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  1. It is probably not dragons.
  2. Or something like a doomsday will happen?
  3. SunfyreTheGolden

    Who was the best Targaryen King?

    Jaeherys I or Baelor I to me. The realm was more peaceful and happy in their reigns.
  4. SunfyreTheGolden

    Jon is not in the line of succession

    Not exactly. You can marry a lot of women at the same time. And when u have children from all of them who are gonna be a bastard? All of them or none of them? Simply none of them.
  5. SunfyreTheGolden

    So where would you live ?

    Summer Isles for sure. Drinking some sweet Arbor Wine and eating fruits carelessly. As a prince or just someone rich.