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  1. Same here, Capaldi brought be back to the show in the hope that it signaled a return to more intelligent storytelling and less 'running around after stuff'. But I soon tuned out after realising that the writing hadn't really improved. I never understood the show's obsession with the Doctors assistant over the the doctor. First it was Billie Piper.. then ..er that boring one.. then 2 whole seasons which were basically the Amy Pond show, then basically the Clara show. I understand that the show's dynamic lends itself to focussing on the main human character, but I've always disliked it. I'm hoping this new doctor will bring in a new era of writing quality... but I'm doubting it tbh
  2. Eggegg

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S4 - We Want to Be Here [spoilers]

    I guess. My issue is probably that I find Rebecca so utterly unlikable in almost every regard. When she is being nice to people it is usually out of some motivation to get something out of them, rather than genuinely having any real affection for anyone. She does occasionally have some nice things to say about Paula, but also treats hers as the sidekick in the Rebecca bunch show and often has little to no regard for her well being. I mean, one of the reasons I believe that Rebecca is so messed up is because she's so internally motivated, she is obsessed by herself and is constantly examining her own emotions and reacting to them. My personal philosophy is that its impossible to be happy if you mostly focus on yourself, and only by caring about other people can you really achieve little bits of happiness. The people I've found to be the most unhappy and have the most issues were those who constantly thought about their own problems over others and obsessed about their own happiness. So in that way I think the show is totally accurate in its portrayal of her character. Plus I think she's a completely false human being. Even when being nice she's putting on a show, trying to impress or get people to like her. She has moments of being genuine, but usually its as a way of making up for those moments where she has messed up royally. I don't think the show expects you to like her, and thats why I enjoy it so much. She's a horrible human being most of the time. The show kind of hinges on your enjoyment of watching her , but you don't have to actually like her at the same time. So when the show pivots and tries to make out that everyone really loves her, in an 'Its a Wonderful Life' sort of way, then it falls down and feels false. I'm totally ok with those characters being concerned for her or wanting to help her out, thats kind of normal, but I felt like they laid it on a bit thick in that episode, and it didn't sit right with me. That was a great song. I quite liked the episode on the whole, despite it basically being about many of the side characters and giving them some screentime. I actually really enjoyed Rebeccas song about Paulas dad, it was creepy, but that was the point, she probably has a number of daddy issues, and I'm sure Paula's dad was wondering why this young girl was hanging out with him! I think this whole storyline was dragging on TBH. The breakup was well handled, but they really needed to move things forward rather than having the whole season about whether they have kids or not. I'm still not entirely convinced that WhiteJosh would ever be going out with Darryl in the first place so hopefully they do something more interesting with it.
  3. yeah this is exactly how I felt. From about the 4th episode my jaw was on the floor mostly, there were some concepts and ideas in there which I absolute loved: The last 2 episodes were still great, but there were some things that sent niggly fears through my brain. I'm worried that the show might end up going into sci fi territory in a much blander, less interesting way than it started. I'm worried that it is introducing some characters who may be more black and white than I would hope, and I'm worried that it might be treading on some ground that other time travel stories have also worn out.. a bit like Terminator for example. But, this show has been phenomenal. If I was a kid in 1986 and I'd come back to visit myself and tell me that I'd be watching a German show this good in 30 years time then I'd never believe me!
  4. Eggegg

    THE PUNISHER now a Netflix series

    I'd say that actually I enjoyed all of the side characters in this show far more than on the other shows. I thought Micro was maybe the best thing in the series tbh. That doesn't mean I didn't wish that they had concentrated more on Frank and less on everyone else. It felt like they were using Punisher as a base to make a bunch of general comments about gun laws and PTSD, which is fair enough, but it felt a little heavy handed at times.
  5. Eggegg

    THE PUNISHER now a Netflix series

    Hopefully there will be some actual punishing of bad guys in the next season.
  6. Eggegg

    Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    Ok my list would probably be.. and wow theres been a lot of shows this year:| 1) Leftovers - Managed to be excellent for 3 full seasons. Amazing send off. 2) The Americans S5 3) Legion 4) Crazy Ex Girlfriend 5) Preacher 6) WestWorld 7) The Crown 8) Rick and Morty 9) Narcos 10) American Gods That top ten are all good shows, I'd watch any of them right now if I could. And here is my bottom ten shows: 1) Game of Thrones - Just a total clusterfuck this year, epic in its awfulness. 2) Iron Fist 3) House of Cards S5 4) Mr Robot 5) Walking Dead 6) 13 Reasons why 7) Man in the High Castle 8) Inhumans 9) Girl Boss 10) Big Mouth
  7. Eggegg

    THE PUNISHER now a Netflix series

    Tru Dat!! Yeah on reflection I am maybe now a little disappointed by the series, it didn't feel like a Punisher series at all to me, maybe because its in origin story mode still (which it shouldnt be by now) but the whole plot line didn't grab me all that much after the first few episodes. I really hope there is a second season so that Frank can fight some real criminals, some gangsters and maybe the Kingpin!!
  8. I'm not sure why they separate out Limited Series from regular drama. Is there really a difference?
  9. Eggegg

    Rick and Morty Season 3

    I'm not sure which bit the 'why' is about but my opinion is that Season 3 has a couple of fantastic episodes and 2 of the worst episodes of the show so far. Episodes like Pickle Rick, Rest and Ricklaxation and maybe the Ricklantis Mixup are top quality R&M and episodes I'll come back to time and again. The ABC's of Beth and the Rickchurian Candidate were pretty awful by R&M standards however. ABCs particularly was the least funny episode I've seen in a long while, and both suffer from the attempt to make a large overt point about Ricks relationship with his daughter. I don't think it worked, and Beth is maybe the least developed, interesting character on the show.
  10. Eggegg

    American Gods on Starz

    Oh god, yeah Hannibal was awful for that.
  11. Eggegg

    American Gods on Starz

    Thats a big shame, his visual flair was a big factor on the shows success. Having said that, he's not the greatest at putting together a cohesive and tight narrative and tends to get overly concerned with making things look pretty, so might not be so big a loss. S1 certainly had a lot of moments where the plot just slowed to a crawl to take some time to look at a scene Fuller deemed visually interesting.
  12. Eggegg

    THE PUNISHER now a Netflix series

    I havent finished the series yet, but it seems to me that the writers seemed more interested in making political points on gun ownership and use of violence and seemed very nervous about making a show which in any way glorifies Frank's war on crime. Every episode they seem to take deliberate attempts to make sure they clarify that 'Frank is wrong, guns are wrong mmkay!'. I'm actually fine with the direction they took, but I can just sense their fear of public outrage.
  13. Eggegg

    Board games!

    This is going to be my christmas present to myself this year! Forcing the family to play this over the holidays. I've never tried it but everyone says its good.
  14. Eggegg

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S4 - We Want to Be Here [spoilers]

    Ok I think that I quite enjoyed 'Head in the clouds' as well. But the opening song of the season wasn't one of the best, Strip away my conscience didn't do much for me , the electric toothbrush song was overlong and one of those crowbarred in songs. I did forget that Everything I've done for you was in episode 2 as well, and yes that was a good song. But I think my comment was more about the overall writing quality which I found a bit weak up until the later episodes. The show also has a bit of a problem at the end of making me believe that anybody likes Rebecca at all. She's such an awful human being that when her friends are deeply concerned about her that it doesn't really seem very real. Paula I can understand as she has some pathological condition that means shes permanently linked to Rebecca forever, but everyone she works with and is friends with have very little actual reason to miss her or to not just permanently eject her from their lives.