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  1. Great post! Re: the bolded, isn't it mentioned in Jon's POV during the feast that Ned is acting strangely and seems upset? I distinctly remember him being described as acting odd by Jon. Maybe he was upset due to stress of the situation and having to relive the feeling of danger.
  2. I think that not telling Jon about how the night's watch was, or that it didn't have to be permanent, and that he was welcome to come back, was definitely a screw up. He didn't talk about it with Jon at all AFAIK. Jon was really upset that Ned let him go, Bran even mentions that Jon was upset, even though he has no clue why. Jon was really hurt by this.
  3. I disagree with a couple things here. One is that there was no danger. The books are very clear that while Ned was alive, there was definitely a danger via Robert, Tywin (especially), Varys, etc. Now if Jon would perceive any danger to himself is a different story. I have no idea if he knows the story of Rhaegar's oldest children or not, I doubt Ned told him this story. Which means that he has no context for why Ned would go so far in lying to everyone. I can see that being a big problem for him. The second thing is, that Ned would not defend Jon over Robert. We see Ned defend Dany over getting killed, but he will not defend Jon, who he loves? That just doesn't fit with what we know of Ned. Ned sacrificed himself so Sansa and Arya would live, he would do the same for Jon, there's no doubt in my mind. I don't see why he would blame the other Starks, they have nothing to do with any of that. Ned not telling Jon before he joined the NW was wrong, but we have to remember that Robert and co were literally in the same roof! There were loads of strangers all around Winterfell. An armed hanger-on literally tried to murder Bran! Telling him while Robert is within arms reach of Jon, with Cersei also there, with no privacy, is not possible either. It was a tough spot, but remember Ned doesn't know he's going to die, either. I will say that Ned's handling of the NW situation about Jon was a big parenting screw up of him, but to say that he did it for some nefarious reason is absurd. When it comes to the issue of his kids' future, Ned was consistent in that he did not think about it at all. He was shocked that Robert wanted to betroth Joffrey to Sansa. He also shows a trait in wanting to let his kids do what they want. We see this with Arya's Syrio lesson, Bran's climbing, Sansa going to the tourney, and, yes, Jon going to the Night's Watch. Ned buried his head in the sand with this issue, but that doesn't mean that he did not love him. Ned sacrificed so much out of love for Jon.
  4. For some reason I fully expect Jon to have a total mental breakdown over finding out that he is not Ned's son. Being Ned's son is everything to Jon. His whole identity is based on Ned. He practically worships him as his only parent and source of a home and caring. To know that he had been lied to by him will be tough to accept. I think he will at first deny this all as being some kind of elaborate hoax or ruse. I can imagine him accepting Lyanna as his mother easily (as he'd never had one, and she fits who his mother had been in his hopes/dreams) but Rhaegar as his father over Ned?? No, unthinkable!
  5. All 3 of their mothers died birthing them All 3 are the youngest sibling All 3 have only 2 other siblings (making three groups of three total) All 3 groups of siblings follow the same gender pattern (2 males, 1 female) They also follow this group themselves (Tyrion/Jon/Daenerys = 2 males, 1 female) This isn't even adding all of their similarities in story arc that develop threw the series. I'm positive that this has to do with the 3 heads of the dragon prophecy. As well as maybe the Nissa Nissa story (their mothers being the Nissa Nissa). What do you guys think???
  6. I agree with the above posters about Jon's true name being Jon and not some Targ name. Ned was his true parent IMO. I don't believe he would ever accept Rhaegar as his father or replace Ned with him. No way.
  7. I'm currently reading SOS for the first time. I have to admit I've already skipped ahead and read all of Sansa's chapters awhile ago . Anyway, my question is, when Sansa and Littlefinger are on the boat together, why does she not ask him about her best friend Jeyne Poole? It's easy to miss but this exchange happens in her POV Sansa IV AGOT After this Jeyne is removed from her room and she never hears from her again. She and LF haven't had much interaction at this point so I would think the last time she saw/spoke with him would be fresh in her memory upon seeing him again. I feel like her not asking after Jeyne could be important in some way. Or just a plot hole. I'd love to get other people's thoughts!
  8. I felt the same when reading this book but when I got to SOS he grew on me.
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