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  1. I care so little about any of them they all sort of merge into one character. Exactly. I doubt that Jaime ever will marry but if he did it would be for the benefit of securing an alliance. There is no benefit whatsoever to marrying a traitor's widow whose family are political nobodies in the grand scheme of things.
  2. Ah, I forgot about him. He's part of the travel party, right? He'll die, too.
  3. To be frank, I think Jeyne Westerling, her mother, her uncle and her two younger siblings will be killed before they make it back to the Westerlands.
  4. Faera

    For the record... and posterity!

    Great minds think alike, I guess! You are correct. Indeed, that's something that always left me with that niggle of doubt. Admittedly this is where we get into my insane headcanons. If Galbert or Maege didn't have it on them, then someone else seems to have been entrusted with it. It needed to have been someone unaccounted for at the Red Wedding, someone who escaped or never attended yet could have taken the will or knew about it; had it been with Robb's party at the Twins then would have likely been mentioned to have discovered (and destroyed) by now. Bringing in @Curled Finger's "where in the wide world is Reynald Westerling?" I have flirted with the idea that maybe he took it. His blood trail ends at the Green Folk so, if he lived, he either went downstream further into the Riverlands or possibly tried to head towards the Neck. He was in the tent when Robb provided the orders in regards to his plans to take back Moat Cailin for the North and of "the worth of Howland Reed.” Either way, I feel that it needs to be somewhere safe in the North. Another thought I had is that Jason might have dropped it off somewhere (either with Howland or someone else) or it has somehow made its way to one of the other houses who are anything but enthused Bolton supporters. That's possible. Where do you think Olyver and Reynald might be @Curled Finger? I never actually asked.
  5. Faera

    For the record... and posterity!

    I know there is a fringe movement of people who insist he must be alive because he's "the stallion who mounts the world". However, I feel that one could argue that through the blood magic that brought Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion into the world made them the "stallion(s)", so to speak. I've seen fairly compelling arguments that Drogon is TStMtW being the figurative "son" of Dany and bearing the name of Khal Drogo. Aha, yeah. As much as I have made fun of it, I'd frankly be chuffed if it turns out Howland was the baby-daddy since it feels like the potentially "happiest" outcome though I have resigned myself to the fact it is likely Brandon. With Barry, there feels to be too much of this sense of regret in him, that somehow her honour would have been saved if he could have been her champion for him to have been the baby-daddy. It's possible. Some I think will turn out to be just dead... and I am one of those people who don't think Jeyne will necessarily survive the WoW prologue. Which reminds me: 9. Jeyne Westerling is NOT pregnant and has not been switched with a body double. I believe it when it is said that this was just an authorial error.
  6. Faera

    Great Houses - Valyrian Steel Sword Names?

    Perfect! We also have to bear in mind that VS have changed hands a few times. Nightfall supposed was wielded by the Greyjoys at one point. Lady Forlorn fell into the hands of a Royce (I think?) briefly, though that wasn't itself a VS sword but an earlier LF it seems. Now, F&B have given us Orphan-Maker leaving House Roxton and finding itself in the hands of Unwin Peake. Bottom line, we cannot take for granted the names of certain swords being strictly associated with the Houses who hold them now.
  7. Faera

    For the record... and posterity!

    Good call, @kissdbyfire! Honestly, there are TONS of these little theories that keep coming up that equate to - "Does everyone still believe [insert theory here]?" so bashing it all out in one place makes sense. R+L=J. Firm and unmovable. I worked it out myself and have yet to see a single argument as compelling and interesting as this one. 1b. Jon is not a twin, btw. Tyrion /= Targaryen. He is and always has been Tywin's son. I despise the idea of him being a Targ. I would swallow Jaime and Cersei being the Mad King's kids before Tyrion. To make him a Targaryen feels like it would undermine the tragedy of Tyrion and Tywin's relationship. 2b. To clarify, I think all three of Tywin's children are his biological children. Jojen Paste is a myth. Jojen Paste is one of those theories I feel is soooooooooooooooooo overblown that it can actually irritate me a little bit. 3b. Jojen is not dead, full stop. He probably will die eventually but not yet. This idea he'd be killed off page and it all be left ambiguous... no. The Pink Letter was, indeed, penned by Ramsay. It never occurred to me it was written by someone else and while some of the theories are "fun"... nah. I don't see the point. The fact that Ramsay is something of a foil to Jon means that the letter being penned by another undermines that for me. Lemongate is a lie. The tree and the door are in the Sealord's Palace, in Braavos. The betrothal more or less proves it for me. Sorry, Preston Jacobs and the rest of the Dorne-believers. Lanna If she's anyone's daughter, it's Gerion's. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttt I really wouldn't object to her being Tyrion's daughter and the Sailor's Wife being Tysha. Theon will live (yet) another day! I agree that he's not going to be sacrificed. He'll probably be used in a plot to sneak into Winterfell or something. Plus, I think his semi-conversion to the Old Gods thanks to Bran's mutterings will come into play. He'll get that sword he asks for. Additions mentioned here and there by others: Aegon a.k.a. Young Griff He's probably (f)Aegon but I doubt it will ever be spelled out for us either way because it won't matter. Dany might use the doubt as an excuse to oppose him but in the end if Arianne backs and likely marries him, that's basically acceptance by the Martells and "proof" he is Aegon VI. Rhaego is dead. Seriously. I baffles me that this is even in doubt. And he is not a time travelling foetus. At most, maybe you can argue his spirit lives on in the dragons since his death helped pay for their lives. The Valonqar If it is a person, it's probably Jaime though the idea of it really being as straightforward as Tyrion and the irony is that Cersei's actions just cause it to happen would be satisfying too. However I must admit to liking the idea that the Valonqar is a device rather than an actual person. Dany's parentage. Aerys and Rhaella. I see no legitimate reason to doubt this. Septa Lemore. Is NOT Ashara Dayne. MIGHT be Tyene's mother. Would be interesting way to bring in the Hightowers if she is Melora Hightower. Who is the Harpy? (Hiya @Curled Finger) Honestly, I think it is the Green Grace and those around her might be. Though, having said that the idea it might be someone within Dany's court doing it like the Shavepate etc etc would be cool. We all expect it to be tied to the Masters but it would be just as impactful if it was indeed some of the more hardline anti-Master sects. What is Lady Stoneheart up to? Based on AFfC, it appears she is indeed heading towards the Neck. So, she might be one of the many things Howland has stashed up there. I like the idea that she might have taken Jaime and Brienne with her too but I have no reason to believe this other than it would be super cool if they went North on whatever death mission she has on her mind. A few more for good measure: Who was the Knight of the Laughing Tree? Lyanna Stark, aided and abetted by Benjen. Howland and Ned probably knew what she did but said nothing. Who was Ashara's baby-daddy? If she even HAD one to begin with... it was most likely Brandon given that it was supposedly "Stark" and speaks to his character as described by Lady Barb; could have been someone like Oberyn (again, speaks to his character) or Howland (why give a damn about how many people the purple-eyed maid danced with). Definitely not Ned because it is contrary to his character. Where is Robb's will? Ned's bones? In the Neck, with Howland. Where is Howland Reed? In the Neck, as himself. He is not the High Sparrow or the Mad Mouse or [Insert character here]. How did Howland save Ned? By throwing his net over Arthur Dayne. Frey Pies Probably. Can't say I care either way. Is Bloodraven really the Three-Eyed Crow? Yes. As much as I have partook in discussions arguing that he isn't and entertaining other ideas... I really do think he is. I see no point in there being some shocker reveal that it's someone or something else. Where in the wide, wide world is Tyrek Lannister?! The lack of a body doesn't necessarily mean that he isn't dead though the choice to keep asking the question makes me think he's probably still alive. The theory put forward in AFfC is that Varys snatched him up, which makes me think Littlefinger is probably the one who actually has him.
  8. Faera

    Sansa's first impressions of Daenerys?

    I would say that Sansa was cool but respectful. She has no reason to prove anything to Daenerys given their family's history, (in fact, Dany need to demonstrate to the North she is not her father's daughter), being lukewarm is a reasonable attitude to have towards Dany.
  9. Faera

    Jojen Reed Observation

    I mean, it could be. It's as valid as any other explanation. Given the seizures were the root of his visions, and Bran has access to that knowledge now, it is possible that he was telegraphing information back to Jojen in the past. Unfortunately, we don't really have enough examples in the show to make a direct correlation and Jojen does have seizures that give him the in the books. The closest we get in the books is... As you say, I doubt we'll ever get confirmation of the source of Jojen's seizures in the show now but given he and Hodor are the only examples we have on-screen are him and "hold the door", and we know Bran does have the ability to affect the past, I'd say this is a reasonable summation.
  10. Faera

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    This. I even wrote a long-winded essay about the possibility about the underground river leading to Gorne's Way and that Jojen has dreamed of an underground river at least since the night they met Sam at the Nightfort. I put my money on him living long enough to see he was right.
  11. Faera

    Poll: Is the House with the Red Door in Dorne?

    Nope. It's in Braavos - most likely the Sealord's Palace. Given that he was the witness of the marriage pact between Viserys and Arianne, it makes sense.
  12. Faera

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    I'm not saying they would openly murder him necessarily slap, bang in front of him. You're right that if Jojen were in the paste revealing that after Bran has eaten it is a dark turn worthy of Titus Andronicus. What I'm saying that if Jojen Paste had happened, the revelation (and maybe Bran's reaction) should have come at the end of the chapter rather than being left for presumably the first chapter of TWoW. This is the impasse for me when it comes to "swallowing" the Jojen Paste theory or that Jojen flatout died at the end of ADWD. The impact of having Bran realise Jojen is dead and he's just eaten him would have been a better way to end his ADWD plot... rather than it being so ambiguous none of us can agree as to what is going on with Jojen point blank. Hmmm... I don't necessarily agree right off the bat but I must admit that's an interesting idea. It definitely goes well with the notion that Jojen's depression is because he knows something bad is on the way and they can't avoid it (and Jojen would probably rather be sacrificed or cannibalised over becoming a wight.)
  13. Faera

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    But it's not just "Bran's POV". It's Meera saying something to Bran. Besides, we can't detach the character from the author. No matter which way you slice it, Jojen's death would be more impactful if Bran is aware of it than if it is off-page. Fine, but it still doesn't mean he's preparing for death. He could be withdrawing because he's away from home and wants to return there, whether it is to die peacefully or just see his parents again (no death needed), but is struggling to find the way back. The fact he spends most of his time at the cave entrance staring out; Jojen had even taken to climbing up to the cave's mouth when the day was bright. He would stand there for hours, looking out over the forest, wrapped in furs yet shivering all the same. This could be him wistfully longing for home (Meera's statement that he wants to go home follows on from this description) or, something a friend of mine suggested a little while ago in an IM discussion, is that is is anticipating something coming, emerging from those forests.
  14. Faera

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    You are right, though. Jojen could just... want to go home and be lamenting over the fact that he's away from it. I mean, we don't even know if his "fate" necessarily relates to his death or that the green dream Meera is referring to has anything to do with Jojen dying or something else that is going to happen. Like, to do with the underground river (which I suspect Jojen first dreamed about back at the Nightfort) or something like that. Frankly, it would be nice to write a post about Jojen beyond the Wall and in the cave that doesn't end with "...and then he dies."
  15. Faera

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    "This will help awaken your gifts and wed you to the trees Jojen." Bran did want to be married to a tree Jojen…but who else would wed a broken boy like him? A thousand eyes, a hundred skins, wisdom deep as the roots of ancient trees. A greenseer. He ate. "Can't I have a bowl of Meera paste instead?" Sorry, @kissdbyfire - I'm bored. Yep, it was just weirwood sap. If you want to believe that the sap itself has blood in it from thousands of years of sacrifice before it then be my guest. But Jojen's blood ain't part of it. Not yet anyway. Yeah, when you put it like that I'd want to go home too. No truer words written.