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    Who would be the best King from the WoFK

    Absolutely! Smiths have other tasks as well, but Noye was the castlesmith of Storms End. A castlesmith is a specific profession which is responsible for the weapons and armor of his lord and his men-at-arms. And as for copper, yes it is a main component in bronze. But let's see the main uses of bronze in medieval times: coin, and mint; Mirrors; Sculptures. These are pretty specific uses, of which I believe none are one of Noye's tasks. Brass bronze (copper and zinc) is often used as a decorative metal. Funts and fountains used by churches use brass, and exquisite pitchers. While I concur that it adds to the monetary value of the metal, it still has little value to a weaponsmith as Donal Noye. Sorry for the delayed answer btw, been busy.
  2. Mainstroke

    Who would be the best King from the WoFK

    To "be above the law" does not make one lawful. We have several instances in our own world of people with diplomatic immunity committing crimes. I would also place Joffrey at the very bottom of law since he has no inkling of what the laws of the land actually is. Administering "justice" on a whim is not lawful, it is a despicable boy's sadistic relief. I'm fairly sure he would let a person he likes run around killing and raping freely shielding him from all repercussions, not a splendid act of upholding the law...
  3. Mainstroke

    Who would be the best King from the WoFK

    I think you have to look at it from a medieval blacksmiths perspective. He forges weapons, what metals are of value then? Steel by far is the most worth when forging weapons. It is hard and flexible, both good qualities in swords. Cast Iron (you are correct there, pure iron is malleable but cast iron is what Noye is describing as black and hard and brittle) can be processed to a usable weapon. But copper, that is way to soft to be a usable weapon by itself, and is actually of lower worth than both Steel and cast iron in a medieval society. Also, Robert showed great charisma and leading capabilities in his younger years. Adding to his remarkable fighting abilities he was a pretty great person. But by GoT he has fallen pretty low and steel is not symbolic for ruling. I guess all metals are useless when not used for their original purpose. Main uses of these metals in a medieval setting was: Steel - weapons, armor; aka fighting Iron - tools and horseshoes etc.; aka commoner use in everyday life (Steel is better but not affordable for a regular person) Copper - coins and decorative objects (mostly); aka economy and luxuries