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    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    We have yet to figure out what the ordeal of the Red Comet is... so what do you think is the best explanation? With the material (lore) we have right now.
  2. LittleFinger turned Jeyne into a whore and disguised herself to be Arya Stark to be married off to Ramsay. Seeing as how she didn't know Jon Snow is now LC, I bet she didn't know what happened to Jeyne or who Arya Stark is.... Lets say Miranda Royce "slips" again on whats going on with the events surrounding her bestfriend and Winterfell. Will this bit of info be enough to turn on Littlefinger? 1
  3. Lets say a Combined Westeros and with Iron Islands VERSUS a united Free Cities AND their regions not just the cities itself. For Simplicity Sake, no supernatural/religious/banking elements. Volantis is powerful and rich, but clearly past its glory days. Braavos rules a coastline extending for a couple of hundred miles Southwards. I expect it has a considerable hinterland as well. Volantis has extensive inland territories, as does Pentos. Basically Westeros loses, and needs either Volantis or Braavos or Both to sit out. They will land first and fast. You could hopefully distract them but having them force themselves in through the North or through Dorne. Westeros armies need to be quicker in taking the cities. And establishing a line of supplies & reinforcements. Would be essential. Could Westeros play Defense and hold out for the onslaught? No, not really. =/
  4. I refuse these men were shooting blanks after their wives have died.
  5. Ellard Stark

    Could Joffrey be Controlled?

    Joffrey was too trusting. He let everyone call the shots and received the blame.
  6. Ellard Stark

    Why do you all hate Sansa Stark?

    Cersei is simply awful. To give her power is like allowing a monkey to fly a plane. I don't pity her, I pity the smallfolk who live under her "reign". Arya and Sansa are still kids. Big difference.
  7. Ellard Stark

    The Carter Presidency And The Game Of Thrones

    All my life I heard the same thing, Jimmy Carter was a good man but not a good president. It seems to be a common saying.
  8. Well that went from zero to 100 quickly
  9. Thats why there are so little threads on this subplot. I would rather prefer if Dany ended somewhere more vibrant in Essos. P.S. Quaithe is the Harpy.
  10. Ellard Stark

    How many bastards do you think Tytos, Tywin & Tyrion have?

    Cherry on Top. Most Nobleman have bastards. Only if a succession crisis occurs will a acknowledged bastard be put into consideration. Most lords won't care what happens to the babe. For Example: When presented with his latest bastard, Robert scruffs at the new born.
  11. Ellard Stark

    Theories on Magic in Westeros

    Not all magic costs something....
  12. Ellard Stark

    Theories on Magic in Westeros

    So I used to really think about magic in asoiaf. Per GRRM, there is no magic system in asoiaf. As GRRM puts it: it is dangerous, mysterious and unpredictable. There are ways to do the same thing with different means. Greenseers and children of the forest can use earth magic as "The Hammers of Waters" is actually "giants waking from earth" which is basically a earthquake. They can skinchange animals and have green dreams. Others can raise dead as mooks and make ice weapons and armors and other stuff with ice. They can bring cold I guess. Melisandre can burn her enemies' blood (she burnt Orell). Beric's blood burns too. The firemage in Qarth can make flowers and ladders made of fire. He can also walk on coals and wake fire from dragonglass (he also disappeared in mists which is WEIRD?). Rhoynar water wizards and witches could bend water, yep. I also suspect that they could read the water as TWOIAF says Rhoyne often warned her children about the dangers. Water witches can also find water sources or make them bloom again, raise the river and make floods. Bloodmages or maegi, can read the future by tasting blood. "Revive" a dead person or make human/animal hybrids by mating women with animals. Shadowbinders can birth shadows (see Mel) and weave glamors (as a glamor is made of shadow and light, I reckon it is from Mel's shadowbinder training and not red priesstess) Summoning winds seem like a basic magic that many sorcerers could learn lol. Melisandre, Moqorro, the warlocks all can do it. Alys Rivers could read the fire, water and clouds. So my theory on Rhoynar holds water (punny) and it proves that air is a magical area. For the wind/air magic we have; summoning favorable winds, reading clouds. When asked what a stormsinger is GRRM said it is a magical discipline in the East. We also hear of aeromancers in Asshai multiple times in both the main books and TWOIAF. According to TWOIAF piests of Lion of Night, Bakkalon and Black Goat study magic too (they are mentioned in Asshai and Qohorik are interested in arcane we know that). So saying R'hllor is real because his priests have power is not enough. Warlocks and the Undying a particular kind of magic I think. They have no connection with any classical elements. Warlocks with their shade of the evening receive prophetic visions. Warlocks can call winds too. The Undying are magical vampires and functionally immortal (until they are not lol). Their home was spatically bended, it was far larger than it seemed. Phantom tortosies carrying message, rats eating their own tail, a Pureborn's wife going mad after mocking a warlock are all suspected to be warlock magic. Valyrians were good at fire and blood magic. They were dragonlords, able to control dragons. Shape earth like clay with dragonfire to make fantastic castles and roads. They also knew how to make and re-forge Valyrian steel. They also used glass candles. One slave in Meereen has tattoes of Valyrian glyphs which should give him skin as hard as steel so maybe they used to have magic like that. I suspect they also knew spells to become immune to fire, I mean they were dragonlords after all. They might have spells to make themselves immune to diseases as Viserys believed Targaryens were so but I don't know it is a pet theory of mine. Alchemists in Lys, Tyrosh and King's Landing are mentioned. It is magic science. They know how to make stuff. Tears of Lys, the strangler, wildfire and different colors from snails (mentioned in Tyrosh section in TWOIAF). Mel knows how to make powders. Her powders can show her truth (lie detection, she says to Davos that she would know if he lies); others powders are for lust and fear (Mirri Maz Duur is suspected to use fear one in agot. Dany filled with terror when Mirri threw a red powder in fire and Eriah fled in terror). We also hear about the shapechangers in the East. I believe they also use Faceless Men's technique of changing face and voice. Of course, Faceless Men can change their faces/voices. Necromancers are mentioned various times, Qyburn is one. He could make zombies from dead, basically. Necromancers are found in Qohor, Asshai and Nefer. Thoros could use the kiss of life to bring the dead back, Beric too. Note that kiss of fire is the only type of resurrection that brings people as people. Melisandre and Moqorro don't need basic needs to survive like food, water or sleep. An overlooked detail in TWOIAF is that Summer Islanders make their ship wood harder with magics.
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    The Lord of Crossing Game

  14. Ellard Stark

    Theories on Magic in Westeros

    We won't get a 100% answer on this. Ever ?
  15. Ellard Stark

    How many bastards do you think Tytos, Tywin & Tyrion have?

    Prostitutes / Whores main customers are mostly regular people. They might be tempted to keep a baby from Nobility, for a better life... Also Moon Tea isn't a guarantee ( I assume?)
  16. Ellard Stark

    How many bastards do you think Tytos, Tywin & Tyrion have?

    For the average joe, sure, but what if the person isn't just random joe and is a high lord or maybe.. a king? We talk about fantasy version of Plan B all day all night. But even in Fantasy Worlds, nothing is 100%. Now I ain't saying all these women are "thots" =)
  17. Ellard Stark

    Why do you all hate Sansa Stark?

    So did the 13th lord commander
  18. Ellard Stark

    How many bastards do you think Tytos, Tywin & Tyrion have?

    Pretty sure these wealthy guys overall not just the lannisters, can afford to have more than 1 mistress. They can be random women that just caught their eye for a night. If you're a woman, a prostitute or a commoner, what a way to escape that life with having a bastard. Even Roose couldn't directly hurt the commoner. So yea
  19. Ellard Stark

    Why do you all hate Sansa Stark?

    I only want the top, I aint trying to pipe
  20. Ellard Stark

    Why do you all hate Sansa Stark?

    Starks rule Lannisters drool
  21. She "fled" KL in a haste. Said the Lannisters poisoned their Liege Lord who was overall a nice dude. And chopped off their friend that they grown up with (Eddard). Yes Yes Yesss some were working to marry Lysa, some wanted to stay out and others wanted glory. How did a foreigner, re-assuming the regency in a kingdom she hardly been in (She lived at KL after Robert's Rebellion), prevent a skirmish from breaking out? I mean come on, shes not the brightest player. Shouldnt there been some Vale dudes around? I mean everyone had their own loyal men around. Where are all these honorable Vale knights? hmmmm Even if all the valelings are stuck behind the bloody gate, how did a mutiny not break out? Its a dangerous gamble LF took
  22. Ellard Stark

    Did Moat Cailin Have a Full-Time Garrison Pre-Conquest?

    I just want to know who built it and why
  23. I’ve seen Westeros described as a martial aristocracy. Every lord is supposed to be a warrior (in theory). Their sons are supposed to begin martial training in early childhood. Their homes are fortresses. Their authority derives from their ability to protect their holdings and enforce their will through strength-of-arms. Though the details vary, this is true from Winterfell to the Sunspear. Some of the individual states are very good at certain aspects of warfare. Bravos, is a naval powerhouse, Myr seems to have an edge in weapons technology, and Qohor has the best armorers and metalsmiths in the world. The Stepstones: 1400 Men under Aurane waters, 3 Warships. The Stepstones: 620 Men under Salladhor Saan, 14 Ships. Tyrosh: 14K Levy, 3000 Tyroshi City Watch, 300 merchant guards, 250 Ships. Lys: 13K Levy, 3270 City Watch, 400 Lysene Pikemen, 300 Ships. Myr: 15K Levy, 2000 City Watch, 2300 Crossbowmen, 430 Ships Pentos: 1900 City watch, 20 Warships, Pentos is Forbidden from raising an army except for the city watch. Braavos: 18K Levy, 400 Titan Guards, 3000 City Watch, 1000 Ships. Lorath: 4K Levy, 2200 City Watch, 60 Ships. Norvos: 9K Levy, 760 Holy Warriors, 2500 City Watch, 50 Ships. Selhorys and Valysar: 700 Heavy Cavalry, 300 Archers. Volantis: 21K Levy, 3000 Slave Soldiers , 4000 Tiger Cloaks,140 War Elephants, 400 War Galleys. Qohor: 4300 Levy, 3300 Unsullied(City Watch),200 Heavy Cavalry,70 Ships. Something about Elephants