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  1. Varysblackfyre321

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    Hmm, @Rippounet I’m pretty that would be quickly called terrorism yes? Actually, you’re complaint here seems to be a step away from your initial complaint. It seems more an issue with tactics than overarching strategy of EXs. That they’re not sever enough in pursuing their strategy.
  2. Varysblackfyre321

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    It isn’t and never was. It is to disrupt the economy to get government to act. Honestly, not entirely unreasonable given the majority of populace’s opinion often is less likely to get government to take the necessary steps to do something than the economy being disrupted. As much as people look back at the achievements made during the American Civil rights movements being the total result of peaceful protest, there was also a lot of riots, boycotts, and ways to force government action that did not rely on the majority of the populace’s approval to the movement. But again they’re not trying to win people over. They’re trying to inconvenience the people who have power to the point where they have to take more adequate steps in addressing the problem. The majority of Britains recognize Climate-change to be happening. That still hasn’t translated into society taking much of the radical steps needed to address it, especially the steps the XRs recognize to be necessary. Lol, honestly, I find the insinuation of preaching while doing Yoga overreacting to be pretty laughable given again given the severity of the problem it quite frankly is under-reacting to the problem. And there were those who were supportive of the movements of the Suffagergetes, American civil-rights activists in the 60s,who agreed something should be done, but continuously wagged their tongue at the groups being hurt for well not being more civil in their protests. And then proceeding to mock those who did conduct themselves civilly anyway as being out of touch, snobs. For example, those rich-northern white boys don’t truly know southern blacks the way southern whites do would often be the cry of segregationists. The suffergetes are just out of touch rich white women. Wanting to be able to vote? Poor women have to worry about raising their kids. Also, climate-scientists, have been ringing the bells for what needs to be done for decades now. Respectable, clean-cut, non-hippieish, people, who speak calmly have been mostly saying what radical steps need to happen in order to avoid massive loss of life, and most of their recommendations have been ignored. The most non-disruptive, least intrusive steps, taken because the truly effective approach would be far more costly.
  3. Varysblackfyre321

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    Everything you’ve just said is wrong. And rather than dispute the idea of you suffering a lack of sympathy, and empathy for your fellow man it simply gives credence to the idea. Population by itself is not the main driving force for climate-change. Africa’s entire populations alone trump the US and Europe’s. It’s the latter two who plays a much bigger role in terms of climate change. Literally everyone in Africa could drop dead right now and it’d not make significant dent to in addressing the problem at all. The solution is for the biggest contributors to climate needing to significant changes to be done to the systems that govern their people’s everyday lives. And, please, don’t try to sanitize the potential deaths and suffering of of tens of millions, Hell perhaps billions with the quaint term of it being depopulation. I’m sure the masses of people who flee from their homes because of climate-change would dread the type of “sympathy” or empathy you’re displaying being the attitude adopted by the people they’d be begging sanctuary from. Telling them that their deaths are good for the world won’t be seen as sympathetic. And, the earth will be here regardless of if the human species lives or not. It has been here billions of years before us likely it’ll be here long after we’re dead. Hell life would likely still be here. Hell perhaps even intelligence may rise and that species would not see the end of humanity as ruining the earth. Humanity is not ruining the earth with climate-change. It’s merely fucking over its’ own prospects. It really isn’t. But human beings must themselves as totally unique in all aspects. Only we could effect the environment-ignoring all the species that actively try to make the area they find themselves in suitable to their needs. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keystone_species Beavers chop down trees to make dams to use as shelter for instance. Animals besides humans effect effect their natural environment. Saying otherwise simply displays, ignorance, hubris, or most likely both. No, I’m sure he’s totally genuine in his views. That we should do nothing or simply not worry about the effects of man-made climate change because other problems exist in the world, and too big a problem for us to grapple with. It’s a fairly apathetic approach to the problem that imo is worse than full blown denial of it. And I’m assuming he’s talking about this: https://climatefeedback.org/claimreview/earths-orbit-cannot-explain-modern-climate-change/ So being Violent, disruptive, loud, civil, or polite, doesn’t seem ever acceptable when trying to bring awareness or actions regarding climate-change. Like the things you’ve mentioned are literally the most inoffensive, least disruptive things, one could do in relation to this problem and it is still derives mockery and disdain from you.
  4. Varysblackfyre321

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    No one used the word undeveloped before you. This is quite frankly a bizarre argument.If you want to argue India is a developed country actually use the standards people/organizations use to measure a country’s development. Having a big carbon footprint is not one of those measures.
  5. Varysblackfyre321

    UK politics - The Yellowhammer Made The Robin Weep

    Many, people only like the idea of Democracy when they think they are in a position to win the thing they want. Democracy has less appeal to those who recognize they’re either in a minority or at least not in a overwhelmingly majority on a particular issue. Having a third referendum at this point is not more unreasonable than having had the second one. The only reason for anyone see such an action wrong is if they think there’s a more than fair chance their side will lose this time. “Democracy” be damned unless the majority of people could be safely relied upon to vote a certain way.
  6. Varysblackfyre321

    Aussies: NSW Politicians, keeping ICAC in business

    Obviously. It’s unacceptable to them that a private organization chooses to separate themselves from a bigot who rants online about gays being perverts an deserve to be eternally tortured along with some other groups of people. That infringes upon the bigot’s religious freedom rights. Man says he finds Christianity dumb and silly? Unacceptable. Religious Freedom=Christian supremacy in most of these people’s minds. It was never about freedom. It has always been about absolute domination. It has literally never crossed most of their minds that the privileges they heavily fight for need to be given to everyone-not just those who have religious beliefs they like- to have a modicum of fairness.
  7. Well Logen would say you have to be realistic when it comes to writing Fanfic lol. Honestly, I don’t know about Logen killing Stour being a gratifying concept in principle. Its just an evil man killing another evil man. At this point in Life Stour is no worse than Logen at that age. I mean in Sharp ends Logen’s introduction has him having probably raped a woman, and torturing and savagely butchering his prisoner just so he could cause a war to which he could kill and torture more people with impunity.
  8. True. Also true. My only point contention of with your statement was that it seemed to imply even the possibility of the police doing this was unrealistic. Apologies.
  9. Why? It's not unheard for some those in LE to use violence against those who dare speak out against a peers ill behavior. Especially when speaking out leads to a "good" cop being sent to prison. The shooting could be totally unrelated. But the guy so far hasn't been reported to have any enemies in his private life that would/could kill like this Curious to see how far this guy will be Demonized by those who'd want to keep negative attention from the Police. I imagine ideas are already being floated that this guy was again ganbanging drug dealer and was killed by a fellow gang. The evidence of he was basically any of that? Basically none. But who cares. Where he was shot is in dispute. The fact he was clearly the target isn't.
  10. Honestly...I think he’d like it quite a bit. Dying trying to kill his hero? What death could be worthier for him in his mind? I honestly expect him to try to kill Logen if they ever had the chance to meet.
  11. Varysblackfyre321

    Workable Objectivism (Ayn Rand)

    Hmm, just re-watched this movie a few days ago. Thought of this thread, and your post. This is in my opinion an interesting interpretation for a society how a society could develop after presumably following Rand’s advice although in my opinion not a totally unrealistic one. The parasites had given complete control of society over to the Genius capitalists. There was no regulation, no checks against corporate greed. And they(the genius capitalists) fuck up the world so much they just decide to leave it. And we end up with a society totally enfeebled and intellectually degrading by the day. Because their general people’s prosperity isn’t really a concern for the Genius capitalists who’ve managed to destroy the world. They’ve made the people who would be their “customers” comfortable enough to not rebel get the products when called upon and have structured society in a way that pays no real attention to their intellectual, or even just physical needs. As much as Rand and B16 complain about the general masses being parasitic by all reason such individuals who only care for profit should try to weaken the general masses. If everyone is an addict to your drug/food/game etc then you’re the most powerful. Everyone is worse off but who cares? You’re prospering. Also, I just saw an old video of a KKK doing a news interview where he was rather polite in explaining the virtues of his activism and cause. Try as I might I could bring myself to congratulate this guy for being civil as he civilly tried to white-wash a terrorist organization. Oh how intolerant am I for thinking the person is a bad person by virtue of pushing for a society where I’m literally treated less than human? I would say not very. True. Why people dub others as being terrorists almost always rely more on the cause the individuals are fighting for than the actual actions taken. If the people find a cause as “worthy” they’re more likely to excuse/glorify those who commit violence in the name of that cause as freedom fighters, heroes etc. Think of the “freedom fighters” America repeatedly sponsors in countries that don’t have a friendly Government. Most of the time there’s really no difference in tactics between these “freedom fighters” and the groups the US counts as terrorists. Hell, look at Cruz’s attempt to get the Antifa movement classified as a terrorist organization. The things he literally listed as proof they are one could be found in any movement and aren’t even as extreme as some of the actions found in other movements. And he was silent when right wing political activists (on video) deliberately sought out their political opposition to commit violence against them. Because in the end he never cared about civility. He cared about shutting up those who opposed his side.
  12. He’s an extreme sadist with tons of power with no real checks being placed on him. I fully expect him to do those things to Rikke if he had the opportunity. Not because he wants to impress anyone. But because he likes hurting people and the greater pain he inflicts on people the more he gets off. If it prolongs the war...the better. His primary interest is less to do with winning the war, or being king, his main interest is spreading as much pain and death as he can.
  13. It always baffles me when Evangelicals who preach about how America must support Israel pretend to be friends with Religious Jews. When the mission of these ultra-Conservative Christians efforts is literally trigger the apocalypse where all these Jews would be killed and sent to Hell. Like, imagine if a woman said she loved her husband but only married him so she could slowly poison him to cash in on a life insurance claim. That’s the type of “love” these have for Jews. Bonkers. Oh and the types recognize the God the Jews worship is the same guy they worship. So long as you’re praising the Judeo-Christian god in ways that conform enough to their beliefs you’re religious freedoms are limitless.
  14. The time he could have killed was in the ring. Beyond that it’d be a fight he and his men would still have a fair chance of losing. Also, he(like Stour), aspires to be like the bloody-nine. He broke Stour and spared him just like Logen did for his crew. Ignoring the moral repugnancy of the actions Stour wanted to commit He could have used that Rikke as a hostage that would win the war outright. Dogman would kneel to save his daughter. Hell Stour could have taken Rikke as a wife to help consolidate his claim on Dogman’s lands. It would seem a waste to just grizzly kill her. I’m surprised this hadn’t been proposed before by Calder. Theoretically the child of such a union should unite the north. But each of those approaches while quickening the war’s end in his favor would mean less blood for him.