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  1. Buddhakin

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    I think there will be a few contributing factors and knowing how Jon is usually written (assuming he comes back to life and all that aside), he will weigh out this choice heavily in POV. He has already been extremely tempted to take Stannis's offer to Jon Stark, the only thing holding him back were his vows. Now if he accepts and Stannis survives long enough to perform the proper ceremonies, he will be in a much more powerful position to do what he needs to do because its obvious that the Nights Watch are heavily crippled and therefore so is he as its oath-bound Lord Commander. Then there will most definitely be a bitterness about being murdered by his brothers which will most likely inclune him to surround himself with loyal northern as lord of Winterfell instead of the ilk that come to join the Night's Watch. As Lord of Winterfell, or if TWOW is closer to the show in this next particular circumstance, King of the North. He will be able to unite ALL the forces of the North. The fact is, there is no point in such a heavy catalyst like the manner in which he died, just to ressurect him and offer no character growth by making Jon to decide that his death doesnt free him from his vows. I'm interested to see what Jon will decide to do with himself if Rickon gets back to him safely, I can't see him not putting Rickon on his Fathers seat in Winterfell. And I'm hoping that George (although I'm aware he might kill him at some point no matter what) will do more with Rickon and Osha then let them get picked off in a similar manner as the show. Rickon being raised to Lordship would probably be best for Jon because Jon would rule in all but name for Rickon until he comes of age as is properly groomed, and Jon is the best suited for that as well since he was raised by their father and would know what Ned would want. This would also allow Jons character to get around more most likely instead of playing the lords game. In time, once people see how real the threat is, they will finely give and allow Jon to do more radical things. Obviously they arent convinced yet or they wouldnt have killed him fir breaking some rules lol.
  2. Buddhakin

    GRRM WoW Twist

    I lean towards Stoneheart the most for the reasons you mentioned plus we have to consider which characters are involved in plots that are for the end game so Martin needs them where he has them. The plots that are destined to be resolved (or at least more likely) in TWOW are. Littlefinger and Sansa, Stoneheart and whatever she ends up doing to Brienne and Jamie, there is a good chance Cersei's plot will come to an end with Aegon and Euron invading Westeros, (although the younger, more beautiful queen has to show up and take everything first before its really over for her), the high Septon could play a part if this is the case. Plus I get the feeling that this twist will take place in Westeros. I think it is possible but less likely this twist will involve the characters involved in the northern conspiracies and the other characters who will be engaged in the Battle of Winterfell and any of the characters involved in Dany's storyline because these plots seem too important as groundwork towards the ending and we all know that George already knows how he will end this (in broad strokes at least) so the plots furthest from the ice and fire will be concluded in the next book before the war of the dawn really really goes down in ADOS. I also dont think this twist involves the Aegon or Euron plot because they aren't long standing characters. It has to be Stoneheart I think. George probably wants to really do her part well since she was cut, on top of her being a favorite character. I would love to see something like Brienne bringing Arya to her and she kills her mom as a mercy and takes over the brotherhood and adds the strength of Nymeria's pack to the brotherhood and marches North. Tin foily and sounds like fan fiction (because I guess it is) but I think that would be great, especially reading it after Martin put it life on paper. It would certainly be dark, and tragic, but I find that it could be natural with Arya's dark path (as said by the ghost of high heart) and the merciful view of death she is gaining from the faceless men. Plus Arya saw Catelyn through Nymeria and is staying attached to Nymeria. I believe that when Arya comes back to Westeros in the next book, she will land in the riverlands, or farther south, forcing her to travel north through them anyway. As she looks for Nymeria, she finds Stoneheart or Brienne or Jamie and learns of her mother unless brought to her unknowingly, which I don't lean towards because I don't see Arya allowing themself to be taken somewhere without being told. She won't be a victim when she comes back and won't be taken along for something meekly without learning who she is meeting and where she is going because that would be foolish. Sansa and Littlefinger encountering Stoneheart would also be great but I can't wrap my mind around Stoneheart crossing paths with them because they won't be vulnerable to be taken by Stoneheart (unless George has something brilliant up his sleeve in that regard).
  3. Buddhakin

    Harwin is the Hooded man

    I'm not a big "Bolt-on" fan myself. In not suggesting this will unravel the whole argument but if he is leeching himself so the blood wont congeal this means that he is dead. The problem with this is that his body wont keep producing fresh blood after he is dead so he would have stopped leeching himself centuries ago when he leeched every pint from his body. Plus this would leave the guy marble white and nobody would miss that. Even the palest nerd to ever live in a basement isnt so pale as a blood-drained corpse.
  4. Buddhakin

    Harwin is the Hooded man

    True story. Ive played with the idea that Roose has promised Lady Dustin that Ramsay will die after he produces a heir with fArya. It is in everyones best interest if Ramsay goes away and Roose has to know that the North will never bow to his children with Fat Walda because the North won't support any Frey after the Red Wedding but Roose is very concerned withRamsay marrying and reproducing ASAP, before Ramsay can ruin any of his alliances.
  5. Buddhakin

    Harwin is the Hooded man

    Even if Lady Dustin hates Ned as she says she does, she must hate Ramsay even more so because Domeric likely meant more to her than her past relationships and we know she blames Ramsay for her death. So her alliance to the Bolton's is an almost impossible one already. Even Roose doesn't expect Ramsay to be able to hold the North after he's gone and he doesn't believe his Frey kids will survive Ramsay. Roose is so lax about being convinced his house and name are fucked which would almost make me think that taking the north was one big farce but I can't see the logic in that either.
  6. Buddhakin

    Harwin is the Hooded man

    That's a real good point.
  7. Buddhakin

    Harwin is the Hooded man

    Thanks! There are definitely a few good ones and the "Durden" one wouldn't make for bad writing at all. This one just seemed the most logical for me though. There are some I would prefer, like Benjen, to be the Hooded man just to have that character back in the active storyline but the BWB not infiltrating Winterfell doesn't make sense to me since they have good reason and opportunity to do so.
  8. Buddhakin

    Harwin is the Hooded man

    You are spot on with this because the BWB is still searching for Arya when they find Cat. This is three days after the red wedding. At this time, Jamie and Brienne are still traveling south because Jamie misses the purple wedding which isn't arranged until after the red wedding. Now Jeyne Poole leaves with the guard that escorts Jamie and Brienne south and as soon as she makes it to the Twins to meet up with the Boltons, the Bolton's start travelling North to Winterfell. This means that Stoneheart had been resurrected for weeks and had been investigating Arya's potential whereabouts during this time prior to the Bolton/Frey host leaving the Twins for the Neck. Stoneheart would have plenty of time to hear rumors that the Lannisters recovered Arya and gave her to Bolton along with rumors that Arya was traveling east towards the salt pans. Naturally she want to investigate every possibility, which is why, like you pointed out, they are collecting orphans and bringing them back to the crossroads to be identified, probably by Gendry, who will know Arya on sight as well as Harwin or Stoneheart can. But Stoneheart will have more than enough time to hear that Bolton has Arya BEFORE Bolton even reaches the Neck, giving Harwin plenty of time to attach himself to Roose's host before Roose makes it out of the Riverlands and it will be easy for Harwin to fit in with a northern host since he IS a northerner. Plus, like I said, it a win-win because if turns out the Bolton's dont have Arya, that relieves Harwin of the nearly impossible task of getting Arya out of Winterfell and back to the BWB and allows Harwin to eliminate Frey's and Bolton's which is the other main mission of the BWB right now. They often mention how easy it is for a man to attach himself to an army and that it is even preferrable and expected because he is given purpose and authority instead of being another dirty peasent to rob. We see Jaquen, Rorge, and Biter join the Lannisters right after the Lannisters destroy the whole party they were with via Amory Lorch. And the whole reason Bronn becomes a character of any significance is because Cat allows him to attach himself to her party even though he is just some sellsword she doesn't know. So Harwin most likely just strolled right up the Neck to Winterfell alongside the Bolton's like it was no big deal.
  9. Buddhakin

    Harwin is the Hooded man

    So I did a quick look around to see if anyone has already come to this conclusion but I didn't see anything so I apologize in advance to anyone who may have said this first and here we go. All we know of the hooded man at Winterfell is that he knew of Theon well and may have known him personally based off his contempt for Theon and that Theon never saw his face. It is highly likely (but still not a fact) that the hooded man murdered Little Walder. Now lets shift to Harwin. Harwin was one of the twenty men from Neds household guard that went off to assist Dondarrion in arresting Gregor Clegane. Of these twenty men, only six of them were still alive and with Dondarrion when the Brotherhood without Banners captured Arya (I don't remember whether or not Harwin includes himself in that number so it may be six besides Harwin, or six including Harwin, but that's beside the point right now) and it was Harwin who identified Arya. The last time we here specifically about Harwin in the story is when unidentified Catelyn Starks body and begs for her to be brought back to life, which Thoros refuses to do and Beric decides to do himself. Since it was Harwin's brilliant idea to revive Catelyn, it is safe to assume that he chose to stay with Stoneheart when the BWB divided into two groups, those who left with Edric Dayne, and those who remained with Stoneheart, it is also very likely that the other surviving Northmen remained with Stoneheart but we know nothing of their character development besides the fact that they exist and are still alive and where they originally came from. So Harwin is likely Stonehearts right hand man in the new BWB. Next we must look at Stoneheart's movements and operations in the Riverlands which we see in the ASOS epilogue and Jamie's (and to a lesser extent, Briennes) POV chapters in the Riverlands in AFFC. Stoneheart is successfully infiltrating the ranks of Freys in the Riverlands well enough to learn when and where to catch them isolated enough to capture and kill them which means the BWB have a decent spy network in the Riverlands and the means to send information back and forth effectively enough to use the info effectively. We know this to be true because Tom of Sevens was at Riverrun during and after the seige and when Ryman Frey left the seige at Riverrun he was intercepted by Stoneheart. Stoneheart got her sons crown back from Ryman's whore. Now, my attempt at dot-connecting leads me to believe that Stoneheart is well informed enough to know that Roose Bolton is returning North with Freys who played an active role in the Red Wedding and that they have Arya Stark who they plan to marry to Ramsay. We would have no way of knowing whether or not Stoneheart knows that this "Arya" is actually Jeyne Poole but that doesn't matter too much because Stoneheart would want to infiltrate their ranks regardless so she could attempt to pick of the Boltons and Freys in Winterfell. It would be an easy thing for one or a few men to attach themselves to the host returning North and Stoneheart would be sensible to send one of the Northmen from Ned's guard to travel with the Bolton-Frey host to Winterfell because they will naturally be able to fit in with Northmen better and know Winterfell better than anyone returning North with Roose. Harwin is the man for this job. It seems so out of character for Stoneheart, based off what we know about her and her intentions (to kill everyone who had a hand in the ruin of her house and all those loyal to those people) for her to not attempt to send men North to kill off her enemies (and rescue her daughter, provided she believes that they have the real Arya). I concede that the hooded man very well could be one of the other 5 or 6 Northmen and that Theon would recognize any of them so they no matter which of them it is, they would still have to hide their identity from Theon. But it is most likely Harwin because not only are we familiar as readers with Harwin as opposed to one of these other BWB Northmen, but Harwin derives most of his plot contribution from his interaction with Arya and the fact that Arya (fake Arya anyway) is at Winterfell makes it seem more appropriate for Harwin to turn up there out of any BWB member. And like I said before, the hooded man is believed to be the culprit for the death of a Frey. Tell me what you think and thanks for reading!