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  1. This episode was, in my opinion, one of the best in this season, because it showed a lot of content like the part when daenarys destroyed the lannister army a long side with her dragon and the dothraky warriors, and was in fact the smallest episode of the entire season beeing only 50 minutes long
  2. I gave it a 7 out of 10, because althought it was an great episode it was a little despointing how Tyrion's plan failed because he didn't predict the Euron Greyjoy fleat attack, but of cource the thing people in general like most about game of thrones is how a fantasy show can provide characters that are human and make mistakes like humans.
  3. I gave it a 9/10, because the entire season was build up to last episode, even if didn't answer anything new, for example: everyone new that jon was the son of Raegar and Lyanna, the only thing new was that he isn't actualy a bastard but yes the rightfull king of the seven kingdoms. However there was a surprise in the last episode, the fallen of the wall destroyd by the night king and Vesyrion Wight, explening the score I gave to the episode.
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