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    Jaime Lannister - A True Knight

    The 'Inside the Episode' explained what D&D intended, but I don't really like it. It ends with them calling Cersei 'the woman he loves,' and how they belong together and he wanted to die in the arms of the woman he loves. Instead of his story ending with him becoming better, it cements that he is the stupidest Lannister.
  2. JohnWyatt

    Why the Night King Didn't Fight Jon

    Given what appeared to me to be D&D's hurry to put some of the fantasy elements to bed, I wonder if they set aside these questions with the thought, "Ah, let the prequels figure it out..."
  3. JohnWyatt

    Arya and the Horse

    But in the final episode - poof - the horse is gone and we're left with just our speculation from ep 5
  4. JohnWyatt

    Jaime Lannister - A True Knight

    When he killed the Mad King, he willingly broke the Kingsguard oath because he could see that the King didn't deserve his faith any more and knew it was more important to save thousands than follow an insane tyrant. I thought it might cure Jaime of Cersei when she accomplished with Wildfire what he stopped Aerys from trying. With Jaime and Dany both unable to overcome their backgrounds, it's for me not to think's the showrunners' message, even though it felt for years they were saying you can influence your destiny and rise above.
  5. JohnWyatt

    Anyone seen this? (F&B article from EW)

    A part that bugs me is that on the BTS episode, they said Dany 'kind of forgot' about the Iron Fleet, which sounds ludicrous and denies that Dany and the dragons would have seen the ships before they were in range.
  6. JohnWyatt

    Samwell as Grand Maester

    It makes me wonder what the writers thought he was representing in the Dragonpit meeting? He wasn't dressed as a maester, so I assumed he was now the bigshot from House Tarly. Now I wonder if the writers put that much thought into it.
  7. I have to wonder if they didn't show Jon confessing/explaining how Dany died because they couldn't write a satisfying way to show it. How did Grey Worm not kill him like he killed kneeling Lannisters? I wondered if we didn't see Sansa's and Arya's reaction to learning Jon's parentage onscreen because there was going to be some curve ball when the audience found out. But there wasn't. Leaving important scenes to our imagination feels like more of an indictment of the writers.