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  1. Yes, it is victimizing, because that's what she is in all of this, a victim. I can totally understand wanting Elia to have some power over her love life and headcanon-ing that, but I have a problem with this segueing into absolving Rhaegar of his responsibility in all of this. She is literally blamed by everyone that's not related to her in-verse for Rhaegar going off with Lyanna. Even Dany thinks she must've been a horrible person for Rhaegar to have done that to her. Giving him a valid reason such as an affair for him to abandon her and their kids for a year is so unfair. She did nothing wrong to deserve this treatment. Her cheating on him would validate everything he did in this situation. I'm not having it. Also, why Arthur Dayne, of all people? Why would she choose him? He was Rhaegar's best friend and closest confidant! Not only that but he literally died following Rhaegar's orders, Why would either of them do this? I don't see this pairing at all. RE: the pact of ice and fire, that is a good point, but I was thinking of the people that are actually alive right now (well....Aemon is not alive right now, but he was still in the main books lol).
  2. I don't understand why people are theorizing that Elia had an affair??? It's so unfair and victim blaming. Elia was a total victim in all of this and trying to sully her name by saying she had an affair is just horrible. On the topic of whether Rhaegar loved Lyanna or was just using her. I think he did (love her), or at least some sort of strong infatuation. I think the reason he chose her in the first place is because he loved her. There are subtle clues that make me think this: the naming of the tower of joy, and, the fact that he said her name when he died. You would have to be Ramsay Snow level of psycho for him to do these things for a woman he brutally tortured for a year. He couldn't of known that Stark+Targaryen would be such a potent combination. I've seen people theorize this but I see no evidence. Everyone in-verse thinks the song is ice VS fire, not ice AND fire mix. Do you know what I mean?
  3. YESSSS 100%. I feel the bold point is often overlooked by everyone. Just because someone goes willingly doesn't mean they stayed willingly. If Rhaegar and Lyanna were so happy and in love that Lyanna truly wanted to be in the TOJ the whole time, why have 3 armed guards outside the door so that no one could leave/enter? Lyanna was in my mind manipulated/groomed/seduced by this older more powerful man and when she realized what had happened it was too late.
  4. zoenerys

    Wouldn't it have been cool if...

    ^^^Exactly. Joffrey doing it would've lead to him having a horrific death. I doubt he would want his children to see that.
  5. zoenerys

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    I agree with the above posters about Jon's true name being Jon and not some Targ name. Ned was his true parent IMO. I don't believe he would ever accept Rhaegar as his father or replace Ned with him. No way.
  6. zoenerys

    Why Drogon?

    Why is Drogon Daenerys' mount and not Rhaegal or (particularly) Viserion? Is it because he's named for Drogo, her first husband? Viserion is clearly the mama's boy of the group as far as I can tell. I don't understand why she wouldn't pick the one who is the most bonded to her. Maybe it has to do with the stallion that mounts the world prophecy?
  7. zoenerys

    The hound saved Jeyne Poole

    I have to disagree. He has no problem molesting Sansa, clearly, but no way would he force her to go all the way, and, I really don't think actually having sex with LF would help her manipulate him in any way. It would actually hurt her, and here's why: it's not the deed that gets him off, it's the chase. The reason he wanted Cat so badly is because she was emotionally unavailable to him. It's like Robert and Lyanna. He wanted her so much because he couldn't have her. He would've forgotten Cat had she actually loved him back and he would throw Sansa away just the same. The best option for Sansa to manipulate LF would be for her to be to never consummate the relation.
  8. zoenerys

    The hound saved Jeyne Poole

    Oh, he cared alright. I personally think that LF's "love" for Cat reversed after she didn't respond to his letter, and became hate. He's still obsessed with her, but is extremely bitter that she dared to reject him. I think Lysa's comments to Sansa about Cat's (alleged) treatment of LF back in the day are very telling on how Petyr himself feels. In his mind, she purposely played and enjoyed making a fool of him. There's nothing he can stand less than being played. His ego will not allow it. He must have the upper hand, always. His superior intelligence must prevail. Another example of this is with Tyrion, At first involving him in his plot was nothing personal, but after Tyrion outsmarted him with that SR ploy, it became very personal. LF actively tried to harm Tyrion because of this. It was because of Jaime intervening that he wasn't killed.
  9. zoenerys

    The hound saved Jeyne Poole

    This is off topic and might be controversial, but IMO, Littlefinger wanted Sansa right from the beginning. When he first set eyes on her at the tourney. Seeing Sansa opened up so many new opportunities for him, that he could barely contain himself when speaking to her. He didn't replace Cat with Sansa in the eyrie, he did it in Kinglanding. Remember, Cersei's thoughts to herself that LF asked for her hand in marriage before she was married to Tyrion. Ergo, Cat was still alive! He literally gave no shits about Cat anymore. It was all about Sansa and grooming her. Cat has too much baggage. Sansa is a blank slate in his mind.
  10. zoenerys

    The hound saved Jeyne Poole

    He got Harrenhal because of a successful negotiation of the Tyrells. He didn't get Harrenhal before that. Yes, of course, but Sansa doesn't know that! She was locked in her room at the time. She was kept in the dark about alot of things going on in Kingslanding (her marriage to Tyrion for example). He does do something. Only when he gets Sansa in his clutches, away from everyone in KL who might get in the way. He immediately tells her "Dontos was a drunk who would betray you, don't worry about him. BTW I loved your mother. I took her virginity. You can totally trust me! Who cares if Tyrion was innocent? He gang raped his first wife, and would do worse to you, given time." Sansa even thinks to herself in AFFC that Littlefinger did nothing to help her while she was in KL. "Littlefinger never lifted his little finger for her,"
  11. zoenerys

    The hound saved Jeyne Poole

    I thought he left to go negotiate with the Tyrells? My reading of LF before the Purple Wedding; he didn't want to be seen as having anything to do with Sansa by anyone. He went to great lengths for no one (not even Sansa) to find out who had spirited her away. If he had been seen showing her any support directly, in public, his plans would've failed. Varys or someone would've found out. This is why I think the show's plot line with them is a horrible disservice to his character, especially. LF is waaay smarter than that. Littlefinger is in the long game when it comes to her and was willing to wait. JMO
  12. zoenerys

    The hound saved Jeyne Poole

    Haha. On your second point, I'm not sure. I feel that if he was suspicious of anyone it would be Dontos. Littlefinger never directly contacted Sansa in ACOK as far as I know. Especially not in public, either. The only way i'd see him knowing about LF's plans is: he has followed Sansa into the godswood w/o her knowing, saw Dontos, and than followed Dontos to wherever LF was and saw Dontos report to him. That kind of seems far fetched to me and I don't think Sandor is a literal stalker. He knows she's lying about the godswood, but he doesn't pry or force out the info. He seems to respect her privacy.
  13. zoenerys

    The hound saved Jeyne Poole

    I agree with you. He was obviously in love with her. What do you think of the parallel I suggested with LF and Sandor? Compared to LF, The Hound looks damn near altruistic.
  14. zoenerys

    The hound saved Jeyne Poole

    I agree that's the real world reason, but I was thinking more along the lines of in-character motivations.
  15. zoenerys

    Why do people ship Sandor and Sansa?

    Here's my thoughts: In my opinion, Sandor has been HUGE in the development of Sansa. It is Sandor that we first see her show genuine compassion to when he tells her his story. It is Sandor that gives her the most crucial advice she ever receives, "give them what they want". That helps her in her dealings with everyone else she meets from that point on. She immediately feels comfortable with him being tactile towards her, without even realizing who it is. GRRM has set this up from the beginning beginning, when everyone was heading towards KL. Also, from a plot standpoint, the most important thing about this relationship, is that it is secret. From ALL of the big players of the game, but most importantly Littlefinger. Littlefinger has worked to distance her from every influence in her life. Her dad, her friend Jeyne, Dontos, The Tyrells, Tyrion, Myranda Royce, and whoever else might be a threat to him dominating her. He has done nothing to influence her relationship with Sandor, because he doesn't know anything about it! LF has no idea the intimacy Sansa developed with him, or the trust. I believe The Hound is going to be the one to inform Sansa of his crimes against her family. He's her hidden dagger. LF is confident that he knows everything about Sansa, and for the most part he does. This relationship is literally the only thing he has no clue about. It's a shield he has no idea is there, and will ultimately help end LF IMO.