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    Would Balon attacking the Westerlands really change anything?

    Firstly what changes if he Ironborn Invasion of the North no longer happens. 1) Jamie is not freed as Bran and Rickon are not belived to be dead by Catelyn. This would mean Karstarks do not abandon Robbs cause to find him. 2) Robb does not need to re-take the North, the reason he needed the Frey army (to help take Moat Caitlin and have access to the Neck) 3) WInterfell still holds Frey hostages so Walder Frey may be a bi more cautious 4) Robb will not be comforted by Jeyne Westerling as he does not here about Theon killing Bran and Rickon blaming himself for sending Theon home 5) Ramsay Snow is still a prisoner at Winterfell. I doubt this would keep Roose from looking for better alternative but if Robb is winning why would he jump ship? yeah he does not like the Starks and wants more power but he is an opportunist and not stupid 6) No rushed Frey wedding (either due to no need for Frey alliance or no betrayel by Robb) so Roose still holds Harenhal possibly 7) Arya is brought to Riverun by BWB or Sandor and reunites with family- Now the truth that the Lannisters only hold Sansa and not Arya, Bran and Rickon are safe Sansa value as an heir goes way down, would a trade be now be open for the Lannister Squires? 8)I doubt Sansa will be wed to Tyrion as she is no longer the key to the North Secondly what changes if the Ironborn attack the Westerlands 1) Robb may now have the strength to take Castely Rock rather than leading Tywin on a merry chase. But this is not definite 2)Tywin would still make it back to Kings Landing, and I believe Tyrells still join them as Mace wants Margery to be Queen of Westeros and not the North (In ASOS he sees the North as worth abandoning to gain support of Iron born) So Stannis still loses. 3)Westerlands could now be held by Iron born while Robb goes back to the Riverlands 4)Tywin will need to battle or sue for peace. Sending Tyrels to battle and keeping Lanniser men in reserve would help slow Tyrell rise and keep him safe- I doubt he would be in mortal danger but Robb could beat him in battle sending him to a retreat improving Northern/Trident morale 5) Marriage to Margery goes ahead- Joff dies still Tyrion set up- Tyrion does not escape as Jamie is in Riverrun- he dies or is sent to the Wall He does not get in Aegon's head so they head to Dany for original plan 6)Littlefinger has Sansa but Robb is winning so it is to dangerous to keep her in the Eyrie with her Aunt- His best move would be to marry Lysa, convince her to join Robb, keep Harenhal and use Sansa to get more power- made Lord Paramount of the Eyrie (then kill Lysa) wait for more chaos in the future 7)North, Westerlands, Vale, Riverlands combined against Kings Landing and Highgarden. Margery not married to Tommen yet, Tyrells have a chance to jump ship- Lannisters destroyed. Westerlands now part of Iron Islands Kingdom, North and Riverlands One Kingdom, Eyrie made into its own Kingdom, making Littlefinger a King (good match for Sansa if Lysa dies) Crownlands were never important before Aegon landed- 8) Stannis threatened Robb- Tyrells need something so Storms End joins to The Reach so Tyrells can be Kings of the South What about the Nights Watch? 1) Bran would use Robbs remaining men (that tried to retake winterfell back from Theon) to stop wildling invasion. Jon elected Lord Commander- added bonus- his family run the North so he can convince them of Others threat- Stannis cannot regroup by taking North0 he carries on burning men in Dragonstone 2)Robb returns from war and listens to Jon about threat- Dragonstone Invaded for dragonglass- Fight for the Dawn happens as Dany lands, she saves Westeros with dragons all agree to bend the knee
  2. After another Re-read I began to notice some similarities between Cersei and Robert: Lyanna & Rhaegar Robert was betrothed to Lyanna and Cersei had been told by Tywin that she would marry Rhaegar. They both idealise what there relationship with said partners and fantisise on what life would be like if there 'love' had survived the war. Ned & Jaime Robert reunites with Ned in a Game of Thrones but Ned begins to see Robert for who he truly is and no longer sees him as his 'brother'. Jaime reunited with Cersei after being captive in Riverrun but he soon sees Cersei for who she truly is and no longer sees her as his lover. Warrior & The Maiden Both Cersei and Robert are seen as the living embodiment of the Maiden and the Warrior at the beginning of Roberts reign. Robert grows fat and lazy and after Cersei's walk of shame, she is no longer seen as beautiful. Bastards Neither Cersei nor Robert have any trueborn children. Cersei is often demonised for giving Robert the horns but Robert regularly cheats on Cersei. Both sire children that resemble them and their families. Myrish Swamp Cersei infamously wants to see what it would feel like to take a woman the way Robert took her. Power As littlefinger observed, Cersei desperatly wants power but does not know what to do when she has it, Robert had no idea how to rule once he won the throne. TL;DR. Cersei and Robert are both drunken sluts who have lost there looks and fantasise about an ideal life if the rebellion had gone differently.
  3. ScaledBird

    Ghost Grass: The Dothraki prophesy of winter?

    Green grass turning to a sea of blood, a world full of different grasses, yellow, indigo, blue, orange and rainbow, the legend of a ghost grass from a distant mysterious land. I wonder if this is a bit of forshadowing to the story as a whole. Westeros is at peace and full of green boys wanting to fight in war. The war of the five kings break up (five colours of grass) and turn the river lands into a feast for crows or a sea of blood? All the while pale as milk glass creatures with an army of the dead amass in a distant mysterious land, ready to destroy all life. @Ghost+Nymeria4Eva, you already pointed out the connection to the others.
  4. After re-watching Preston Jacobs video on why he believes Quentyn Martell is alive I began to think about the death of POV characters. ASOIAF is great at surprising us with deaths of characters we see as the main characters but I think I may have noticed a possible pattern which could shed light on Quentyn's death. I'm not going to go over the reasons why he may be alive or dead (Although the idea of George giving us a classic Hero's journey, with Dragons and all, ending with the Hero dying in agony on the other side of the world from home would be fitting with the story). Firstly lets look at all the POV characters who have died... Ned Arys Oakheart Will (Night's Watch) Maester Cressen Chett Pate Varamyr Merret Frey Kevan Lannister Catelyn (dies but is alive) Jon Snow (unconfirmed, alive in TV show) and Quentyn Martell First thing I noticed was that the majority (Will, Maester Cressen, Chett, Pate, Varamyr, Merret Frey and Kevan Lannister) died in prologues and epilogues (in their one and only chapters)- *side note* Never be a POV character in ASOIAF Prologues or Epilogues, you will not survive. Anyway, lets look at the remaining dead. Ned, Arys and possibly Jon and Catelyn (les ignore Quentyn for now). Ned and Arys both died in chapters where they were not the POV character (Ned in Arya's and Arys in Arianne's). Cat dies in her own POV chapter but is now alive and Jon is unconfirmed but most believe that he will come back as well, he also dies in his own POV chapter. Now Quentyn could fit in both of these groups. His death begins in his own POV chapter but he (or the unrecognisable burned body) is confirmed dead in Barristan Selmy's POV chapter. If Quentyn is confirmed to be alive then POV death still only happens to Prologue/Epilogue characters. If he is truly dead, you could argue that this is still true, but he would be the only character we see begin to die and then actually dies. We see Brienne begin to be hanged but she is seen later by Jaime, We see Davos drown but he survives. Will Quentyn be more like these two? If Quentyn is alive, what purpose will he play? Dany was warned about the Sun's son, was that simply because he would release the dragons on Mereen? Defiantly watch Preston Jacobs video... I would recommend all of them. I dont find I agree with all of them, but they do make me rethink a lot of what I thought making each re-read more fun.