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  1. Edgar Allen Poemont

    ASOIAF Jokes

    My proposed final scene for GoT : Cut to Daenerys on bed. Gratuitously nude. Dany: Oh Jon, you make my skin burn with fire and my blood boil with passion. Take off your robe and show me your Lightbringer! Cut to Jon. Robe closed and looking sheepishly at the floor. Jon: Alas, oh fairest Khaleesi! My sword must wait until morning. Winter has already come. Cut to snowflake drifting softly to the ground. End scene.
  2. Edgar Allen Poemont

    Puns and Wordplay

    Interesting comparison to Garfield too, Seams. To be honest, I didn't know much about that nomination. I just read a bit on Wiki. I was linking the actions of Sam and Jon's friends playing off the egos of Mallister and Pyke and their mutual dislike of each other to Lincoln's advisers working behind the scenes, particularly in regard to Seward and Chase. Lincoln was a way stronger candidate in his own right at the start then Jon certainly, but I like the parallel with Lincoln utilizing his rivals later in his cabinet like Jon tries to do with Marsh and Yarwyck. Lincoln was assassinated too and by a Southron Sympathizer! LOL. As far as emancipation goes, I don't doubt the wildings view themselves more as refugees as you say, but I think Mance brought them together with all the tools available to him. Outtalking Tormund, outmaneuvering Styr, etc., singing what needed to be sung, so to speak, like a lesson in wilding coalition building, in order to ironically lead the Free Folk to freedom from their original separation from the "realms of men." All this relates to a larger idea I have about Jon's purpose and the concept of emancipation politically and personally/spiritually for Jon, but I'm still working on that one. I just think the Rayder part of Mance's name is kind of obvious and maybe, a bit of a sleight of hand on GRRM's part and the connection came to me when I started looking at the possibility of Mance's role being more connected and involved than I originally thought.
  3. Edgar Allen Poemont

    Puns and Wordplay

    Mance Rayder/Emancipater. I think it's a crafty way of connecting Jon and Mance. Jon's election to Lord Commander is a definite homage to how Abraham Lincoln won the Republican nomination of 1860. I believe Mance was the first to attempt to emancipate the wildlings and Jon will be the Great Emancipater of the North.
  4. Edgar Allen Poemont

    ASOIAF in everyday life... Gooble Gobble...

    Now that is awesome. Talk about foreshadowing and parallels. There has to be a theory the forum can come up with to explain that confluence of names. 7 neighbors too!!! Love it. Walnut, pecan or almond, a nut is a nut. Guilty as charged. I'm glad it worked out though and I agree what GRRM and Parris are doing with the wolf sanctuary is a wonderful thing. I'd donate if I was wealthy just to see my grisly end but would hope my bones were laid to rest somewhere in the North by a weirwood tree.
  5. Edgar Allen Poemont

    ASOIAF in everyday life... Gooble Gobble...

    That's a good one too kissedbyfire. You are supposed to bring all your life experience to a job interview after all! I hope it helped you secure the position. Its a testament to the power of great stories and story tellers, when they have the ability to stay with us for so long and have resonance in our everyday lives. I'm thankful too, that my girlfriend listens and even adds input at times, until my tangents get too convoluted. It works in the other direction too. She's a PHD in analytical chemistry, so believe me, my eyes glaze over on occasion when she gets going on something. I tried really hard to read her dissertation but wow, I would have had any easier time understanding Kant or Nietsche in German. It's like a different language! We tried to watch the show together but it made me crazy and then made her crazy when I kept blurting out, "Stannis would never do that!" Or "Why are they doing that to Qhorin Halfhand?" or her favorite, "Where the hell is Reek?!" She actually bought me the DVD collection to keep me occupied when she was writing her dissertation but I can't watch it. The first two seasons were enough nonsense for me. One last funny aside, we installed a wood stove last fall and have really come to love the heat and the ritual of starting and tending the fire. I also have really taken to cutting and stacking my own wood and of course always remind her when I go out to spend a day in the woods that winter is indeed coming! I also love to sit in front of the window on the stove and feel the heat as I watch the fire. One night as I was sitting there, she came out of our room and said "What are you doing honey?" I replied "Well, I was just looking at the fire, I'm hoping for a sign of Azor Ahai, but all I see is Snow." And she rolled her eyes but also chuckled.
  6. Edgar Allen Poemont

    ASOIAF in everyday life... Gooble Gobble...

    Both of these had me in stitches too. Happy I was able to return the favor. I love how you have passed the torch to your children. I also came home from work one day and my girlfriend hands me a slip of paper and shaking her head, says, "This is from my mom. I don't even understand what it says." It reads, "Are Rhaegar and Lyanna JS's parents?" Her mom is well into her 70's and a voracious reader devouring fiction and nonfiction. I swear she reads a mystery a day as quickly as I read the newspaper. She read the books on my recommendation and was able to ask that after finishing AGoT.
  7. Edgar Allen Poemont

    ASOIAF in everyday life... Gooble Gobble...

    I often spontaneously blurt out my current thoughts about ASoIaF to my girlfriend until I notice her eyes start to glaze over. She's never read the books but apparently is retaining much more of my diatribes than I knew. We were discussing going to a family wedding recently and it was far away and we are busy as all get out these days. She asks me at the end of a lengthy conversation on the logistics, "Do you even want to go." I answer, "Want has nothing to do with it. It's my duty. She's my niece!" She shoots back, "Ok, Stannis, well I'm going to bed. Let me know what you decide in the morning."