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  1. Maximus Greyjoy

    Details on Prequel Pilot Revealed

    Hmm,should be interesting...
  2. Maximus Greyjoy

    Cressen's attempt on Mellisandre's life

    Cressen was trying to save Staniss but was defeated by Mel.
  3. Maximus Greyjoy

    The Frey civil war.

    Tell that to Black Walder.
  4. Maximus Greyjoy

    The Frey civil war.

    LF being known as the man who pacified the RL would put him in a prime position for post war exploitation.While the various factions disenchantment and infighting grows the minor lords would be looking to someone,anyone to restore order and who will they look to after their pleas for help go unanswered from KL?
  5. Maximus Greyjoy

    The Frey civil war.

    What do y'all make of this? The Frey Civil War. Would most of the other houses just sit back and let these bastards kill each other off? While Littlefinger and the Knights of the Vale makes a run to Harrenhall and take advantage of the situation and take The Twins away from the remaining Freys.
  6. I was going through the books and I noticed this other than just reeking havoc and taking down The Hightowers and Tyrell's what purpose does yet another war serve him?
  7. Maximus Greyjoy

    Great council after everything ends

    This all depends on how things turn out.Edric I can see The Stormlands backing him as lord.There's doubts about Aegon being the real deal so I think many of the nobles will be on the fence.That leaves Jon (assuming he's not stuck in Ghost's body.) Dany if she ever makes it will get the vote.But.as others have mentioned if The Others are defeated then this great council is moot.
  8. Maximus Greyjoy

    Do you think Cersi can stop the propecy?

    You can't stop fate.
  9. Maximus Greyjoy

    Did Tywin have to kill Rheagar's children

  10. Maximus Greyjoy

    Did Tywin have to kill Rheagar's children

    I don't think she would bear him any children.She did tell Ned she had any of Robert's kids aborted.
  11. Maximus Greyjoy

    Did Tywin have to kill Rheagar's children

    Wouldn't Robert allowing Jaime to quit have made things go sour with Cersi that much sooner? She wanted him there.
  12. Maximus Greyjoy

    fAegon's motives if hes really a mummer's dragon?

    Aegon is an actor playing a role.The people behind him are using him to sow chaos.So,when and if Dany comes she comes back home to nothing but ruin and will be forced to accept any terms that will restore some order.If he's a legit Targ then we got Dance of Dragons 2.
  13. Maximus Greyjoy

    What if Balon was smart?

    How would Balon respond to all of this? I would think raiding Dorne wouldn't be outta the realm of possibility.
  14. Maximus Greyjoy

    What if Balon was smart?

    I'm thinking Euron's fleet.He would still be out there.With his brother still the Lord Reaper where would he go? Aegon having the Golden Company and a naval force does change things somewhat.As for Doran I would send The Red Viper and Sand Snakes.
  15. Maximus Greyjoy

    What if Balon was smart?

    Aegon and his supporters can be put off balance just by pointing out that no one is sure if he's a legit Targ.Dany has the dragon's and if she's lucky the Iron Fleet and Tyrion if they show up.