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  1. zoenerys

    What was Ned’s purpose with Jon?

    Ned clearly didn't have anything planned. Not just for Jon, but all of his kids. In my opinion, though I love him, Ned failed his children here. I believe that Ned was so traumatized by the death of his family members leaving that he never wanted any of his family to separate from him ever again. He wanted to live in the present and was not thinking of the future until it abruptly confronted him. An understandable mistake, but a mistake all the same. One thing that bothers me, is when people use this issue to claim Ned didn't love Jon. Or that he didn't want to be his father. Not saying that you're doing that, OP, but i've seen it happen many times. Ned's parenting mistakes are all those of a father that wants his children to always be with him and not a result of any deeper malice against Jon himself.
  2. zoenerys

    Favorite POV Character

    Well ngl I cheated and read all of Sansa's chapters throughout the series before even picking up the first book. So the real surprise when I finally /did/ read it was Dany and to a lesser extent Ned. I know a lot of people on these forums hate on both of them but I love them. Daenerys for her perseverance and Ned for his love of family and martyrdom.
  3. zoenerys

    Blackfyre Heritage Reveal Predictions

    Just because it would look bad doesn't make it unlikely. Dragons are not diplomats. No way is Daenerys going to sit idly by and accept another Targaryen claimant under tutelage of Illyrio. Remember he promised Viserys the throne. The presence of Aegon is proof that he lied to them the entire time. Not only that but I believe Tyrion will be in her ear with his doubts as well. Tyrion's bloodlust should not be underestimated. Bringing her the news of not only Aegon's existence but Illyrio's betrayal will earn him her trust imo and he'll persuade her to confront Illyrio and demand answers. After she gets the truth all bets are off. I have a feeling that this will be a new low for Dany. She'll only be brought back up again during the fight with The Others.
  4. zoenerys

    Blackfyre Heritage Reveal Predictions

    I think the reveal will happen when Daenerys confronts Illyrio about hiding Aegon and the fake support of Viserys. He'll tell her the truth under threat of death and she'll burn him, most likely.
  5. Jon riding drogon into battle - It's a no from me Daenerys dying in child birth - It's going to happen, been foreshadowed in both book and show, but damn will it be shitty. Arya abandoning her family - I don't understand this theory at all. Bran is the Night's King - Makes no sense at all in my view. No thank you. Any other Stark/Snow dying. Sansa and Jon snow hook up - O.o Jon saying "you stuck them with the pointy end" to Arya when they reunite.
  6. I'm currently reading SOS for the first time. I have to admit I've already skipped ahead and read all of Sansa's chapters awhile ago . Anyway, my question is, when Sansa and Littlefinger are on the boat together, why does she not ask him about her best friend Jeyne Poole? It's easy to miss but this exchange happens in her POV Sansa IV AGOT After this Jeyne is removed from her room and she never hears from her again. She and LF haven't had much interaction at this point so I would think the last time she saw/spoke with him would be fresh in her memory upon seeing him again. I feel like her not asking after Jeyne could be important in some way. Or just a plot hole. I'd love to get other people's thoughts!
  7. zoenerys

    Is Rhaegal completely useless?

    What do you mean by red-headed if not hair?
  8. zoenerys

    How do you picture all the characters?

    OMG YESSSS. I thought that I was the only one casting Cersei as Michelle. Bless.
  9. zoenerys

    A shy girl? She must be insipid.

    She's insipid because Jon is a judgmental asshole when it comes to classically feminine women tbh.
  10. zoenerys

    Is Rhaegal completely useless?

    What? Dragons don't have hair...O.o
  11. zoenerys

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    I didn't read the full theory but I agree that Dany is the most likely candidate for Azor Ahai + The Prince That Was Promised + The Stallion That Mounts The World. I find it odd that fans seem to discount her in favor of Jon when she has literally fulfilled the first two prophecies already. If they are truly the same that is. The only other option I could see happening is that they are BOTH Azor Ahai, interchangeably. Along with possibly Tyrion. Their mothers are meant to be Nissa Nissa imo. According to Catholics (which GRRM is AFAIK), a mother dying in childbirth is the ultimate sacrifice. Only death pays for life. There's also the parallel of them ALL being the youngest of 3 siblings, and that all 3 siblings are M/M/F groups. It all ties together.
  12. zoenerys

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    I agree. OT: I'm not exactly sure why she bonded with Drogon over Viserion either. Besides the ATC parallels.
  13. In the show he never gets ANY shine. We don't even get a good shot of him, it's always focused on Drogon. I get that Drogon is Daenerys' mount but she does not even care about the other two at all. We didn't even get a shot of Rhaegal escaping the north! If it hadn't been for that far away shot of him during the dragon pit meeting, I would've thought he died. Also don't get me started on the fact that they had Jon bonding with Drogon and not Rhaegal. If they have Jon ride Drogon I will be pissed.
  14. zoenerys

    How did Ned learn where Lyanna was?

    This may be far fetched but maybe Bloodraven/Bran gave him a greendream?
  15. zoenerys

    Anyone else not interested in Jon's chapters?

    I felt the same when reading this book but when I got to SOS he grew on me.