin simply was double-booked and couldn't commit to an unplanned reshoot and so had to leave the project. It didn't necessarily have anything to do with her in the role personally. I actually think she'd have made a very good Daenerys.
  9. Perfect! We also have to bear in mind that VS have changed hands a few times. Nightfall supposed was wielded by the Greyjoys at one point. Lady Forlorn fell into the hands of a Royce (I think?) briefly, though that wasn't itself a VS sword but an earlier LF it seems. Now, F&B have given us Orphan-Maker leaving House Roxton and finding itself in the hands of Unwin Peake. Bottom line, we cannot take for granted the names of certain swords being strictly associated with the Houses who hold them now.
  10. Challenge accepted, eh? Well, the character the twist involves need not actually be the dead character themselves -- merely that one of the characters involved was dead c. S5. I would probably argue that the twist he came up with would probably be in relation to a character not mentioned in that little list of the dead. Then again, I think he was just running off names to make a point. If it really is Lady Stoneheart, she has her fingers in a ton of pies - that plot line could connect to the Jaime/Brienne plot, the rest of the BwB, the Freys or even the Bolton plot in the North if she makes it that far north. Jojen Reed also died very quickly in the show while he's still alive in the books (and I reject Jojen Paste utterly!) A possible twist there might involve Bloodraven/3EC's connection to him, since he's the whole reason they went looking for the 3EC. The consequences of that would affect Bran-Meera-Hodor-etc. If it does have something to do with the Dothraki characters like Mago, Irri, Rakharo, etc. then it may have something to do with Khal Drogo's death or how Dany came to be sold to him of all people. Perhaps Drogo's death wasn't just Miri's murder but a conspiracy. A twist with the Qarthian characters like Xaro Xhoan Daxos or Pyat Pree actually stretches pretty far. The former would probably tie into Daenerys/Barristan's plot lines with the latter (since Qarth is now at war with Meereen) - the trapping of Xaro in his own safe was a MASSIVE change from Qarth in the books. With the latter, it'd probably relate to Euron's plot to "take over the world". They might also connect to Quaithe. I can't really see a big twist coming out of Pyp and Grenn though, if it does happen, it will probably be related to Jon and the inevitable mini war about to break out at the Wall over his (attempted) murder by Marsh. Queen Selyse, Princess Shireen and King Stannis probably would tie into the war in the North and/or the mutiny at the Wall. Since these three characters aren't together they aren't necessarily tied into the same storylines. Stannis's position right now ties into the Winterfell plot, which might stretch to Mance Rayder and his spearwives currently trapped there within. Princess Myrcella... maybe something to do with Doran Martell's plot.
  11. I doubt it but anything is possible, I suppose.
  12. In the books, Elia's Aegon (assuming he is not a pretender) -- there's no suggestion at all that he has any tie to Lyanna. Though I guess in the show he would probably be trying to pass himself off as Jon imposter? But that would hinge on the idea of people knowing about Rhaegar and Lyanna's baby. Either way, hiring someone of an age with Kit and Emilia would be perfectly valid for an Aegon casting since the characters would have been born within a year or so of each other.
  13. Still, given he is supposed to be Aegon Targaryen, son of Rhaegar and Elia... he is supposed to be older than Jon.
  14. He's about the same age as Emilia/Kit and co, right? Then no, seeing as Young Griff is supposed to be older than them both.
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