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  1. Are you also looking for AVOIDED deaths? Like Tyrion narrowly AVOIDED being mauled by lions in the fighting pit? (I think...if I remember right and it's not some other animal, It could be prophetic of his alliance with the Targaryen house protecting him from his own family)
  2. Bitterblooms

    Out of Context Quotes

    It might not even be a deep message. It might just be a kind of visual pun.
  3. Bitterblooms

    Out of Context Quotes

    I think in caricatures of outhouses they are drawn with crescent moons on the door Edit: oops, now I see someone has beaten me to it
  4. Bitterblooms

    Opinions on Ghostwriters for remaining books

    I would not really be in favor of a ghost writer for ideas above mentioned. But darn it I want to know the ending. I need to know the ending for certain characters.
  5. Bitterblooms

    Will Theon`s wounds ever heal?

    I'm not sure which parts of him have been flayed and to what extent. The only specific body part I can remember is fingers; Ramsay flayed them then cut them off when Theon asked him to. *shudders* If he has had other areas flayed if say no; those scars are permanent. As are his lost and broken teeth. I wonder if his hair will grow back or if his hair loss and color is permanent? A much more interesting question to me is if his psychological wounds will heal or if he is just a tool at this point. As to the spoilers, I actively try not to read them, even the published ones. But I definitely think I know what happens in all of them because of the forum. Spoiler boxes are our friends
  6. Bitterblooms

    Incest Deficiencies, or lack thereof

    This conversation got very technical. The answer to the op is simply to say there were several notable miscarried or deformed children that did not survive. I'm not sure there is any one definition of incest in the books after reading all of these ideas; it seems each region and culture views it differently.
  7. Bitterblooms

    Smudge: Martin's latest POV

    Wait, is this bad?? I am a high school history teacher and I definitely showed Forest Gump last semester after the exams were over.... To be fair we also watched the Avengers movie Dr. Strange. Not a lot of learning happens after exams; everyone is burned out, including me. As for the op, smudging is also what you call it when you burn something like sage to bless a space. Doesn't seem to naturally fit into asoiaf, though. Or it's a joke to imply he is working on nothing. My 3 year son recently got a book from the library about a dog named Smudge....but I doubt that's the allusion!
  8. Bitterblooms

    Incest Deficiencies, or lack thereof

    I don't think either Bitterblooms OR the Skin Trade are anti-incest....I think they both just show a preference for NOT inbreeding. Even in Skin Trade the purebred families do believe they are more noble and stronger, but in "taking it too far" they are just continuing the tradition of werewolves marrying werewolves. I'm not sure how this is NOT showing the bad of inbreeding, since the effects are magnified over generations...resulting in, well, you know. I don't want to spoil the story for those whose interest is piqued. Inbreeding can retain and reinforce positive characteristics, too, I don't think anyone is arguing against that. Similarly in Bitterblooms she is specifically honored for having kids with men from other clans. She is not shamed for her in clan relationships with men or women. (If I recall correctly she is even off limits to anyone from another family until she reaches a certain age, she's her family's property.) It is just preferable to bring in new blood. I think in these two examples we actually agree and for some reason are talking around each other. Incest is viewed as the norm and not shameful. But in both stories incest is less preferable to a wider gene pool.
  9. Bitterblooms

    Incest Deficiencies, or lack thereof

    What are we defining as incest? Because I'm not sure the author is condemning of cousin marriage in the text itself. I'm not sure I even consider first cousin marriage really that incestuous. Definitely sex with brother/sister, aunt/uncle, and parent/grandparent. But how far out are we casting the net for the purposes of the op? Edit: My great grandparents were definitely first cousins once removed, lol. Don't judge me, haha.
  10. Bitterblooms

    In defense of Lady Lysa Arryn

    Nature or nurture? I think in Joffrey's case it's probably both. I mean, his siblings seem pretty normal.
  11. That is a great catch. Love it! It really could have been Ned and Jon: Ned as regent for the baby Jon. Nice double meaning.
  12. Bitterblooms

    Rickon lives - Jon as regent

    Side note: could the name Shaggydog just refer to the craft that we have seven books of political machinations that Will amount to very little once the zombie apocalypse arrives in the South? Instead of referring to Rickon specifically, could it be pointing to the futility of the plans and plots of the characters for power? As for the OP, it seems within the realm of possibility. Or maybe Rickon is Warden while Jon is martyred or becomes king of the Iron Throne. (I know, I know, some people hate that idea.) Maybe Rickon becomes Lord of Winterfell and Jon takes up a seat at the Nightfort or something as king in the North. In any case, it's hard for me to picture Jon completely supplanting Bran and Rickon once he knows they are alive; he does struggle with jealousy and wanting to be Lord of Winterfell (understandably) but each time his better side wins out.
  13. Bitterblooms

    Incest Deficiencies, or lack thereof

    @St Daga Which stories are you thinking of that rely on inbreeding or incest to increase power? I'm drawing a blank, but I have certainly not read all of Martin's works. I can think of stories, like the story I stole my handle from, where incest happens but it is highly prized to have children from outside of the clan. I also recommend Skin Trade. Its like a gritty detective story with werewolves. The story telling is really great.
  14. Bitterblooms

    In defense of Lady Lysa Arryn

    I also question whether Sweetrobin's issues would resolve when he was sent away to be fostered, like some in the books believe. The kid was clearly actually sick apart from his immaturity. I wouldn't want to send him away if Hew my kid either. And thats not even considering her history of births which just makes me feel so sad for her. But I can't go as far to say she was right to murder Jon Arryn. In the grand scale of immoral things, murdering a nonabusive elderly husband because of a lover's suggestion is pretty bad. Maybe the best way to see Lysa is the same as many other asoiaf characters: a victim and a perpetrator. But just because I can empathize with her loss doesn't mean I can call her later actions sane or morally acceptable.
  15. Bitterblooms

    The Valenquor

    I'm pretty sure the same is explained by Aemon on the books so if you edit the op you will probably get better responses and not violate board norms.