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    Jon and the North

    The first issue(trivial to Night Kings issue) that Jon will have a hard time addressing, is to convince the Northern lords to accept Daenerys as their Queen. The Starks( Sansa, Arya and Bran) by carrying out the execution of little finger, have sent a strong signal across the North that they are in control. Bran will support Jon as he transcends all sentiments and prejudices. Sansa( Lady of winterfell now) may be skeptical of accepting Jon's Queen. Besides, both being Targyrians, will only complicated their leadership over the North.......But, what about Arya? She, in my opinion would recognize Dany as a respectable military leader and view her as a reliable ally. To analyze, let's understand the personalities which has influenced Arya........ When the entire world rants only of Aegon the conquerer and his dragon- Balerion the black dred, Arya has been in awe of Rhaenys and Visenya, and recognises their contribution as much as Aegons', along with their Dragons Vhagar and Meraxes, in the Conquest of Westeros. Another strong women, not mentioned in the show, is the Rhoynish warrior princess Nymeria( the name Arya chose for her Direwolf). History remembers Nymeria as the military commander who captured Dorne after taking Ser Davos Dayne( "sword of the morning", just like Ser Arthur Dayne) as her third husband. And finally Lyanna Stark, whom Arya resembles so much in personality ,chose Rhaegar Targyrian to be her husband. Infact Arya of all people would understand it and does deserve to learn the truth about Jon....... Coming back to Danerys, who is bit of Rhaenys , Visenya and Nymeria, all rolled into one, would not only be acceptable as a leader but also be admired by Arya, who I believe has come of age........ Targyrians and Starks have shared a healthy mutual respect between their Houses for centuries untill Robert's Rebellion, which was based on a lie......As for enumerating Symbolism in the show- 1. s'TAR'ks(S)and 'TAR'gyrians(T), follow one after another....like ..S... T in alphabetical sequence. 2. Starks are purest of the First Men, Targyrians purest of the Valarians. 3. Ice &Fire , Dragon & Wolf( main symbols of the show) comes from these two houses.
  2. Wierwood300

    Theory: Little Sam has a big role [SPOILERS]

    Thats the beauty of GOT(the TV series). It creates scope for so many options, each making some sort of sense in their own way. So many brain at work yield a plethora of ideas and theories, which I am sure would aid Dan & Dave in their own overview. It quiet a challenge for the duo to meet the high expectations of everyone.
  3. Wierwood300

    Theory: Little Sam has a big role [SPOILERS]

    What is the purpose of Gilly's baby?( the last of Crasters' son). He has been shown consistently for a definite reason. Night king would probably fight till his end and skin change into someone to live another long night. The 13th lord commander of the Night's watch( a stark)has already skin changed many times. When his time comes,he would need a body with Stark or Targyrian bloodline. That is the fate awaiting little Sam, who would be at winterfell during the fight for the dawn.