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    The Hound and The Little Bird

    Yes! Love that take. I feel like there is a lot of set up for a potential SOMETHING with them! I love hearing everyone’s views on what all these symbols could mean.
  2. PD93

    The Hound and The Little Bird

    Maybe so! It’s definitely a complex scene. I wouldn’t say she gave him nothing. Singing him the prayer of the mother seemed to really touch him somehow. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Sansa finished out the series single. But I wouldn’t completely rule it out. She’s grown and learned that looks aren’t everything and the value of someone knightly can be from someone who doesn’t look the part. All part of growing up, I think! But he definitely spent more time in the show with Arya, so I would love to see them reunite as well. I don’t think there will be any bad blood between them!
  3. PD93

    The Hound and The Little Bird

    I will definitely check out those essays! Your insight really helped. That’s what I had been picking up on, but wasn’t sure if maybe I was reading too much into it or not. I feel like they are playing down the relationship in the show but still leaving some of the key scenes Incase they decide to visit the relationship. I also feel like the cloak holds a lot of symbolism in itself. White being pure, but it’s bloodstained. He drapes it over her when she’s been stripped in the court and then leaving it with her when he leaves. And not to mention, any other significance of any cloak is during wedding ceremonies as a symbol of the husbands protection. I NEED THEM TO REUNITE ASAP. Thank you for breaking it down for me, blue-eyed wolf!:)
  4. So, I am new to this forum (or any for that matter) but absolutely love everything GOT. I have watched the show a few times through, and am now reading the series (currently on ACOK). I have always been a hopeless romantic so many plots are currently fascinating me and has me rooting for certain couples. I really love the relationship of Sandor and Sansa but really struggle with some aspects of it. I know that the point of GRRM making these characters is to show how complex humans are, but I wonder if The Hound always had the best intentions with Sansa. It seems to me that he was trying to protect her in King’s Landing while not blowing his cover, which I strongly believe. But then there were his actions, and his rough words which leave me flabbergasted. I love the contrast between the two of them and how (in the show at least) they seem to be meeting more in the middle as far as personalities go. By season 7, he’s showing us more compassion and her more strength. I’m super eager for their reunion, by the way. But as I read the books and hear them talk with a fluff of various innuendos, he says to her “I’ll have a song from you one day, whether you will it or not.” And she says “I will gladly give it to you.” My real question being: I can’t help but wonder if song is a metaphor for something: sex, appreciation, etc.? I’ve kind of went back and forth between various possibilities. I feel as though appreciation/love could work as she is always looking away and rarely seeming to notice the extent of his kindness in the dangerous area they are with the Lannisters. But in the Battle of the Blackwater, a drunk man coming to a girls room, screams sex to me. It makes me wonder if the thought of sex (or rape) was a possibility to him. He demands a song, and she touches his emotions with the one she picks, and it takes him by surprise. It almost looks like maybe he wanted to lay with her, but he realized her innocence and thought better. The reference of the song throughout the book is vague but I was hoping someone would have a better idea than me! They reference each other a lot after, so I wonder what GRRM is playing at with his deliberate use in their relationship.