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  1. Jon_Stargaryen

    The Price of Whores.

    What is considered a good price for a whore's services? I mean, I know that there are some that sell their first time for a Gold Dragon (Emma of Oldtown), and Tyrion says that his father's men raped Tysha for a silver each, but is there a solid figure, regionally speaking. I understand that the cost of living might affect the pricing, but what estimations would you give for a whore's services? Let's keep it specific to cities/towns: Winter town brothel: King's Landing (higher end): Lannisport: White Harbor: Planky Town:
  2. It's mentioned in The Princess and the Queen that one of the greens placed a part of the Iron Throne's wealth with the Iron Bank for safekeeping. What I'm wondering is, are outsiders allowed to make actual deposits to the Iron Bank, and do they earn interest, much like the keyholders?
  3. Jon_Stargaryen

    What will Iron Bank do if NW doesn't pay debts?

    Though independent of the Seven Kingdoms on paper, the Night's Watch is still held to their oaths by the lords of the Seven Kingdoms. That's why deserters are executed by people unaffiliated with the Night's Watch, and why they can't have walls to the south. Though kings and lords can't make decisions for the Watch, they still hold power over them should they stray. With that being said, the balance will likely be added to the Iron Throne's tab.
  4. Jon_Stargaryen

    The iron bank will go bankrupt

    I don't think the OP was saying that slavery is an economic system, but that the collapse in the slave trade will lead to a collapse in the economy surrounding slaver's bay, seeing as all of their labor is done through means of free labor. On that note, we only get information regarding the world of ASoIaF from the viewpoints of the POV character of the moment. We know that the Iron Bank will fund the people with the best prospects of winning the throne and getting them their money. If the people on the throne don't pony up the cash, they will fund the people trying to replace them, which is how Stannis got their endorsement. The pattern of thought in this is that Aegon - who doesn't have dragons - would likely rather pay the Iron Bank, rather than have them backing one of his numerous enemies - the Baratheon(s), Lannisters and possibly the Tyrells. In this case, he'll likely snub the Lannisters and Tyrells, who are owed far more than the Iron Bank - of the six million, the Lannisters own three million, one million is owned by the faith, and the Tyrells, the Iron Bank and others SHARE the last two million and change - and make concessions to the Faith. Now, to address the question of bankruptcy, the Iron Bank doesn't even have the largest share of the debt owed to the crown, which is odd considering that they are a fear banking institution. This leads me to believe that the Iron Bank is backing Stannis out of principle at this point, given that the Lannister faction is snubbing them on a sizable loan, and their reputation is the only reason that they always have their due. If you allow someone to stiff you on their tab - if you allow someone to steal from you - others might follow suit.
  5. You forget that the Iron Bank owns the smaller of the three largest debts that the Iron Throne currently has. The other two came from other houses within Westeros, both of which are now tied to the throne - though one of them has been tied to it for years. This denotes the ability to pay this debt down if given the proper incentive.