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  1. It is the funny thing with noble families. They had a lot of children because the infant mortality was so high - and yet having too many children is a burden because then you need to find them suitable spouses. The heir, the spare and a few peacekeepers. If you have too many sons then you end up with a load of unlanded lads who are hard to find decent wives for because they're unlikely to inherit anything, and too many daughters equals too many dowries. Leyton has a lot of children. Of them I believe Lynesse is one of the youngest (if not the youngest, I can't remember), which means that she's not all that great a catch for a ruling Lord. Jorah was of a suitable rank, had just won a notable victory in a tourney and had honored one of Leyton's lower-ranking daughters by naming her his Queen of Love and Beauty. Plus, in the greater scheme of things Jorah and Leyton aren't that different in the pecking order of Westerosi society and it's not like Leyton is a Great Lord or Lord Paramount. I don't think we'll ever see Lynesse as a character though her presence might be felt if she sends some assistance towards Oldtown, though I have hopes we'll see Malora.
  2. "Jenny of Oldstones, with flowers in her hair..." I have always imagined that is supposed to be part of the true chorus. The song is somewhat repetitive. It was nice when sung by David Portman, though. He had a lovely voice.
  3. Nope. We don't know whether he went home or stuck around the Riverlands, or even went elsewhere. He was on a mini adventure it sounds like so goodness knows what he got up to. Odds are we'll only find out once the shadow finally steps into the limelight.
  4. Faera

    So what was the third "oh shit" moment?

    If Jonsa were a thing in the books, they would have done it without question; if they'd have included Val and the Alayne-Sansa storyline, this fandom would have very different shipping wars. Oh my! Can you imagine if Daenerys tried to get Val to bend the knee? Tumblr would be filled with photosets and gifs of it with Intagram filters over it all, debating which one they ship with Jon harder - with a few fringe fans being all "Dany/Val is OTP" or whatever. I agree. Val can certainly defend herself and cause a raucous if she wants to; All the same, the wildling princess was not beloved of her gaolers. She scorned them all as "kneelers," and had thrice attempted to escape. When one man-at-arms grew careless in her presence she had snatched his dagger from its sheath and stabbed him in the neck. Another inch to the left and he might have died. But when I think of her, I think of her keeping her word to Jon Snow and completing the task he trusted her with. She said she would return with or without Tormund... "He may not heed your words, but he will hear them." Val kissed him lightly on the cheek. "You have my thanks, Lord Snow. For the half-blind horse, the salt cod, the free air. For hope." Their breath mingled, a white mist in the air. Jon Snow drew back and said, "The only thanks I want is—" "Tormund Giantsbane, aye" ... And she succeeded. So, I have always seen her as a diplomat first, valkyrie second. That's a good way of describing it.
  5. I thought it would be inevitable D&D would pull out to avoid a bloodbath. Truth is though they will have to appear in public one day and when they do, there will be fans... waiting. Honestly, I could believe it is scheduling but it all seems too perfect for them to have pulled out at the 11th hour like this. Even if it is all perfectly innocent the wider fanbase will think they did it to escape the wrath or awkward questions. They'll probably get a lot of questions from people asking, "How does it feel that D&D opted to use you bless'd folks as human meat shields while they continue to hide in their bunker? "PS: You guys deserved better than the writing of S7 and 8."
  6. Faera

    The problem with Bran being king narrative wise

    To me, the idea of someone like Bran being chosen as king at a Great Council isn't in itself a bad idea. The problem for me is that he did nothing to really earn the throne nor did the nobility have any reason to choose him over anyone else. At best, had Sansa not randomly decided "not to play", you could argue the North, Vale and Trident would choose him through nepotism... but the Reach, Dorne and Westerlands really have no reason to pick him at all. Had the Long Night actually affected the whole of Westeros and Bran had been instrumental in organising the plan to defeat the White Walkers thanks to his powers and, y'know, he was S6 Bran rather than that plank of wood they replaced him with... I can certainly see him being picked. But none of that happened so yes - it's stupid. Skynet Bran is the only Bran in the show. I hope to God that was just D&D's lazy means of getting Jon's heritage out there without Howland Reed's help and that Bran will remain Bran in the books. I can't imagine anything worse than what the show did to him.
  7. Faera

    Nature and origin of the Children of the Forest

    Interesting thread. Might have to bookmark, come back and give it a closer read again. For my part, I have typically been of the opinion that the CotF, the Giants and the Men would likely all share a close ancestor-species, and they are all resulting subspecies. The fact that humans appear to have intermarried with CotF and Giants in the past and produced living, viable offspring with characteristics still seen in human population; much like the Neanderthals interbred with archaic homosapiens and certain characteristics can be seen in with Eurasian humans today. The thing that complicates matters is that we know that magically breeding and infusing creatures is a thing in this world and was done by Valyrians - and likely before them, too. So, we certainly can't rule out the idea that humans were some weird experiment by the CotF to... IKR make more fertile versions of themselves. They certainly seem to like mucking around with magic so it's an interesting idea.
  8. Faera

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    I reckon Arianne would probably do it off her own back even! Either way, in regards to "who will marry Aegon?" I'm pretty sure she will have that one in the bag. He'll take one look at her and it'll probably be a done deal. Not just because she's attractive either; their marriage would sure up the Dornish alliance and thus Aegon's credibility as Rhaegar and Elia's son. There are simply too many reasons for Aegon to pick Arianne as his queen over "three times married to men from the houses that murdered his mother and sister (and real!personna)" Margaery or "girl from disgraced house in the kingdom no one outside said kingdom cares about" Sansa. That doesn't mean I don't expect the Tyrells or LF to try and put them forward... but I reckon Aegon and Arianne will have already quickly married by the time they have a chance to react to his arrival. I kind of agree. Personally, I feel all this gearing up for him to marry Sansa/Alayne and become LP of the Vale of Arryn will just be one almighty damp squib. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he breaks his neck in the tourney while Sweetrobin just keeps on living even with LF trying to poison him. Heck, total tinfoil but imagine if someone slipped some sweetsleep into Harry's wine or something in a parallel to Robert and he dies in some freak accident due to his senses being dulled or something.
  9. It isn't really all that important because most of the other kingdoms won't notice the North is gone. Moreover the fact that Bran himself is a Stark and northerner makes Sansa's declaration of independance all the more laughable. Presumably going forward yes. The difference will be that any new laws Bran might pass in the south won't be put into effect in the north and vice versa. See the above - and I don't see that law, of all laws, being brought back. Besides, Ramsay was born even with the law against First Night. It was banned during the reign of King Jaeherys I and Queen Alysanne after all yet Roose did it and claims other lords do it too on the sly. So.... yeah. Tyrion pretty much made it clear that wouldn't be the case. The Wall seems to remain their own thing, likely independant from either Sansa or Bran's kingdoms. Just a glorified penal colony they both supply crooks to. Um, why? Bran's the one whose reproductive organs are up the pictures, not Sansa's. She gets married, has children and they take the Stark name. It is a bit silly. Frankly, I don't see an independant North lasting much further past Sansa's lifetime simply because she seems to be the only thing holding that clap-trap together. Even if she does have children (and yes, those children would undoubtedly be Starks since I don't see Sansa EVER agreeing to taking a spouse's name when she's clearly the more important person in the match), those children could be useless rulers, weak or cruel. Given how changable and unreliable the Northern lords were shown to be in the show-verse I feel Sansa's got a tough job ahead of her and she better train her successor properly because they are going to be dealing with an uphill battle that will take the next century or so to recover from. I don't *really* see the South wanting to retake the North though, as you say (and as I indicated above), no one will really miss them and they don't really provide much to the rest of the kingdoms aside from levies... and even then they were always the last ones to turn up to wars most of the time because it took so long for them to raise their banners and march to where the fight is at. Heck, if I were Bran with the resources of the south I'd cut the crap and tell Tyrion to maintain a standing army because feudalism is sooooo last century. Pragmatically, a loose union between all the kingdoms of Westeros makes more sense then one going off on their own to potentially cause trouble later with questions like "where is the border?"
  10. Faera

    Ask D&D

    Daario? Daario... Daario... [gets handed some notes by underling] Oh, right. Dany's squeeze from seasons 4 to 6. Right. Now that you mention it... we thought it would have been pretty cool to... to do that Daario = Euron theory. Unfortunately, we only saw that reddit post after we wrote season 6. Q. Just what was the point in changing Jeyne Westerling into Talisa Maegyr given that the former is the daughter of a low-ranking bannerman of the Lannisters (whose patriarch is famed for killing disobedient vassals in brutal manners) political nobody while the latter's death arguably would have had more far-reaching political implications given she's a Volantine noble?
  11. I don't quite understand what the point of making her fireproof at all times was supposed to be. It didn't exactly help her beyond S6 when she randomly utilised it to kill the khals. Like you I feel that Dany's fireproofness really needed to be used either in the fight against the Night King - or perhaps in the attack on King's Landing. Hypothetically, if Cersei's wildfire had blown up in her face then she could have emerged unscathed in a parallel to the Night King? Like, "You thought that would work? That's cute."
  12. Faera

    Bran: a rightful heir?

    Cersei's tenuous claim to the throne probably came more from being Robert's wife not as Tommen's mother. Otherwise, since people would argue Daenerys's rule was illegitimate and she never was officially recognised as queen, then if Cersei's line counts Tyrion could press a claim, then after him the Lannisport Lannisters.
  13. Faera

    Bran: a rightful heir?

    Ugh, yes in theory that would have potentially worked but if Jon had specifically nominated his matrilineal line to be his successors for his southron claims based on him incorporating the Iron Throne under his crown in the North... but it's a messy way of going about things. In the North, Jon was chosen as king essentially through conquest. His exile would make Bran the rightful King in the North, but as he has been made "King in the South" the title passes to Sansa. In comparison, Jon's claim to the Iron Throne was based on his paternal line, not his maternal line. Jon disqualified for the throne and Daenerys dead, it would fall to whoever has the closest relation to them on the Targaryen side. Gendry could make a claim as could, at this point, a great deal of lords who married the descendants of Targaryens at some point. So, no. While it is feasible for Jon to elect his mother's family as his heirs there would be a lot of contention as to who has the best claim out of the surviving female lines of both Targaryen and Baratheon. Hence why they just decided to scrub the whole royal line and elect a king.
  14. Pretty much and then she could have then pardoned Jon for leaving the NW and made him her warden given that he's the military one of the two of them. Then, in the old days of thrones, Bran's appearance would have all the lords umming and ahhing because suddenly someone ahead of her in the succession has shown up alive.
  15. (f)Aegon and his associated characters. It's only now I see how important he is to make the plot work. They seem to have parcelled out his plot between Jon, Dany and Cersei in the show should have been enough to demonstrate aspects of his story was needed. The fact it really didn't work shows it would have made more sense to just write him in as soon as they read ADwD or at least the GRRM talks where he told them the show will be out pacing the books. On paper, perhaps they thought, "We can make this work." In practice, aspects of the story didn't make sense and conflicted with the characters. The Dornish Plot: It makes more sense for them to support the Targaryen who is claiming to be Rhaegar and Elia's son over Daenerys. Not least because in the books Doran's elder son Quentyn ends up being burned alive by one of Dany's dragons, essentially burning the bridge to Westeros through Dorne forever. Also, the "anti-dragon" scorpions are very much a Dornish thing, I believe. It's hard to take down a dragon but if anyone is going to revolutionise ballista technology, it's them. The Stannis Plot: It is offered a poetic conclusion as in a mirror to Robb Stark winning in the South but losing his home in the North, Stannis is about to win in the North but lose his seat in the Stormlands to the incoming Golden Company headed by Jon Connington and Aegon. For JonCon overcoming Robert Baratheon's family settles a personal failure that still hauntings him. Stannis dying in an attempt to beat Aegon to KL or trying to retake the Stormlands makes more sense than being taken out by an OP Ramsay. The Cersei Plot: In ASOIAF it is illogical that Cersei would be made queen after Tommen died, full stop. I get it, they love Lena Headey but she overstayed her welcome massively as they stapled the (f)Aegon plot to her. Randyll Tarly and, heck, even the Tyrells (it's virtually impossible for ALL of them to be in the Sept of Baelor even if Cersei DOES blow it up in the books because the HEIR is Willas Tyrell who is safe and sound in HG), upon seeing the writing on the wall for the Lannisters would absolutely abandon her and pledge fealty to (f)Aegon. Not least because they fought for the Crown during Bobby B's 'Bellion. If Cersei did blow up the sept then there is no way in hell Willas Tyrell wouldn't immediately tell Randyll and the rest of the Reach lords to pledge their swords to (f)Aegon as an act of revenge. Not least because in the books they are also being raided by King Euron Greyjoy and will probably pledge fealty in return for assistance with the Ironborn. It would make much more sense for Cersei to either die from Aegon's invasion and all her living enemies turning on her like she did on them, or being forced to flee to Casterly Rock to get drunk and await an inevitable siege. Moreover, if she lives and is in the Westerlands, this even makes her someone Daenerys might want to try and get support from because it'll be slim pickings in a post-(f)Aegon world. Dany and Cersei on the same team. Imagine that! The Golden Company Plot: A complete damn squibb in the show. In the books, they are already with (f)Aegon and their history serves as more indication that (f)Aegon is actually a Blackfyre, not a Targaryen. When (f) Aegon shows up, most of his army are Essos based but the expectation is that Dorne and the Stormlands will soon bend the knee to him, and maybe bring the Reach with them. The Daenerys Plot: Think about it -- she sees going to Westeros as part of her mission in life, her birthright. Viserys drilled it into her head that the Seven Kingdoms are theirs by right. In her quest for an army, she gets sidetracked by her desire to free the slaves of Slaver's Bay and become the Queen of Meereen so that she might "learn how to rule". What she finds is that diplomacy sucks and everything thus far has been a political nightmare of compromise, rebellions and terrorism that is eating away at her last nerve. She runs away, perhaps gets her united khalasaar and goes back to settle things in Slaver's Bay... only to find that things are already in turmoil and her only choice is to "wake the dragon" and burn all her enemies mercilessly. Then more news reaches her -- while she was doing all this, her "nephew" Aegon Targaryen, son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell, has miraculously turned up; invaded Westeros with the Golden Company, won the support of three out of the seven kingdoms, has laid siege to KL and taken it from the Lannisters. Why? Because (thanks the Tyrion in the books) instead of mucking around trying to team up with Dany and "share" the invasion of Westeros, Aegon decided, "F*&^ it! Let's just go!" This random (likely fake Targ) kid has swooped in and done what she was supposed to have done three books ago... and Dany is p*ssed! ...doesn't her cantankerous fury over having her birthright and possibly love from the Westerosi people being taken from her make more sense when it is targeted at someone like this (f)Aegon? Y'know, a kid who is more of a mirror to her and actually wants (and has taken) the Iron Throne, instead of poor Jon (F!Aegon's supposed younger half-brother in this scenario and thus not the "last male heir" of the Targaryens on paper) who has no interest in the Iron Throne nor really anything south of Winterfell, let alone the Neck?! The Jon Plot: Daenerys's options for support would be limited if (f)Aegon has already carried off the three southron most kingdoms. She might already have the Iron Islands on side, courtesy of Victarion/Euron but approaching Jon (or heck even Stannis if he's still alive!) in the North; Sweetrobin/Sansa/LF in the Vale; or even Cersei in the Westerlands will probably be her top-priorities. This would draw Dany into Jon's Other war more believably as it might well be the price for his support. Having the two monarchs duking it out for the Iron Throne being a pair of Targaryens raises the stakes for Jon if he learns he is himself is Rhaegar's son. They each vie for his support in the North, all while all he can think about is White Walkers. Plus, it would have been interesting for Jon to interact with Aegon over Cersei. The Tyrion Plot: Ultimately, he was the boot up (f)Aegon's bum to abandon trying to ally with Daenerys and to essentially "prove himself" by just going to Westeros. He argues that Dany is unlikely to take Aegon seriously because she has accomplished so much while he'd just be going cap-in-hand with his better claim and plea for dragonfire. By doing this, he bring the chaotic revenge on KL and the rest of his family but also pave the way for Daenerys to then become a very p*ssed off dragon lady as now (f)Aegon has been *too* successful, probably married someone else *cough*Arianne*cough* and now all she can hope to be is his auntie or maybe his consort if he isn't married. If (f)Aegon is the indirect (or direct) cause of the death of the rest of Tyrion's family then his pit of darkness might be the driving force behind Daenerys opting against diplomacy and just burning anyone who follows the probable Blackfyre pretender. It will only be when confronted with the horrors of what dragons can really do that he might start to peddle back and think, "Maybe this wasn't a good idea after all." But by then it will have been too late. I could go on but I think I made my point clear. They needed a (f)Aegon, not a Cersei-Dany-Jon jumble. With (f)Aegon would come characters like JonCon and very likely Arianne Martell if they still wanted to do the Dornish plot. Yet they could have just said that (f)Aegon has the support of the still off-screen Dorne, or just Doran sans Arianne who wishes to support his sister's (possible) son; and merged several characters in JonCon or given his role to another character... but you ultimately needed another Targaryen with a better claim than Dany to ruffle her feathers and steal her limelight. It was stapled to Jon, a character to whom the very nature of power has been nothing but a poisoned chalice and no one would care about outside of the North (and maybe the Vale via Sansa). I get it, D&D probably thought they needed to wrap this up quick and felt they could make it work without (f)Aegon -- but think that for every scene that went nowhere S5 onwards they could have spent introducing the (f)Aegon plot and made everything a great deal easier.