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    New Zealand

    This really got my hopes up. He has (understandably) been very cagey about when we might get to read the next book, and now suddenly he (sort of) promises that it will out by next summer. Either he got overexcited by New Zeeland, let his guard down and spoke prematurely, or the book is really coming within the year
  2. The show has only made me appreciate the books more. When the show does something stupid, it just makes me want to go and read something instead. I don't mind if the story ends up hitting the same major beats (like Dany going bad), as I am fully confident that George will tell the story leading up them in a more dynamic way.
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    Why did the project fail?

    I think this is the biggest problem. They stopped telling the story dynamically and tried to cut too many corners. It feels like they just want to move on to other things and now I'm kind of dreading what they will do to Star Wars...
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    Questions about Nightflyers

    ok, thanks for the answers!
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    Questions about Nightflyers

    I'd like this to be a spoiler-free thread, in case I decide to watch the show. 1) Does the first season work as a selfcontained story or does it end on a cliffhanger with a lot of open ends? 2) Is it worth watching or should I just read the book instead? (I will get around to read the book anyhow someday, but I think the skin trade is higher up on my to read list)