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  1. Giomax

    What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Fried chicken and smashed red potatoes.
  2. Giomax


    (I've seen this HBO mini-series mentioned in other threads but I don't believe it has a topic of its own, so here we are.) Gunpowder (ft. Kit Harrington) premiered in the US just a few days ago and I'm planning on starting it today. Who else has watched it or is planning on watching it?
  3. Giomax

    Happy Ever After?

    It is a little vague, but the interviewee did say that his information came from GRRM himself.
  4. Giomax

    Canine Health Questions

    Could be a UTI or kidney problems. Only a vet can properly diagnose.
  5. Giomax

    Am I the only one ...., v. 3

    "Am I the only one around here who?" AITOOAHW who thinks that show!Ramsay was too ridiculous and over-the-top to even take seriously?
  6. Giomax

    Unanswered questions

    Why was Robb's accent so different from his family's? Why was Jaquen in the dungeons in King's Landing?
  7. Count Balerion isn't even a member of this forum.
  8. Giomax

    Cast the poster above.

    Ser Pounce (going by the avatar)
  9. Giomax

    Would you rather?

    Remain a smuggler for sure. That sounds like a lot more fun than being a knight anyway. WYR own a dragon or be a dragon?
  10. Giomax

    The Word Non Association Thread

  11. Giomax

    What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Cheap pizzaaaaa.
  12. Giomax

    Happy Ever After?

  13. Giomax

    Happy Ever After?

    The title can refer to both of them even without them having a romantic relationship. Maybe GRRM always intended J/D to hook up, maybe he didn't. They can still be two sides to the same story regardless.