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    Why doesn't the Night King kill Arya?

    I think the Night King was being a bit sadistic. He wanted Arya to know she was going to die and for her to think about it, similar to how he looked down at Theon after running him through. A typical super villain mistake.
  2. Rast-afari

    The Iron Throne Episode script is out

    This is what surprised me the most, the fate of the Dothraki;
  3. Rast-afari

    The North is finally independent

    I get the feeling the only reason (and I mean only) Jon killed Dany was because of the threat, which Tyrion threw in his face, she posed to Sansa. If Dany doesn't start spewing that New World Order stuff I think she gets a free pass on the massacre. I mean besides Tyrion who's from Kings Landing, were any of the other characters completely disgusted or outraged? The Northern army? Doubtful, considering they contributed to it. The people at the council? It's not even brought up. I don't think Sansa and Arya cared that much considering how people cheered when Ned got beheaded. Yara? They celebrated as she got dragged through the streets. The Dorne prince? He probably heard how they jeered and humiliated Ellaria and besides, Dorne never liked Kings Landing anyway. The rest have little love for the South and couldn't care less.
  4. Rast-afari

    The North is finally independent

    I don't see that ending well. I mean look how fast things fell apart after Ned died and Rob took over. Once word starts going around that the man they named King of the North was actually a Targaryen and Ned had been lying to everyone the last twenty five years or so. And all the North who fought in Robert's rebellion were fighting somewhat over a lie. Sansa was only chosen Queen because of her being a Stark and she's shown to be more heavy handed than Jon so how is she going to handle an altercation between a Northern house and the Free folk? What's going to happen when people start to ask "If Bran can see the future why didn't he say something about (fill in the blank)?"
  5. Rast-afari

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Dany made all the Dothraki warriors her Bloodriders which means they are obligated to avenge their Khal.
  6. Subjects usually are driven by the demands and whims of their ruler which in turn leads to advancements and innovations. If the King/Queen desires conquest then that will lead to military technology advancing (kind of how the Scorpions improved under Cersei). If the King/Queen wants the tallest, fanciest palace then architectural advancements will occur. A love of plays and music will lead to more competition and greater quality. The thing with Bran is he has no "wants" so there's nothing to push the people. He seems okay with keeping the status quo among the population which will result in stagnation. And if he's capable of living for a thousand years, well that's a thousand years of staying the same.
  7. You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the Mad Queen.
  8. Rast-afari

    The North is finally independent

    You can add Cersei to that list. The fact that no one wanted to challenge her or the Lannister forces gave her a claim, and a right, to the throne.
  9. I don't feel any guilt for supporting Dany's journey just like I don't feel any guilt for cheering for a modern day action hero/heroine. I mean even movie Batman kills now. With the exception of razing Kings Landing, she, like them, always seemed to portray some sense of justice when doing the the killing.
  10. Rast-afari

    Daenerys the Terrible?

    Season8 episode4 (approx. 57min 25 sec) After Cersei tells Euron she's carrying his child. Euron: She's coming for you. Cersei: Of course she is. [goes to the terrace] Keep the gates open. If she wants to take the castle she'll have to murder thousands of innocent people first.
  11. Rast-afari

    Why didn't Jon simply refuse to accept banishment?

    The council didn't mention the slaughter of Kings Landing because they probably didn't care. They care about their own people and let's face it, while Dany was responsible for most of the destruction the Northern army was contributing as well so that would be a can of worms better left un-opened. As for Grey Worm, he's following his Queen's lead. I don't know if Westerous has specific rules for the treatment of unarmed combatants or P.O.W.s but in history it was at the discretion of the King whether they were executed or ransomed.
  12. Rast-afari

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    After watching it again l noticed that after the Dothraki get decimated causing Dany to enter the battle, Jon does also, but attempts to go after the White Walkers who were on horseback in the rear. That's actually a good strategy which should have been discussed in their war council. Take out the generals and that will eliminate a chunk of Wights. Unfortunately the Night King summons a storm which forces Jon away.
  13. As much as I liked seeing Ghost in the episode his attacking with the Dothraki made no sense. He's incapable of "killing" a wight.
  14. Rast-afari

    Why didn't Jon simply refuse to accept banishment?

    Don't forget the Ironborn are capable of building a thousand ships in a couple of weeks and the Dothraki are able to regenerate.
  15. The moment Jon's history is made public all hell breaks loose; "we chose a Targaryen to be king of the north?", "Ned Stark was a liar?", "my father died fighting for a lie?".
  16. When Davos offered the Unsullied land in the Reach, Sansa did not look happy.
  17. Rast-afari

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Do we? I would think the Lord of Light would prefer Dany than Bran.
  18. Who would you want to captain the Enterprise; Spock or Kirk? Data or Picard?
  19. The fact that Grey Worm kept Jon as prisoner and didn't execute him automatically is what bothered me. Why negotiate? Unsullied don't get intimidated by being out numbered. They manned the front line against the Night King's forces while the Northern armies were running in retreat. And I'm not sure if they were out numbered. Assuming everyone lost 50% of their troops as stated in episode 4 that still leaves the Unsullied and Dothraki with more than the North. 2) Letting Jon come back after agreeing to banish him in front of all the representing powers would mean Bran's word isn't worth jack.
  20. Rast-afari

    Arya will die at the hands of...

    If Arya succeeds in killing Dany then probably Grey Worm or one of the Unsullied will kill her.
  21. I knew the episode was going to be kind of strange once we see Grey Worm in front of the troops with no helmet or shield. Felt like all of it was Drogon day dreaming. What happened to the Golden Company's cavalry?
  22. Rast-afari

    Can Qyburn apparate?

    I re watched that scene and right after Missandei says "Dracarys" the camera shifts to behind Grey Worm and Dany and you can see Qyburn off to the left. He probably wanted to get clear in case the arrows started flying.
  23. Rast-afari

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    I think that was the Lord of Light's intention, misdirection kind of. NK threw a wall of Wights plus Viseryon at Jon. He was so confident when he approached Bran you could almost hear him monologging in his head. Also, where did the ice spear that he threw at Drogon come from? (okay, I watched it again and he has a spear when he's riding Viseryon)
  24. All those Ironborn who accompanied Theon might as well have red shirts on. Dead.