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    Shade of the evening.

    I think the price one pays for shade of the evening is that they want/crave it(or the power it gives them), seems like an addiction metaphor to me, and I would not associate them as closely with wiedwoods as others seem too, other than being another type of magic tree
  2. Back door hodor

    Who is the 3EC?

    Bloodraven is the 3eC, I will say I'm much less confident on this one than on literally any other poll I've taken part in recently however, I could definitely be convinced otherwise on this, my favorite other theory is that is Bran from the future, but I'm really not sure how deep into the timey wimey stuff the series is going to go
  3. Back door hodor

    Poll: Is Quentyn, Called 'Frog', Still Alive?

    No, with the only caveat being if the beginning of Winds is chronologically before the end of Dance, than he could still appear alive, other than that, he's toast.
  4. Back door hodor

    When did the Starks loose their military strength?

    I think that the numbers the Starks can raise on thier own is probably well more than 2 thousand, I would say at least 5, perhaps closer to ten. We are not really given many hard numbers other Robbs Army(20k)in the main series, and a few examples from the world book and FaB, Torrehen,the king who knelt is estimated to have brought 30k men south and Lord Cregan 20k at the dance. We are not given any real break down of the nature of any of these armies. So back to why I estimate the Starks full strength as slightly higher than others in the thread so far seem too....it is indicated in all of these examples(and others throughout the series, The Lannisters for example raise another army at least as large as the one Robb defeated in the Riverlands) that a lord calling his banners is not equal to forcibly conscription of every able body. The harsh conditions and vast distances in the north make it so more able bodies are left behind than in other regions.(except perhaps in winter) Present day I would put Manderley and the strongest Stark bannerman and would estimate they could raise over 5k on thier own. I base this on the ships we see in the Davos chapter, and on White Harbor itself, much easier to raise an army from a real city than a sprawling countryside, tbh the city watch in White Harbor is probably at least 1000 men when Davos goes there, perhaps more. The city watch in Kings Landing, when Ned arrives in AGOT, is 2k men during peacetime, Tyrion swells this to 6K men during wartime, a few months later.
  5. Back door hodor

    The Shivers

    I agree that a stroke is not a disease exactly, but I think its also reasonable to suspect that someone with supernatural/magical resistance to common ailments would not be susceptible to them, same as heart attacks or aneurysms, especially since even today there is an argument that these things are more caused by genetics than how much bacon you eat. I agree 100 percent with your last paragraph, if the childrens magic is that good, no way they lose to the first men, no matter the numerical advantage, I just don't see it.
  6. Back door hodor

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    Yes....its Tyrion and Bran I think, they have the most chapters,and they seem very inporttant to the overall Narrative, if I had to guess, its them or no one(Arya).
  7. Back door hodor

    Poll: Secret Stark Knights

  8. Back door hodor

    Regarding Planetos

    Roughly so, or at least that seems to be the intent. However, there are a few vast technological disparities, way ahead in certain areas and way behind in others. Ex...land military technology, like the sophisticated full plate armor and zome of their medical knowledge, like the fact that nobles practice a form of contraception and or abortion in Moon/Tansey Tea, seem way advanced when compared with for example Naval technology(this is particularl seems woefully behind), The galleys and Longships we see are more comparable to classical period ships than medieval ones, and there is not one mention of a compass or astrolabe in all of ASOIAF or its supporting material, it is mentioned that ships sail primarily within sight of land. There is also a nod to real world lost technology, I believe wildfire to be at least inspired by "Greek Fire" and the the Valyrain fused stone to be an allusion to concrete, little know fact, it was invented by the Romans and rediscovered in modern times, the formula for it lost during the Dark Ages.
  9. Back door hodor

    The Shivers

    The Conquer himself died of a stroke in his forties
  10. Back door hodor

    Regarding Planetos

    I think that the equator is roughly in the center of the Summer isles and the northern tropic line would be roughly around Valyria, the southern off of any map we have, making most of the know world in the northern hemisphere of planetos.
  11. Back door hodor

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    No, I'm R+L=J
  12. Back door hodor

    The Night’s Watch and the Gift(s) don’t make sense

    My assumption has been that during its heyday(its mentioned that Black Harens brother was LC during Aegons conquest and had 10k swords at his command, and this is most likely not the Apex of the Watchs power), the watch and the Gift functioned much like you described, it is only very recently that it has fallen into its current state
  13. Back door hodor

    Is Braavos impregnable?

    Yea agreed, I said this in a reply to someone else(I think), and it's the only other thing I wanna add, Cruz honestly I feel like we are talking in circles at this point, from a purely literary, non military analysis, usually, whenever something is written to be unconquerable/invincible/indestructible, its usually because it is going to be conquered/killed or destroyed. Just wanted to add that I meant no offense by the talking in circles comment, I throughly enjoyed out discussion and look forward to seeing you around the forums.
  14. Back door hodor

    Is Braavos impregnable?

    Agreed, without dragons, inside help or a natural disaster it would be outrageously expensive, but not impossible. Jehearys I considered war with Bravos over the matter of some stolen dragon eggs, considered it enough that he sent Barth to threaten the Sealord, while the iron throne owed a considerable sum to the Iron Bank. Its seems he either trusted the IB not to take sides, or considered it worth the risk. Interestingly, the IB provided a peaceful resolution to this, by forgiving a large part of the Iron Thrones debt, so this could be a real example the proves against the point I'm arguing however lol, oh well.
  15. Back door hodor

    Is Braavos impregnable?

    Where would you imagine this channel to be? As far as I can tell, from both text and maps the Titan is the only way into the lagoon where Bravos sits and the overland route I understand to be too swampy to move large supplies of goods over, if its passable at all, there are definitely no land roads spoken of in text or depicted on canonical maps. Also, the Bank may not be as tied to or have the interest in maintaining the political system in Bravos as one might think. If faced with a losing situation I could see them playing the long game, allowing the regime change in the short term while making long term contingency plans to simply make another change if necessary
  16. Back door hodor

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    So no I don't think Ned was a convert to the 7. There is a passage in AGOT in an Arya chapter where Ned and Arya are speaking about her future, after they learn Bran has woken up.(this is the conversation where Ned says that Arya will one day get married and she says, "no, that's Sansa, not me). Ned and Arya also discuss Bran in this same conversation, Ned mentions one of the things Bran can now do(because he can no longer be a knight like he dreamed) is "Join your mother's faith and become a septon." He specifically distances himself from it, and when he seeks time alone to reflect he goes to the gods wood, not the Sept, as Cat later does in the south when she goes to parlay with Renly and Stannis. In regards to Rob's squire's, its is part of the marriage alliance with house Frey that Robb take Olyvar as his squire.
  17. Back door hodor

    Is Braavos impregnable?

    Not everything, the Iron Bank simply CAN NOT finance the sealords under the table, they would have to officially loan him the money, read Fire and Blood, the Rogares tried to do this with Lys and The Rogare Bank, It didn't end well. The Iron Bank is not the Sealords private war chest
  18. Back door hodor

    Is Braavos impregnable?

    Thanks, and honestly from a strictly literary(non military) analysis, whenever something is built up to be or made out to be invincible/indestructible/unconquerable, it's usually the author setting something up. In other words, Bravos will be conquered simply because we(the readers)think it cant
  19. Back door hodor

    Is Braavos impregnable?

    Almost, but not quite, an adversary with a bigger fleet and more money could theoretically blockade Bravos until the Arsenal runs dry, the Bravosi say they can build a ship in a day, but for how many days in a row do you think they could really do that? And espionage can work against the Bravosi as well, Sealords can be assassinated,(i mention this only because it seems sometimes people forget there are other killers for hire on planestos than the faceless men) and for example if a team of infliltraitors were to take out the sweet water river(the aqueduct) it could cause serious problems for Bravos, especially during a siege. Also, the Iron Bank is a huge advantage but the Iron Bank is not the Sealord, and Bravos simply can not use the money of the banks customers to fund the sealords wars,( the upstart Rogare Bank tries this in Lys, the Bank is ruined and Lys is greatly diminished as a power, this is explained in detail in FaB), it would destroy the IB. So, no Bravos does not have as much money as one might assume. The Bank by it's very nature is also a bit of a double edged sword in my opinion, it gives Bravos a huge economic advantage, but also(again, in my opinion) could make them susceptible to economic warfare by a well prepared and positioned adversary.
  20. Back door hodor

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    There is a quote in one of Brans chapters in Dance about the difference between the children and Men to explain this. on mobile and quotes not working so going from memory, One of the children is telling Bran a story about the childrens slow decline through the ages and thier gradual acceptance of this fate.... Bran thinks to himself that man would never accept such a fate, the would fight and struggle and make war, something like that. So yea, man will fight the others because it is in our nature to do so basically
  21. Back door hodor

    Glass Candles - Questions

    I think it's very possible Sam could physically enter the Hightower in Winds, considering who he is and where he came from. If we do meet Lord Leyton I think it is most likely at the top of the Hightower. As to the glass candles I definitely think there are more that 4 that still exist. If you need two for communication, which we don't know, than it would stand to reason that glass candles would exist in several of the Free Cities as well, having been used to communicate with the Freehold before the Doom, Volantis is most likely to have some in my opinion.
  22. Back door hodor

    Poll: Is the House with the Red Door in Dorne?

    The ones I've seen seem honestly too big to be moved in and out of doors, perhaps they are wrapped or otherwise covered in the winter though...... In regards to ASOIAF, it's been summer for nine years... To me the lemon tree in a non tropical climate is not a problem in any way.
  23. Back door hodor

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

    I'm a no on this one as well
  24. Back door hodor

    Poll: Is the House with the Red Door in Dorne?

    I live in Wilmington DE, which is North of parts of southern NJ, cultivated lemon trees grow here, specifically on some of the old Dupont Estates that are now tourist attractions, the fruit dies in winter but not the tree. Also, NJ is a bit more of an agricultural powerhouse than those not from this region may realize, Jersey corn and tomatoes are quite delicious and sought after actually. I swear I'm not joking
  25. Back door hodor

    Sex and stuff - How different is Dorne?

    Haha it does seem time consuming