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  1. One thing that I find to be pretty messed up for the whole R/L “romance” is that he fought for the man that murdered her father and brother, and fought against her other brother while she was locked up in a tower in Dorne. And unless I’m mistaken, Rhaegar had been thinking of overthrowing Aerys hadn’t he, and of course he would have known that his father was an awful king who liked to burn people alive, if he was good as people say wouldn’t he want to spare his people of this?? So my question is would he have been able to join the forces on the other side of Robert’s Rebellion? Ned and Robert would probably not like that very much but I can’t inagine anybody else having a problem with it, especially since it would create more stability to have the next in line on the throne instead of Robert who never even wanted it. Would they have accepted him as their leader?