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  1. WildlingWitch

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    @LionoftheWest, @hodorisfaclessman If you really want to discuss/argue about this please do it in this thread and not one about Daenerys.
  2. WildlingWitch

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    It most certainly can be denied The wildling turned to Melisandre. “I will need horses. Half a dozen good ones. And this is nothing I can do alone. Some of the spearwives penned up at Mole’s Town should serve. Women would be best for this. The girl’s more like to trust them, and they will help me carry off a certain ploy I have in mind.” “What is he talking about?” Lord Snow asked her. Mance had already decided to go on the mission BEFORE Jon knew anything about it so Jon couldn't have ORDERED it. I don't understand why people use this as an argument. No I don't think Jon was going to sent her back to Ramsey, even if everything went smoothly and Jon realised that Jayne was impersonating Arya he still would not have sent her back to Ramsey. There is no law that says the Lord Commander has to send a fleeing bride back to her abuser. We actually see this play out with Alys Karstark it is the exact same dilemma that Jon would have faced with FArya and Ramsey and nobody tells Jon that he is wrong for helping her.
  3. WildlingWitch

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Yeah I agree I don't think Bowen has as many men on his side as he thinks. Or maybe he knows that nobody will agree with him but because he believes what he's doing is right he decided that his final act will be taking down the LC. Jon has mentioned that the Queens guards are really Melisandre's men and Melisandre has chosen Jon and Stannis as her special boys so I this she'll remain loyal to him for now and order her men to fight Bowen and his men. Even though Jon and Selyse don't see eye to eye I don't believe that she would want to be taken prisoner by a known Psychopath that gets off on torturing people so what little men she does command would be against Bowen. I think enough of the Wildlings respect Jon enough to fight for him. A few of the Free Folk have taken the Black already and Tormund, Val and Morna who are all considered Wildling leaders in some way are on Jon's side. This is all of cause if Jon's stabbing had anything to do with the Pink letter at all. I would love to see the confusion on these threads if it's revealed that Bowen and his men staabbed Jon for some reason that we had never even considered.
  4. WildlingWitch

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Ain't that the way I go to bed and the thread comes to life I know not all criticisms of Jon are based on hate I criticize his character all the time I believe that's something that GRRM wants us to do with his characters. Criticism is fine, bald faced lies designed to bash a specific character is not fine. Saying something like 'Mance left for Winterfell because Jon told him to' and then backing it up with 'OMG Jon just sucks' is not criticism. If Mance was acting under Jon’s orders then he would have gone to the lake, found the girl that Melisandre believed was Arya and brought her back to the Watch because that is where Jon believed Mance was. On his way to meet with FArya he sees Melisandre and begins to think And this isn’t the last time he thinks that either Jon doesn’t realize that Mance is at Winterfell until he receives the pink letter informing him that Mance was Ramsey’s prisoner.
  5. WildlingWitch

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Even without Jon's permission Mance still would have found a way to leave the Knights Watch. That's what he's good at sneaking in and out of places he even makes a point of saying that he could have sneaked into Jon's chambers without anyone knowing. Also I know this has been argued but Jon did not agree for Mance to go to Winterell. Yes he obviously agreed to the mission but he agreed to let Mance go to the Lake and when the grey girl finally rocked up at the Watch he questioned why Mance wasn't with her. But I didn't really want to get into this argument again my post was supposed to be more or a "we all have our irrational hate characters but we can't let that hate stop us from enjoying the story by ignoring whats written'
  6. WildlingWitch

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    It really doesn't matter if you dislike a character or not but you can't ignore the text just because you dislike that character. I dislike Jaime Scumbag idiot face but I'm not going to say that he's NOT on a redemption arc or that he's NOT trying to distance himself from Cersei because he is. I know he is because it was written in the text. Its the same with Jon. Jon fans don't care if you like Jon, Hate Jon or won't to reach thorough the page and drawn him in a ditch but you can't ignore whats written on the page because you don't like the character. You can't say that it was his idea to send Mance to Winterfell because to believe that you have to willfully ignore an entire chapter that tells us that Mel came up with the idea and that Mance had already agreed to the mission and planned a secondary mission before Jon found out about it. You can't say that Jon betrayed the Watch in order to launch a rescue mission for Arya or to start a war with Ramsey because he only decides to ride South after Ramsey threatened to attack the Night's Watch which is defenseless from the South.
  7. WildlingWitch

    Why do the direwolves hate Tyrion?

    The direwolves are there to protect the Starks whenever one of them is feeling hurt, angry, unsafe etc the direwolves will react to it. When Tyrion and Jon were on their way to the Wall Jon is upset because Tyrion was teasing him and even though we know that Tyrion feels bad about it from his pov, Jon doesn't know that because he's not a mind reader so Ghost picks up on Jon's feelings towards Tyrion and goes on the defensive. Likewise When Tyrion goes back to Winterfell Robb has reason to believe that one of the Lannisters tried to murder Bran so the direwolves pick up on Robbs hostility and react to it. I don't believe that the direwolves are reacting to Targaryen blood because even if it turns out that Jon isn't a Taygaryen (which I doubt) Aemon a Targaryen is also at the Wall and doesn't have a problem with ghost at all. I do believe that Tryion is going to have a slightly villainous role later on in the story. After Tyrion discovered that Jaime lied to him about his wife he starts going down a very dark path so the direwolves reacting badly to Tyrion could be a hint towards that.
  8. WildlingWitch

    Dany was most like named by her mother, Tyrion by his father, Jon by Ned.

    No because GRRM was giving eagle eyed viewers a secret spoiler. When he made that quote a lot of people had already begun to suspect that Ned was not Jon biological father so by saying that "Ned named Jon" instead of "Jon's father" was just a creative easter egg.
  9. WildlingWitch

    Sansa and Cognitive Dissonance

    I think Sansa picked her battle well when it comes to Tyrion. Sansa has a lot of built up frustration and anger for the Lannister's that she can't let out. She can't insult Cersei or Joffrey because they are currently the most powerful two in the Kingdom and she has a lot of hate she can't let loose, she finds herself married to one of these people that she has so much hate for but luckily everybody and their dog insults him so it wouldn't look like treason if she joined in. Sansa gets to let go of some of that anger that she's been hiding and Tryion who is smart and understanding would have enough sense to understand the position she's in.
  10. WildlingWitch

    Jon Snow and Sexuality

    Actually there were a few did Ygritte rape Jon threads a few years back that I stumbled across when I was just a lurker. You could probably still find them though they've probably been closed down by now. It gets very in depth if you want to try to find them.
  11. WildlingWitch

    Who are the Faceless Men impersonating?

    I had completely forgotten that I had made this thread I was going to go back and read all of the books to see if I could discover any hidden faceless men. Your right I don't know why I wrote the Kindly man instead of Jaqen H'ghar. I guess I got the two confused in mu little brain.
  12. WildlingWitch

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    For me the same thing that irritates me when reading her chapters is the same thing I enjoy about her as a character. I love that GRRM realized that the Stark's were too good and created a character that is still inherently good but has a slightly skewed view giving her the potential to be viewed the way the Lannister's are viewed. (If that makes sense to anyone). I enjoyed that every now and then she broke the Stark norm while at the same time being irritated that she was breaking the Stark norm. After AGoT she began to follow the same path as her siblings All the Stark children are naive, sheltered, want to do the right thing and are on a journey of self discovery and will probably become some type of hero, but every now and then I kind of root for Sansa to just do something wrong and slightly sketchy.
  13. WildlingWitch

    Mance Rayder violated guest rights!

    Mance had already agreed to the mission before Melisandre had informed Jon of her plan to rescue to rescue fArya. This is Melisandre talking to a disguised Mance at the beginning off Melisandre’s chapter in ADWD telling him where to find Arya. The chapter ends with Melisandre thinking ‘The day has come, the red priestess thought. Lord Snow will have to listen to me now.’ This was when Melisandre and Mance decided to clue Jon in on their plan at the end of Melisandre’s chapter. Jon does eventually OK the mission but we actually have no idea why or when he agreed to Mance's mission as the chapter abruptly ends without giving us an answer. We never see Jon coming round to Melisandre’s way of thinking the chapter just ends and the next we hear off it Mance has already left. At the end of this chapter Jon has NOT agreed to anything he is still just confused as to why Mance isn’t dead. Back to the OP Mance has not broken guest right because he hasn’t harmed either Roose or Ramsey Bolton who are the hosts of the Winterfell gathering. If you believe they are the hosts that is, I personally don’t believe that they are the hosts because Roose make a big deal out of saying that they are only going to Winterfell because it Ayra’s Home.
  14. WildlingWitch

    Is Drogon the most iconic dragon of all time?

    The Dragon from Beowulf would defiantly be considered iconic considering it influenced the image of later dragons.
  15. WildlingWitch

    Is Drogon the most iconic dragon of all time?

    When I think of a dragon I usually thing of Malicifant from Seeping Beauty. When I'm drawing a dragon I usually give them feathers though because some dinosaurs had feathers.