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  1. Varysblackfyre321

    International thread 2

    I’m absolutely sure everyone of these people who got offended over the use of the phrase Easter-worshipers would have mocked the Left if they got offended at the use of the phrase Ramadan-worshipers as being too sentive and PC. Fair enough.
  2. Varysblackfyre321

    By Everam’s will; a re-read of the Demon cycle:

    I don’t really really think so but why would the POV characters experiencing sexual abuse be worse than all the other sexual abuse we see non-POV characters go through on page? And not just one. Cersi was raped by Robert, and Sansa stripped in public, Briene was nearly gang-raped, and Daenerys had her nipples pinched by her brother and for male pov-charachters who suffered sexual trauma theres Theon who was literally forced by Ramsey to perform cunnilingus on Jeyne Poole and Jon who, was implicitly threatened with death if he didn't have sex with Ygritte to show he was truly a turncoat and Tyrion who at the ripe old age of 13 was forced to participate in the gang-rape of his week fe.
  3. Varysblackfyre321

    By Everam’s will; a re-read of the Demon cycle:

    You’re mistaken. When rape does happen in the Demon cycle it typically does happen off-page, and yes inferred. For example Hasik’s rape of Jardir. We don’t actually see it, all we see it being done. We see Hasik announce his intent to do so, but before actually does it cuts to Jardair reeling from the attack. We see Inerva stumble across Hasik immediately after the assault, and Jardir devastated about what happened to. But Brett doesn’t show the rape. Same thing with Harl and all his daughters. We only hear of him sexually assaulting, Renna’s sisters. And when it comes to Renna, she too is raped off-page. Leesha’s assault as well. The immediate scene after meeting the bandits simply showcasing with the Bandits gloating about having assaulted Leesha. When the Kaisans took Fort Rizon, Jardir heard the screams of women being sexually assaulted in the distance of the Duke’s palace but wasn’t made to see it as to give details to the reader. Yeah my point wasn’t “the prince of Thorn of has lots of rape in it and that’s bad” it was Lawrence’s use of rape is worse than Brett’s. The first introduction of it serves no real end other than to highlight a fact anyone who read 3 pages of the book could get; that the protagonist is a really bad guy. It’s as eye-rolling as when rape is only introduced to showcase the protagonist is a really good guy.
  4. Varysblackfyre321

    International thread 2

    This deserves it’s own thread.
  5. Meh, I kinda disagree on that. Tyrion is a rapist, and murderer who’d tear an entire country apart to sate his own vegence. However from the Start of the series Tyrion is made to be sympathetic to the audience . His introduction has him giving a fair of helpful advice to the possible messiah. For most of AGOT he’s presented in a favorable light-slapping Joff , giving a schematics to help Bran ride again, playing with Tommen and Mycela. But overtime specifically in ACOK it’s revealed he really that better than his father of siblings. In some instances worse. Like take his journey to get aid Daenerys in taking the IT; the most surest outcome would be the death of his niece and nephew. It doesn’t seem to truly register as an issue for him. He is in fact sacrificing them and the rest of his kin. for his own political ambitions and want for revenge against Cersi-a woman who honestly he’s wronged more than actually wronged by( I mean he did kidnap one her sons,only really to spite her). Glocka is a monster in own right but at least he fully acknowledges all the people who will be destroyed by him rather than just the ones who has an issue with.
  6. Do you think Yarvi actually believe in his country’s gods?
  7. Though doesn’t it suggest the union won’t be destroyed in the new trilogy?
  8. Varysblackfyre321

    Bad shows and movies you enjoy watching.

    You mean the thread I made? I think Robot chicken is a bad show and I do enjoy watching it. So I mentioned it it in the thread about shows/movies people find bad but enjoyable. Not sure what your issue is here. Is it that you disagree with RC being bad(so it can’t be bad) or don’t think anyone should enjoy it?
  9. Varysblackfyre321

    Bad shows and movies you enjoy watching.

    Robot Chicken.
  10. Yeah I agree. Shenkt, Bayaz, and the prophet are all quite similar in most aspects we’ve seen. They’re all immoral. They can’t bear the thought of really submitting to another. They each played a role in making in the unification of a country. They all have no moral scruples about researching things that would probably better left alone if they feel they could gain from it. They all put their revenge above all else. Though Bayaz is less insufferable than Shenkt imo. Upon my re-reads of BSC, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes whenever Shenkt “offered” mercy to someone. It was clearly done only to make him feel better about the murders he’s committing. He knows they won’t accept it, and doesn’t give them a real reason to before he starts killing. At least Bayaz doesn’t generally pretend to care about he kills or offer them deals he knows they won’t accept to placate his conscience. I have to wonder how Shenkt could take control-I know Vitarri would probably play some role but I don’t think she’d be enough to cull enough of the powerful people in Styria. Bayaz secures money though money, the prophet through religion, it’d be interesting to see what tool Shenkt use. I mean he’s had a lot of time to amass a fortune for his killings, surely enough to start his own bank, or business.
  11. Varysblackfyre321

    By Everam’s will; a re-read of the Demon cycle:

    In the context of a patriarchal society-the type of society the Kaizans have. Often in real life, many men who are sexually abused (especially in a place where there’s a strict view of what a man is), feel they’re less of a man because of it, or seen(wrongly I have to add) as less of a man because of it by many of those around him.
  12. Huh that is something to ponder. I wonder if Shenkt will use Styria to wage war on his former Master in a more direct manner once Monza passes.So far he’s settled for making Styria just resist Bayaz dominion, but I can’t help but think that’s mainly because Monza’s around now and she’s no interest in seeking war(without any great gain) if it could be avoided. Once Monza dies whose to say his spymaster wife(and perhaps their children if given seats in power), won’t try to make Styria more subservient to Shenkt? I mean the guy planned on murdering Monza just to prevent Duke Orso from taking control of the country-even if it prolonged a bloody civil war for years-just to spite his former master. Ardree described Glocka pretty aptly “you’re a ruthless, plotting, bitter, twisted, self-pitying villain” I could see this description could apply to Jaimie to a degree but more to Tyrion. But yeah I do see the similarities between Jamie and Glocka. Both were great, and arrogant swordsmen, whose bravery/reckless nature got them eventually captured by their enemies in a battle, and eventually got mutilated as a result. Both struggle to assimilate to their society.
  13. Varysblackfyre321

    By Everam’s will; a re-read of the Demon cycle:

    Fair enough. I’ll try to fix it up. My point was that rape being frequently used as a weapon in this setting is realistic given the idea of a man’s masculinity being the most important thing. Being raped is seen as something a “real man” shouldn’t “let” happen.
  14. Varysblackfyre321

    By Everam’s will; a re-read of the Demon cycle:

    Wait did you have as visceral reaction to Gilly ACOK? I’m genuinely asking here I think I remember you saying you were uncomfortable with some of the rape scenes in ASOIF. Did not actually happen like that. Sexual abuse was prevalent in the warrior school of Kaisan but this was a weapon used by the older students to break their enemies particularly those of other tribes-not educate them. This isn’t really that unrealistic given the levels of toxic-masculinity we’re shown about them in the first book-where they’re in constant strife with each other trying to demonstrate their manliness and thus their superiority, and shown to think women to be the lowest thing one could be in society. So one of the most shameful things that can happen to a man would be to be raped-because they would be dominated “like a woman”. Unsurprising in a school where they’re dehumanized, rewarded for cruelty, and and constantly grilled into asserting their “manliness” through violence and taking control of others that this tactic is used often. Not sure exactly what you’re referring to here. I think I have an idea but I’m going to just ask you to elaborate first. Until over a year ago. Since then they’ve been able to kill them far more easily thanks to the weapons Arlen has given them.
  15. Varysblackfyre321

    By Everam’s will; a re-read of the Demon cycle:

    This coming from a man who enjoyed the Prince of Thorns which features its 15 year old male protagonist and his followers sexually assaulting women within the first couple of chapters, and whose literally stated to have all his sexual conquests prior to paying a prostitute being sexual assault. What are your specific problems in Desert Spear? I’m not going to pretend there’s no problems there(and there are certainly problems). Just curious on how you see this as worse than prince of thorns in terms of depicting sexual assault.