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  1. This was my feeling as well. Fingers crossed!
  2. So many things...Did Bran manipulate everything to become King? And if he did, why? Because he saw that he was the best option for a better future? For someone who didn't want it, he seemed pretty happy about it. Or at least as happy as UnBran gets. I think Sansa meant the Northmen wouldn't kneel again....unless it was to her. I got the feeling she wanted the crown, and was really not ok with Bran being chosen. But after everyone else said aye, she decided being queen of the North would have to do. Really still don't like her character. Don't know if the character is supposed to be a smug bitch, but she rubs me wrong, lol. Sorry to all Sansa fans, but you can at least be happy about her outcome. Jon is, and has always been, my favorite. And I still don't know what the hell is going on. His arc thrown out the window in favor of other characters, unless his arc really was only about playing a role in driving Dany over the edge and then killing her? Is he really in the night's watch, or is he now a wildling? This is a big question for me. Truly in night's watch means end of the Targaryen line. That makes me sad. If Jon is able to marry and have children, I would be ok with his ending. I hate not knowing what happens next, lol. Extremely frustrating. I need the books. I need answers lol.
  3. How did Jon know what Dany was saying during her speech? He learned both Dothraki and High Valaryian since he met Dany? Quite the multitasker. Just one detail of many that bothered me.
  4. I believe I read they really wanted Tyrion to have a big role this episode. Mission accomplished and Peter D was really good. Some beautiful scenes. But overall I was underwhelmed. Found it pretty boring and anticlimactic. Too many things just didn't make sense. They pounded a square peg into a round hole too many times in an attempt to wrap things up.
  5. So, unless Sansa has kids, House Stark is dead. I hope Jon was abandoning the wall, bc him being the last Targaryen really bugged me. So the end of possibly Stark, Targaryen, Tyrell, Bolton, Karstark, Umber, I can't even remember them all, and what about Tarly? There are just too many things that don't make sense! So many questions still. So much I don't understand. And never will bc they just left us hanging. They may have wanted to tie up the loose ends, but they failed.
  6. Actually makes me wonder if R+L=J really is true. I would be really disappointed with GRRM is it is true and only used as a plot device to push Dany over the edge, as in the show. So either they just completely butchered his storyline, or it's a red herring.
  7. I wanted to see Drogon spit fire at Jon and for it to not hurt him. Then for Drogo to melt the throne and take dany. Completely disappointing
  8. Plot holes bigger than our pot holes here in WV. That's impressive. This finale just doesn't feel like a finale. Sigh....
  9. I didn't feel much about it, but I don't blame the actors for that. I think they did the best they could with what they were given. Too much of this episode was kinda corny. Like low budget B movie corny.
  10. I felt more more Drogon than I did any of the human characters. I don't think that's the way it was supposed to work....
  11. The acting was great, as usual. Have absolutely nothing bad to say about the acting.
  12. So disappointed. There were a couple cool scenes. It was nice to see some characters that have been MIA. And that's the only bright spots for me. The dialogue was not inspiring, and that was a tremendous let down. I expected better on that front. Overall, I actually thought it was boring. I can't even be mad about it. I just feel sad and disappointed.
  13. TNTW

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I am actually ok with the main character ends. Jon, Sansa, Arya, Dany. Their ending make sense to me. Bran as King is out there, but I'm sure GRRM will make it believable. My problem, and I know it's been beat to death, is pacing, unfinished story lines, and too many unanswered questions. If they had done full seasons for 7 and 8, this could have been avoided, imo. Never going to make everyone happy, but it would have been better I think. That would have been 7 more episodes. They could have pulled this off beautifully with 7 more episodes to do justice to character arcs, tie up loose ends, and give us the dialogue and character interaction that made this show great. It just makes me sad.
  14. TNTW

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    The show goes A to C to E, with nothing to bind that sequence. We are left to make assumptions and fill those unknowns with our imaginations. Now maybe that was the point. Maybe they think the majority want that. I personally just find it incredibly frustrating. I am beyond caring who lives and dies, who rules in the end. It's the lack of cohesion that bothers me the most. All the questions that will be left unanswered. All the dead end story lines. Personally, the show was really just a time filler, a taste of the story, to keep me from starving while waiting for GRRM. I had hoped to at least find out some of the answers the books have left us hanging with. Mostly didn't happen. Still left waiting for books that may, or may not, ever be finished. Very unsatisfying.
  15. TNTW

    Prediction for finale

    Prediction for finale: pain, disappointment and expectations subverted.