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  1. Every one seems to agree that House Hightower can raise some 10,000 to 20,000 men but we don't know the strength of Houses like Rowan, Tarly, Oakheart, and many more i want to know what you guys would give them based on information from the book like the power our how much land they have
  2. Loren the last

    Iron Islands military

    This is about the Iron Islands military numbers. In a feast for crows it is said that Euron Greyjoy has invaded the shield islands with 1000 ships, Harys Swyft says that someone has most likely counted double but the Iron Born themselves even say that it will be difficult to sail 1000 ships to essos. The romans had 100 sailors and 300 marines on there ships that would give the iron born 400,000 men now i know these were large ships but still any war ship should have more then at least 50 men per ship minimum. It just does not make sense Any thoughts
  3. Loren the last

    Military Strengths and More!

    I never understood the Greyjoy numbers. Euron Greyjoy is said to have built 1000 ships Harys Swyft says that someone most likely has counted double but why would the Reader himself say that they have a 1000 ships. Now if we except that he has built 1000 ships the problem is manning the ships the Romans had 100 sailors and 300 marines on board there ships but the iron islands could never support 400,000 men nor could any other region.
  4. Loren the last

    Where Whores Go

    Well of course to the queen o' whores
  5. Loren the last

    Favorite Riverlands Bannermen

    House Frey is my favorite of the river lords. They are the strongest and one of the richest houses in the riverlands but yet they can never get any respect. I also like there name Frey which is actually a god.