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  1. Agreed. And that might not even be a mistake at all. Renly was wearing full plate armour in green at the time. My eyes are green and sometimes appear to be blue depending on the light and the clothes I’m wearing. Yes! Keeping to the topic of the thread, yes, he is. We don’t know much about how come none of the Stark kids were fostered, though we can guess some. My line of reasoning is similar to that of @sweetsunray. Eddard Stark wanted to keep to himself. He never thought he’d be a lord, he never wanted to. He is constantly uncomfortable in that position and just wants to keep his family by his side and rule his share of the kingdom smartly. And he was as good a parent as they come in asoiaf-universe, in my opinion. It makes no sense to compare him to Lysa who is the prototypical (and stereotypical too) crazy mom.
  2. @Curled Finger my heart jumped a little when your avatar showed up as “last commenter” on this thread (I’ve been meaning to post here since Monday but haven’t found the time). I missed reading you! Welcome back!
  3. Oh, I agree with the bolded so very much. I only got to reading the novellas after I was deep into asoiaf, so it JUMPED to my eyes when we got to the burrial scene and then it was a dream. I really believe Dunk's dreams in The Sworn Sword are a framework to interpret other dream sequences in the main novels. I'm excited to dig into that later when my brain doesn't feel like oatmeal between my ears.
  4. How exciting! I love threads like this. Thanks @Seams. I am really exhausted and can't contribute much right now, but there are something from the top of my head I can't not comment on. First, I was rereading the battle of the wispering wood just last week and it stood out to me for the first time that Catelyn notices Robb comes back from the battle on a different horse than the one he rode going in. Jaime Lannister kills his first horse (a warhorse I guess? Can't remember right now but shall look for the quotes for later) and he substitutes it for a pieblad gelding. I immediately thought of Poddrick! Maybe there is a connection there? I don't know. I don't think the piebald thing comes up too often though, so its worth looking into.
  5. I know because of the movie with Colin Firth? But I’m Lady Dacey (first name) because of Dacey Mormont, as comfortable in mail as in a dress for a feats. "There's a carving on our gate," said Dacey. "A woman in a bearskin, with a child in one arm suckling at her breast. In the other hand she holds a battleaxe. She's no proper lady, that one, but I always loved her." I love her too. I did breastfeed my son until he decided to stop by himself, when he was 3 years and 9 months old. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, I felt so very powerful, so fierce, like I could tackle the world. The servers were bringing out huge silver platters piled high with cuts of juicy pink lamb, the most appetizing dish they'd seen all evening. And Robb was leading Dacey Mormont in a dance. When she wore a dress in place of a hauberk, Lady Maege's eldest daughter was quite pretty; tall and willowy, with a shy smile that made her long face light up. It was pleasant to see that she could be as graceful on the dance floor as in the training yard. Catelyn wondered if Lady Maege had reached the Neck as yet. She had taken her other daughters with her, but as one of Robb's battle companions Dacey had chosen to remain by his side. He has Ned's gift for inspiring loyalty. Olyvar Frey had been devoted to her son as well. Hadn't Robb said that Olyvar wanted to remain with him even after he'd married Jeyne?
  6. I got it I really appreciate you trying to make yourself clear though about the ginger, what I do is I grate like a tablespoon worth of the rhizome and squeeze the pulp through a muslin cloth, so I get around one teaspoon of strong flavoured cloudy and fiery liquid. That one teaspoon does very well with 50ml of gin and 60ml of natural quinine tonic water, the juice of half a green lime and a lot of ice in a tall glass
  7. I’m enjoying it, surely, but there is just so much exposition in the dialogue! I remember feeling somewhere between lost and found while reading the first book, and even though the narrator was third person objective nothing was handed over. I love Ruth Wilson as Mrs Coulter and Dafne Keen as Lyra, they are doing amazing jobs. Dafne Keen is so fierce! I was rereading Lyra in Oxford in the first chapters of Northern Lights this very week, and it reminded so much of Arya’s chapters in Braavos... @Lyanna<3Rhaegar only it really should not have been Billy but Tony Makarios, and I felt so deeply for him and his dried fish. It was beautiful to witness Lyra’s empathy towards the boy, how appalled she was that some people felt inclined to laugh at him Sorry. I totally have a crush on Lyra Silvertongue
  8. Top five comments I’ve ever got ever! Definitely! Aren’t you amazing? You are. And even though I’m drinking fancy beer at the moment I feel like I must share gin is my particular favourite spirt and G&T my favourite drink specially if a throw some fresh ginger in it
  9. What sort of doubt do you have? Of course she must be a potterhead too! (Now let’s talk about the superior juvenile book series His Dark Materials? I do feel so sorry HBO is also screwing up these books...)
  10. Hi Jill! Glad to make acquaintances at last I know a lot of Julias around here and I never knew the meaning of that name. As always, you enrich me!
  11. I would never put the blame of my own behaviour on someone else! I lingered and lurked to read topics on this forum for a few months before I decided to join in. As a regular ASD my first username was my own real name (I had been so focused on reading content I had never bothered to look at the user names). After I registered I realised it “would not do” (as Syrio Forel would put it) to be called “Maria” in this forum, so I went for my most loved inconspicuous character of the series, the one I would like to be in real life (come on Dacey Mormont is comfortable both in mail and gowns, while I’m just absolutely never comfortable regardless of what I’m wearing).
  12. I was under the impression that you were vlaams. I lived in Noord Brabant as a teen, what is your name? Toets or Zoet or something delightful like that?
  13. Love this thread. Shall come back when I’m not drunk.
  14. Because of the toll it takes on Melissandre I have always assumed he arrived in Winterfell as himself. I'm not sure if Melissandre would be able to keep someone glamoured that far away from her. And even if Theon could see through the glamour (I don't think he would) he would see the ruby itselfe and whatever Mance was wearing to look like someone else. Here are some quotes from her chapter: The wildling wore a sleeveless jerkin of boiled leather dotted with bronze studs beneath a worn cloak mottled in shades of green and brown. No bones. He was cloaked in shadows too, in wisps of ragged grey mist, half-seen, sliding across his face and form with every step he took. Ugly things. As ugly as his bones. A widow's peak, close-set dark eyes, pinched cheeks, a mustache wriggling like a worm above a mouthful of broken brown teeth. Melisandre felt the warmth in the hollow of her throat as her ruby stirred at the closeness of its slave. "You have put aside your suit of bones," she observed. "The clacking was like to drive me mad." ... Melisandre touched the ruby at her neck and spoke a word. The sound echoed queerly from the corners of the room and twisted like a worm inside their ears. The wildling heard one word, the crow another. Neither was the word that left her lips. The ruby on the wildling's wrist darkened, and the wisps of light and shadow around him writhed and faded. The bones remained—the rattling ribs, the claws and teeth along his arms and shoulders, the great yellowed collarbone across his shoulders. The broken giant's skull remained a broken giant's skull, yellowed and cracked, grinning its stained and savage grin. But the widow's peak dissolved. The brown mustache, the knobby chin, the sallow yellowed flesh and small dark eyes, all melted. Grey fingers crept through long brown hair. Laugh lines appeared at the corners of his mouth. All at once he was bigger than before, broader in the chest and shoulders, long-legged and lean, his face clean-shaved and windburnt. ... "The bones help," said Melisandre. "The bones remember. The strongest glamors are built of such things. A dead man's boots, a hank of hair, a bag of fingerbones. With whispered words and prayer, a man's shadow can be drawn forth from such and draped about another like a cloak. The wearer's essence does not change, only his seeming." She made it sound a simple thing, and easy. They need never know how difficult it had been, or how much it had cost her. . More than anything else I wonder: what would Mance gain being glamoured in Winterfell? It's not like any of the northern lords know his face...
  15. I am *mindblown*. I had never thought of that, but it does tie so well. Stannis killing Renly “in a dream”, Renly who is Robert-come-again, Robert who was always the older brother that Stannis resented so very much. The shadow killing Renly is in a way a image of Stannis’s (jungian) shadows, it’s him enacting his repressed desires in his dreams. How did I ever miss that? I am tickling to go back to the books looking for shadows all over again with that in mind.
  16. It can be both at once. And more. I find that things rarely have just one meaning or one reason when it comes to asoiaf. Layers upon layers... when Qyburn comes up with the name, it feels like a reiteration of Dunk’s reasoning, but it is also the same name of a presumed dead family whose seat was Harrenhal, which is heavily associated with Qyburn. Analysing from a doylist perspective all three can work simultaneously as motivation for the author to have chosen that name for such a character. From a watsonian angle, I tend to side with the OP considering the name a nod to Harrenhal. I never stopped to wander about why Qyburn would find women subjects specially important to his experiments. I took it as a minor, meaningless thing, as if he was merely interested in torturing women, as if this detail had been given to us to illustrate how he dehumanises his victims (calling them male and female instead of men and women). But it makes sense - a lot of sense really, the most sense - that he would have a true reason to want women, and you came up with a really good one.
  17. That was a great read! Thank you for the time and trouble you took to write such a well researched essay. I like the theory you put forward it gives a very elegant solution to the question of Robert Strong’s nature, being both absolutely terrifying and already possible within the ASOAIF lore.
  18. I’m not commenting on GRRM, I’m commenting on the OP’s choice of words.
  19. Only this post is not by Rohanne Webber, it was instead written by a 21st century book-reader. In-universe, if we look at it through a watsonian lens, Dunk does not deserve her. In the real world, if we discuss it through a doylist perspective, we should not be talking about a woman as a thing one can deserve or not.
  20. I find it quite disturbing to talk about relationships in terms of “deserving”... I mean, Rohanne Webber is a woman, not a prize. A person, not a possession. A subject, not an object. And so on. But I digress. I actually came here to say I agree with you, I would have liked to see Rohanne and Dunk having a relationship. Maybe they did get together in the end, years later, after Rohanne Lannister disappeared without a trace... maybe she escaped her castle to live a forbidden love affair with the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard?
  21. It’s not only a possibility, it is a fact... "I know why the Sealord seized the Goodheart. She was carrying slaves. Hundreds of slaves, women and children, roped together in her hold." Braavos had been founded by escaped slaves, and the slave trade was forbidden here. "I know where the slaves came from. They were wildlings from Westeros, from a place called Hardhome. An old ruined place, accursed." Old Nan had told her tales of Hardhome, back at Winterfell when she had still been Arya Stark. "After the big battle where the King-Beyond-the-Wall was killed, the wildlings ran away, and this woods witch said that if they went to Hardhome, ships would come and carry them away to someplace warm. But no ships came, except these two Lyseni pirates, Goodheart and Elephant, that had been driven north by a storm. They dropped anchor off Hardhometo make repairs, and saw the wildlings, but there were thousands and they didn't have room for all of them, so they said they'd just take the women and the children. The wildlings had nothing to eat, so the men sent out their wives and daughters, but as soon as the ships were out to sea, the Lyseni drove them below and roped them up. They meant to sell them all in Lys. Only then they ran into another storm and the ships were parted. The Goodheart was so damaged her captain had no choice but to put in here, but the Elephant may have made it back to Lys. The Lyseni at Pynto's think that she'll return with more ships. The price of slaves is rising, they said, and there are thousands more women and children at Hardhome”. This is from The Blind Girl chapter
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