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  1. Yes, it is victimizing, because that's what she is in all of this, a victim. I can totally understand wanting Elia to have some power over her love life and headcanon-ing that, but I have a problem with this segueing into absolving Rhaegar of his responsibility in all of this. She is literally blamed by everyone that's not related to her in-verse for Rhaegar going off with Lyanna. Even Dany thinks she must've been a horrible person for Rhaegar to have done that to her. Giving him a valid reason such as an affair for him to abandon her and their kids for a year is so unfair. She did nothing wrong to deserve this treatment. Her cheating on him would validate everything he did in this situation. I'm not having it. Also, why Arthur Dayne, of all people? Why would she choose him? He was Rhaegar's best friend and closest confidant! Not only that but he literally died following Rhaegar's orders, Why would either of them do this? I don't see this pairing at all. RE: the pact of ice and fire, that is a good point, but I was thinking of the people that are actually alive right now (well....Aemon is not alive right now, but he was still in the main books lol).
  2. I don't understand why people are theorizing that Elia had an affair??? It's so unfair and victim blaming. Elia was a total victim in all of this and trying to sully her name by saying she had an affair is just horrible. On the topic of whether Rhaegar loved Lyanna or was just using her. I think he did (love her), or at least some sort of strong infatuation. I think the reason he chose her in the first place is because he loved her. There are subtle clues that make me think this: the naming of the tower of joy, and, the fact that he said her name when he died. You would have to be Ramsay Snow level of psycho for him to do these things for a woman he brutally tortured for a year. He couldn't of known that Stark+Targaryen would be such a potent combination. I've seen people theorize this but I see no evidence. Everyone in-verse thinks the song is ice VS fire, not ice AND fire mix. Do you know what I mean?
  3. YESSSS 100%. I feel the bold point is often overlooked by everyone. Just because someone goes willingly doesn't mean they stayed willingly. If Rhaegar and Lyanna were so happy and in love that Lyanna truly wanted to be in the TOJ the whole time, why have 3 armed guards outside the door so that no one could leave/enter? Lyanna was in my mind manipulated/groomed/seduced by this older more powerful man and when she realized what had happened it was too late.
  4. zoenerys

    Wouldn't it have been cool if...

    ^^^Exactly. Joffrey doing it would've lead to him having a horrific death. I doubt he would want his children to see that.
  5. zoenerys

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    I agree with the above posters about Jon's true name being Jon and not some Targ name. Ned was his true parent IMO. I don't believe he would ever accept Rhaegar as his father or replace Ned with him. No way.
  6. zoenerys

    Why do people ship Sandor and Sansa?

    Here's my thoughts: In my opinion, Sandor has been HUGE in the development of Sansa. It is Sandor that we first see her show genuine compassion to when he tells her his story. It is Sandor that gives her the most crucial advice she ever receives, "give them what they want". That helps her in her dealings with everyone else she meets from that point on. She immediately feels comfortable with him being tactile towards her, without even realizing who it is. GRRM has set this up from the beginning beginning, when everyone was heading towards KL. Also, from a plot standpoint, the most important thing about this relationship, is that it is secret. From ALL of the big players of the game, but most importantly Littlefinger. Littlefinger has worked to distance her from every influence in her life. Her dad, her friend Jeyne, Dontos, The Tyrells, Tyrion, Myranda Royce, and whoever else might be a threat to him dominating her. He has done nothing to influence her relationship with Sandor, because he doesn't know anything about it! LF has no idea the intimacy Sansa developed with him, or the trust. I believe The Hound is going to be the one to inform Sansa of his crimes against her family. He's her hidden dagger. LF is confident that he knows everything about Sansa, and for the most part he does. This relationship is literally the only thing he has no clue about. It's a shield he has no idea is there, and will ultimately help end LF IMO.
  7. zoenerys

    Favorite POV Character

    Well ngl I cheated and read all of Sansa's chapters throughout the series before even picking up the first book. So the real surprise when I finally /did/ read it was Dany and to a lesser extent Ned. I know a lot of people on these forums hate on both of them but I love them. Daenerys for her perseverance and Ned for his love of family and martyrdom.
  8. I'm currently reading SOS for the first time. I have to admit I've already skipped ahead and read all of Sansa's chapters awhile ago . Anyway, my question is, when Sansa and Littlefinger are on the boat together, why does she not ask him about her best friend Jeyne Poole? It's easy to miss but this exchange happens in her POV Sansa IV AGOT After this Jeyne is removed from her room and she never hears from her again. She and LF haven't had much interaction at this point so I would think the last time she saw/spoke with him would be fresh in her memory upon seeing him again. I feel like her not asking after Jeyne could be important in some way. Or just a plot hole. I'd love to get other people's thoughts!
  9. zoenerys

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    I didn't read the full theory but I agree that Dany is the most likely candidate for Azor Ahai + The Prince That Was Promised + The Stallion That Mounts The World. I find it odd that fans seem to discount her in favor of Jon when she has literally fulfilled the first two prophecies already. If they are truly the same that is. The only other option I could see happening is that they are BOTH Azor Ahai, interchangeably. Along with possibly Tyrion. Their mothers are meant to be Nissa Nissa imo. According to Catholics (which GRRM is AFAIK), a mother dying in childbirth is the ultimate sacrifice. Only death pays for life. There's also the parallel of them ALL being the youngest of 3 siblings, and that all 3 siblings are M/M/F groups. It all ties together.
  10. zoenerys

    Anyone else not interested in Jon's chapters?

    I felt the same when reading this book but when I got to SOS he grew on me.
  11. zoenerys

    R+L=J v.165

    RE My initial comment in this thread, I just thought of something. Perhaps subconsciously Jon doesn't want to know who his mother is. What do we think of this? I know he says he does but saying you want the truth and knowing what to do with it when you have it are two different things. He doesn't think about his mom too much. It's clear to me that he has built a fantasy in his head about who his mom was, and her relationship with Ned. The ironic thing? She IS who he hopes her to be. Highborn, beautiful and kind. So technically he's getting what he wanted but it's going to come with the devastation that his only parent and idol wasn't even his father. ugh. I feel so bad for him but it makes me glad that Ned didn't tell him the truth. Some things should be kept secret. Learning that as far as the stark kids are concerned , you were conceived of rape is not going to be good for his mental health. I think it might lead to a psychotic break of Jon. :/
  12. zoenerys

    R+L=J v.165

    True. Cat did ask but she was met with some double speak on Ned's part ("he is my blood"). I think that directly lying to his wife's face was something Ned didn't want to do, hence not naming Wylla as Jon's mom to Cat. I think it's the same thing if Jon (or any of his family were to ask). He'd say it didn't matter or try to brush it off or deflect onto something else. The Robert case was very special. He simply had to respond to him. It's not like he could pull rank like with anyone else. Besides denying his best friend an answer would look suspicious. Even then he did the bare minimum and told Robert to leave it alone. OT kind of but: I also think that Ned not finding a mother figure for him ie. keeping wylla in winterfell or some other woman willing to share parental responsibility with him was out of loyalty to Lyanna. He didn't want anyone to replace her as Jon's mom. I don't have any quotes to back this up, it's just a feeling I have.
  13. zoenerys

    R+L=J v.165

    Hi! I'm new to this forum and am still reading the books. Not sure if this has been addressed before but here it goes: Has Jon ever actually asked Ned about his mother/who she was? I know he does in the show but obviously the show ≠ the books. I personally find it hard to believe that when he was young he wouldn't have asked, but so far Jon has never mentioned it. I have a hypothesis on why it was written this way but i'd like to read other people's opinions.
  14. zoenerys

    Did Tyrion have feelings for Sansa?

    No. He was projecting his need for love onto Sansa. IMO.