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    Renly's Plan and what he knew.

    I think it's because she couldn't manipulate him with her sexuality. Cersei's tool box is small
  2. trazayn

    Small Questions v. 10106

    *apologies if this isn't a small question but I'm not so sure it merits its own thread - - - Do you ever think of Cersei (as in her POV chapters in AFFC) as a bit of a cautionary tale as to what happens when you take prophecy seriously? I'm talking maggy the frog of course. I mean aside from everything else about Cersei (gods be good I could go on and on and on) she firmly believes in that prophecy whether she says so explicitly or not it's clear from her actions that she does. And of course it's destroying her.
  3. trazayn

    Will be Littlefinger get busted by Illyrio?

    LF has been embezzling money for years. From what I understand from these books no one thinks that's a crime and criminality and corruption are assumed because no laws about it.
  4. trazayn

    Jaime cersei discovered

    Then the books never happen
  5. trazayn

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    You make out like Lord Tywin was really hopped up for restoring peace in the land. No he wanted to smash his enemies. You can’t justify it because of the violation of guest right. The RW was like saying “no one is safe anywhere” to the population at large. It sews chaos and fear. that’s why it’s so morally egregious. it rips at the very heart of their society.
  6. trazayn

    Do you think we will ever see Valyria?

    I doubt it. We are told repeatedly that sailors fear to venture too close, that certain captains had their crews abandon them because they wanted to sail to Valyria. Ships and crews disappear in ill-fated voyages there. All that kind of stuff indicates a potential mystery to me. At the same time the circumstances and consequences of the doom are widely known - perhaps there is less mystery there than we think.
  7. trazayn

    Opinion: Coolest Sounding Name

    Jorah Mormont has always been one of my favourites. Jorah's a lovely man's name. Dickon Manwoody wins for me tho.
  8. I agree on most points. I don't really think it would have been a viable option though I do find it peculiar that it never crosses the minds of the characters. At the same time, in this re-read, I'm struck by how many (almost all) of the POV characters are children or young adults who make decisions that are less than sure-footed because of their youth. I mean - what adult would use dreams (even greendreams) as a pretence to drag a paraplegic boy across the wild north? I was reading a Dany chapter earlier and she's just sitting there day-dreaming while Jorah is telling her to be more careful about trusting random strangers and she's all - 'la de da I'm the mother of dragons psssha' Clearly that's the issue with the realm - everyone's a kid!
  9. trazayn

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    My main issue on a first read of Feast in particular was just a lot of confusion about who people were, and their significance to the plot. I found a lot of the Dorne stuff boring and confusing. It took me forever to finish it the first time. The second time I read it I'd resolved the characters and plotlines in my mind and it was a much more enjoyable read. Still not my fav. A storm of swords is the best/most exciting book in the series imo
  10. I'm re-reading ASOS and I'm wondering if Bran and company could have stayed at Winterfell after they emerged from the crypts to find the castle sacked. There was no one there but corpses. Do you think they could have stayed and somehow held the castle? Of course we learned with Theon you can't hold it with a tiny garrison, but I'm wondering if they could have stayed on the down low. Maybe figured out a covert way to send out ravens or something to alert the Stark bannerman to their presence at Winterfell. In retrospect it seems like a much safer option than venturing beyond the wall. It doesn't even occur to them to stay. Of course one of the likely outcomes of staying would probably be death and/or capture by the Bolton's and treacherous Stark bannermen. Thoughts?
  11. trazayn

    Dany and child murder

    As @Lyanna<3Rhaegar said I explicitly did not say that poverty was a choice. Only that it is not the same thing as slavery.
  12. trazayn

    Dany and child murder

    Yes. And I agree with a few other posters with respect to Dany's wars being more morally justifiable than those of Tywin or Robb. Though I think it's little a matter of justification: with respect to the overall asoif narrative it is more about how wars, even justifiable wars are bloodbaths.
  13. trazayn

    Dany and child murder

    I really don't think those are the same thing. Those who are enslaved are not given a choice. They have no civil rights. Those who are in poverty are not enslaved. They have civil rights.
  14. trazayn

    Why Lord Walder is great for the story

    Pretty sure Stannis's psychological arc has something to do with grinding his teeth into a fine powder
  15. trazayn

    Why Lord Walder is great for the story

    We know he's sexually active since Shae was in his bed in ASOS. Though I agree he keeps that stuff underwraps.