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    Dating i can't ignore and the implied picture it paints.

    The world book says that Nymeria led the exile to dorne somewhere between 700 and 1000 years ago. these dates are from two different sections, in one, the book claims the the valyrians destroyed the Rhoyonar in the third spice war around 1000 years ago, in the other it states that house martel has ruled a united drone for seven centuries. So, either one or both of those dates is wrong, or Nymeria lived for over four hundred years
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    Why did George give daenerys everything

    And neither of these are the real war....those ships from quarth and volantis have been on their way since Xaro gave Dany that glove, that war was coming no matter what.....I believe the Shakaz says this to barristan....I believe he also said hizdar knew this and planned to surrender....so yea Barristan is not some old warmonger shattering a magic peaceful utopia
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    The Great Purple Wedding Irony: Tyrion Sabotaged His Own Trial

    Yea man, no disrespect or hostility meant, was typing a much longer response and had a feeling like I had done this before, so I just decided to leave this one to someone else haha
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    The Great Purple Wedding Irony: Tyrion Sabotaged His Own Trial

    I'm going to be honest John, I'm pretty sure you and I have had this discussion before, you are not going to change my mind, I'm not going to change yours, we can leave it at that.
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    The Great Purple Wedding Irony: Tyrion Sabotaged His Own Trial

    I didn't say time moves faster....I said that we the reader perceive it as such....I've read people say it cant be the same poison becuase of the speed with which both start to feel the effects, it is not a huge portion of time, close enough that others have pointed to the age of both victims and the dosage as being a factor....I'm saying it's neither, Cressan lived long enough to say(think)What the author wanted him to tell us and Joff lived long enough for the author to do what he wanted him to do(make Tyrion appear to be the poisoner). Wether one coughs or doesn't cough or speaks one sentence or two or thinks for a page and a half before they die does not matter. I don't think the Tyrells, or for that matter, anyone would target Tyrion, the north is a secondary prize for them, appealing sure but not worth the risk of losing the iron throne for. They want the throne and they want control of it, Tryion is no obstacle to this, Joff very well could be. I also want to add that I'm about 50/50 on wether Tywin himself was part of this plot or not, but if he was, i think the possibilitie of Tryion being the target goes way up, as motive now exists. TBH Mel could have really done it with the leeches for all I know haha
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    The Great Purple Wedding Irony: Tyrion Sabotaged His Own Trial

    I also am not convinced of this interpretation. All evidence and foreshadowing(the meeting with sansa, the hairnet, ser Dontos) points to the Tyrells as the culprit and Joff as the (intended)victim. Tyrion makes little sense as the target, as Tywin, and to a lesser degree, Cersie, are the true obstacles to power. The poison was in the wine, not the pie or cream, this is set up in cressan pov. As to the supposed time difference between Cressan and Joff dying.... I propose that there is not one, and any difference we the readers perceive is due to the point of view from we receive the information. We witness Joffs death along with Tyrion, Cressans is his literal internal monologue as he is dying, any perceived difference in time can be attributed to this.
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    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    1. Dead(or simply missing, will not come into the story) 2. Lyanna Stark 3. The green grace 4. Lyanna Stark 5. Fake( also agree it doesn't matter, that's his whole point). 6. Big Walder 7. Stannis 8. No one 9. Theon, he didn't commit the murders though, they were either mance and the spearwives or caused by others with motive who took advantage of the situation, such as big Walder 10. No one
  8. Back door hodor

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on

    It's never stated one way or another. I have a different question/observation along a similar line of thinking.....It would appear that Sylnt is also excused from the basic training that Jon and the other recruits go through, using this example, it would appear that we can assume that knights and lords are excused from this and allowed(or forced? Not sure how it works when you dontn volunteer) to take your vows immediately. Edit...read some more of the thread and want to address the jon/mance stuff. In my opinion, The only thing jon could have done(other than what was written) is ask stannis for mance. Thats it..the NW can not take him by force, even with Stannis and most of his army gone, it is way too risky to attempt to defy him openly, Stannis has forces at more than one castle on the wall, the watch at this point(especially the men under Jons direct command at castle black) are barely soldiers,and would likely not fare very well at all against Stannis' men in a direct engagement. I also am of the opinion that Jon may recognize that his position as LC is not nearly secure enough to even attempt such a controversial thing as treason.(Stannis might not be the king on the IT, but he is the one who came when the watch asked for help). He has too many rivals within the watch who could potentially use such a situation to get rid of Jon.
  9. I don't think the fact that every single detail of the plot and world were not worked out before george started writing takes away from the story we are getting. Building a world like this is incredibly complex, and I for one find the concept of previous drafts and ideas that are changed and reused elsewhere to be intriguing. Also I don't think this process is unusual(search for old drafts of star wars or Tolkiens history of middle earth, just for two very mainstream examples) and have heard(mostly on this forum admittedly), that George described his writing process as "gardening " Which he explained to mean that while he had a basic outline, characters, concepts, and storylines can and will change as he continues to write.
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    Garth's Empire of the Dawn Family.

    Do you believe AA and the Last Hero to be the same person?(Brandon the Builder in this case?)
  11. Back door hodor

    Garth's Empire of the Dawn Family.

    So just to clarify...do you think The "Crystal swords" are like the others ice blades? I am aware that the Rhyonar probably taught the Andals and the Valyrians iron working, I was commenting that, to me, metal working world be something closer aligned to fire than ice, but that could be me applying my real world logic to the situation and not my magic Asoiaf logic
  12. Back door hodor

    Garth's Empire of the Dawn Family.

    Cool...To be honest I'm not actually convinced about the whole family tree but your take on the timeline intrigues me... One thing I want ta ask though is why you think the Andals are in the water/ice camp. To me they have no magic to speak of(I think the 7 are the "false gods" of the story, and have always viewed the faith as an allegory for the corrupt Catholic church of the middle ages). And if they did I honestly would put them on the other side as many of The " miracles of the seven" seem to lean that way, for example, according to legend, The Smith himself taught the Andals ironworking...seems more fire to me personally Regarding the dates I gave earlier, I must confess that I am new and inept at the quoting thing. But the bit about house martel ruling for 7 hundred years is in the dorne section, the part about Nymerias voyage is in the beginning, in the section titleled "The ten thousand ships"
  13. Back door hodor

    Garth's Empire of the Dawn Family.

    Much easier to follow now...and I wasn't trying to nitpick or anything.sorry if it came off that way I found a date that may help you. The world book states house martel has ruled all of dorne for seven hundred years...we know it took nymeria and mors martel nine years to unify dorne. As best I can tell Nymerias wanderings last 5 or 6 years, maybe 7. So this puts the destruction of the Rhyonar about 685 years ago. Though I can find no date for the start of the Roynoish civilization.
  14. Back door hodor

    Garth's Empire of the Dawn Family.

    Hi...very well thought out theory, and a very unique and interesting take on the mythology, world and timeline of Asoiaf, a minor criticism of the post in general is thast your charts are not all that east to follow...though to be honest I couldn't offer better way...
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    Big Walder Analysis

    I would like to say that while I only recently joined th this board as a poster I have been a lurker for a long time(since before dance came out anyway). And I have never seen this before, it's an old post so I must have missed it. Have to say that this is the only fourth analysis/theory that I 100 percent agree with(and the second that does not involve cannibalism) the others being Frey pie(canabilism), Jojen paste(cannibalistic blood magic) and R+L=J. I also would like to compliment t he reader friendly format with the color coding regarding the parts of your argument. It's something that was both completely new but very easy to pick up for me. So....yea great job and Big Walder for hand or something I guess haha. P.s. even if little Walder went on the hunt, the rest of the theory still stands up in it's own, that's why I'm so convinced, others might not see it this way and I get that, but this nuance gives me more confidence that you are correct, if that makes sense. Anyways sorry to ramble but truly great job.